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Tour of Austria

2-9th July 2016

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Jul 5th 2016- Brendan Canty wins stage
Jul 2nd 2016-
Will Clarke wins prologue

Jul 12th 2015- David Tanner 2nd in stage
& finished 2nd in Points comp
Jul 9th 2015- David Tanner 2nd in stage
Jul 6th 2015-  David Tanner wins stage

Jul 7th 2014-
Jay McCarthy 5th in stage

Jul 7th 2013- Christopher Sutton 2nd in final stage
Jul 5th 2013- Jonathan Cantwell 3rd in a crash  marred stage

Jul 5th 2012- Benjamin Day 5th in stage

Jul 3rd 2011- Chris Sutton 2nd in stage

Jul 11th 2010- Graeme Brown wins stage 8
Jul 4th 2010- Graeme Brown 3rd in stage   

Jul 5th 2009- Graeme Brown 2nd on stage

Jul 12th 2007- Adam Hansen 6th in stage

Jul 9th 2006- Graeme Brown 3rd in stage
& finishes 3rd in points comp
Jul 7th 2006- Graeme Brown 2nd in stage
Jul 4th 2006- Graeme Brown 5th in stage

Jun 13th 2004- Cadel Evans won  overall
Jun 8th 2004- Cadel Evans won stage

Jun 16th 2002- Scott Sunderland won stage

Jun 17th 2001- Cadel Evans wins overall GC
Jun 14th 2001- Cadel Evans wins stage
in the Alps and takes over lead

Sep 17th 1999- Darren Rolfe 2nd in stage of junior tour
Sep 15th 1999- Gene Bates won stage junior tour

Jun 6th 1994- Stephen 'Steve' Drake 3rd in stage 2

Jun 24th 1973- Don Allen wins final stage
Jun 23rd 1973- Graeme Jose 
passes away
without regaining consciousness after crash
Jun 19th 1973- 21 year old Graeme “Legsie” Jose Aussie road champ & Olympian crashes out
  during stage 5 in the Alps.
(ran into the rear of a parked tray topped lorry)
Jun 15th 1973- Don Allen 3rd in opening stage

first held 1949
race for amateur until 1995