Aussie highlights

BC Superweek
the richest event in Canadian cycling
July 8 – 17th 2016

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a series of several independent events
8 races over 9 days

events may include---
Tour de Delta  twitter   Live stream
Gastown GP Twitter live stream
Giro di Burnaby Twitter
 Port Coquitlam GP Twitter  live stream
Tour de White Rock.
BC Uni GP Twitter

Jul 16th 2016- Liam Magennis wins men's
Kendelle Hodges 3rd in women's
crit stage Tour de White Rock

Jul 15th 2016- Kendelle Hodges 1st
Kimberley Wells 2nd
Scott Law 3rd in men's
 Port Coquitlam

Jul 14th 2016- Kimberley Wells wins swomen's
Scott Law wins Men's
Giro di Burnaby
Jul 13th 2016- Kimberly Wells 2nd Gastown  GP
Kendelle Hodges 3rd
Michael Rice 3rd in men's
Jul 10th 2016- Ayden Toovey 4th Delta road race
Jul 9th 2016-
Scott Law 1st Brenco Crit
Michael  Rice 3rd
 Kendelle Hodges 5th in women's
Jul 8th 2016-  Scott Law 4th MK Delta Crit

 July 11th, 2015- Jason Lowndes wins men's
 Lauretta Hanson 3rd in women's
Brenco Criterium  Tour de Delta

Jul 10th 2014-
Hilton Clarke 3rd Giro di Burnaby

Jul 8th 2014- Hilton Clarke 2nd UBC GP
Jul 6th 2014- Hilton Clarke 1st Road Race Delta

Jul 19th 2013- Tommy Nankervis 5th in Gastown
Jul 6th 2013- Tommy Nankervis 3rd stage of Delta
Jul 5th 2013-  Beth  Duryea 5th stage of Delta

Jul 12th 2012- Loren Rowney 2nd in women's
Tommy Nankervis 2nd in men's
Hilton Clarke 3rd in Giro Burnaby
Jul 11th 2012- Loren Rowney wins Gastown GP
 Tommy Nankervis 3rd in men's
Jul 7th 2012- Tommy Nankervis 3rd Brenco Crit
Jul 6th 2012- Tommy Nankervis 3rd  in Delta crit

Jul 17th 2011- Tom Nankervis 3rd GC White Rock
Jul 14th 2011- Tommy Nankervis 4th in Burnaby
Jul 9th 2011-
Tommy Nankervis wins Brenco Crit

& finishes 4th on GC Tour de Delta

Jul 10th 2010- Angela McClure 5th in RR

Jul 16th 2008- Hilton Clarke 2nd in Gastown
2008 Canadian Symmetrics Pro Cycling team won the first seven races of the $70,000 BC Superweek.

Jul 22nd 2007-  Hilton Clarke 4th in Delta stage
Jul 18th 2007- Hilton Clarke 10th in Gastown

Jul 22nd 2006- Hilton Clarke wins crit stage Delta
July 19th 2006- Clarke Hilton 1st Gastown,
Jul 16th 2006- Jeffery Hopkins 12th White Rock crit
(27th annual Tour de White Rock)
July 14th 2006- Hilton Clarke 1st Giro di Burnaby

Jul 25th 2004- Caleb Manion won stage
and overall at White Rock


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