Aussie Highlights at

Tour of California
annual race in state of California, USA

Women's May 11-14th 2017
Men;s   May 14-20th 2017

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8 Aussie  men competed in 2017

May 20th 2017- Lachlan Morton
wins Young Rider
4th in final stage
May 15th 2017- Lachlan Morton 4th in stage

women's race

May 14th 2017- Liz Williams 7th in stage
May 13th 2017- Liz Williams 6th in stage

8 Aussies competed in 2016

May 22nd 2016- Rohan Dennis 2nd on GC
May 20th 2016- Rohan Dennis wins stage
May 18th 2016-
Nathan Haas 3rd in stage

May 16th 2016- Nathan Haas 8th in stage

Women's Race
May 19th 2016- Shara Gillow 8th in stage

14 Aussies competed
in 2015

May 17th 2015- Lachlan Morton 3rd in KOM Comp
Jay McCarthy 3rd in Young Rider class
Lachlan Norris 11th on GC
May 15th 2015- Jay McCarthy 8th in stage
May 14th 2015-  Lachlan Morton in break of day
won an intermediate KOM sprint   
May 13th 2015- Will Clarke in main break on stage
May 12th 2015- Travis Meyer won intermediate sprint
Jonny Clarke in main break of the day
May 10th 2015- Will Clarke wins most aggressive
was in major break for the day
and is in KOM jerseys after opening stage

 14 Aussies competed in 2014

May 18th 2014- Matt Goss 4th in last stage
Rohan Dennis finishes 2nd on GC
May 17th 2014- Zakkari Dempster 4th in stage
May 15th 2014- Matthew Goss 3rd in stage
May 14th 2014
- Jonathan Clarke finishes 6th
in a successful 6 man break
May 13th 2014- Rohan Dennis wins Queens stage

May 12th 2014- Rohan Dennis 2nd in TT stage

13 Aussies competed in 2013

May 19th 2013- Michael Rogers 2nd on GC
May 17th 2013- Rohan Denis 3rd in TT stage

May 14th 2013
  - Michael Matthews 2nd in stage

13 Aussies competed in 2012

 May 20th-2012-Heinrich Haussler 2nd Points class
 Cameron Meyer 11th on GC
May 16th-2012- Heinrich Haussler 2nd in stage
 (for the fourth straight stage)
 & Michael Matthews 3rd in stage
May 15th-2012- Heinrich Haussler 2nd in stage
May 14th-2012- Heinrich Haussler 2nd in stage
& Leigh Howard 3rd in stage
May 13th-2012- Heinrich Haussler 2nd in stage

11 Aussies competed in 2011

May 22nd-2011- Matt Goss wins final stage
Rory Sutherland 7th on GC
May 19th-2011- Leigh Howard finishes 2nd
in a fast and furious sprint in stage
May 18th-2011- Rory Sutherland 3rd  in stage
 in a summit top sprint,
 May 16th-2011- Matt Goss 3rd in stage

13 Aussies competed in 2010

May 23rd-2010- Michael Rogers overall victory
May 22nd-2010- Michael Rogers 2nd on stage
May 21st-2010- Rory Sutherland 2nd on stage
Michael Rogers 3rd in stage
May 20th-2010- Michael Rogers 2nd on stage
and new GC leader
May 18th- 2010- Michael Rogers 2nd in stage
May 17th-2010- Brett Lancaster wins stage

16 Aussies competed in 2009

Feb 22nd-2009- Michael Rogers finishes 3rd on GC
Feb 17th-2009- Mark Renshaw 3rd in stage
Feb 15th-2009- Michael Rogers 3rd stage
Feb 14th-2009- Michael Rogers 3rd stage

16 Aussies competed in 2008

Feb 24-2008- Rory Sutherland 2nd on final stage
and best of Aussie in 34th GC

16 Aussies competed in 2007

Feb 25th-2007- Graeme Brown 2nd on final stage
         & finishes 2nd on Points classification
            Stuart O'Grady 5th on GC

Feb 19th-2007- Graeme Brown wins stage
                 & Allan Davis 3rd in stage

9 Aussies competed in 2006

Feb 20th-2006- Stuart O'Grady 3rd in stage
Feb 26th-2006- Nathan O'Neill 5th on GC
  & Cadel Evans 7th on GC

inaugural edition February 19th 2006