Aussie highlights at
 Tour d’Azerbaidjan

May 3 - 7th 2017

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May 4th 2016- Scott Sunderland 2nd in stage

May 10th 2015- Bernard Sulzberger 10th in stage
May 9th 2015-
Brenton Jones 5th in stage
 May 6th 2015- Chris Williams
picked up KOM points

May 11th 2014-  Robert Power won Young Rider
Darren Lapthorne finished 3rd on GC
May 10th 2014- Darren Lapthorne 5th in stage
& sits 5th on GC
Clarke drops from GC lead
May 9th 2014- Will Clarke holds leaders blue jersey
May 8th 2014- Will Clarke 2nd in stage
and lead on GC

May 1st 2013- Luke Davison 12th in stage

first held 2012
2012 was only open to U23 riders

May 13th 2012-  Nick Dougall 5th on GC
May 10th 2012- Nick Dougall 5th in stage