Aussie Highlights at
 BMX World cups
& other BMX events

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2017 BMX Supercross World Cup Series
13 May Round 3    Heusden-Zolder BEL         
14 May Round 4  Heusden-Zolder BEL
16 Sep Round 5    Santiago del Estero ARG     
17 Sep Round 6  Santiago del Estero ARG   

Past Aussie highlights

May 7th 2017- Lauren Reynolds  3rd
Round 2 Papendal World Cup NED  

Oct 1st 2016- Saya Sakakibara 2nd  in SX
Rock Hill World cup USA

May 7th 2016- Caroline Buchanan wins TT
Papendal World cup Netherlands

Apr 10th 2016- Caroline Buchanan wins SX
Apr 9th 2016- Caroline Buchanan 3rd in TT
Manchester World cup GBR

Mar 26th 2016- Caroline Buchanan wins
Santiago Del Estero World cup Argentina

Oct 9th 2015- Caroline Buchanan wins
& Melinda Mcleod 2nd
& Sam Willoughby 3rd in men's
at North American SX series event USA

Sep 25th 2015- Caroline Buchanan 2nd in TT
 & Sam Willoughby 2nd in Mens TT
World cup Rock Hill USA

Sep 6th 2015
- Anthony Dean 2nd in men's final

Sep 5th 2015-  Caroline Buchanan 2nd Time Trial
 Bodi Turner 3rd in Time Trials
World Cup Santiago del Estero

Aug 16th 2015-  Bodi Turner 2nd
& Sam Willoughby 3rd in men's
 & Lauren Reynolds 3rd in women's

 Engelholm (Sweden)
May 10th 2015- Sam Willoughby 2nd in SX final
May 9th 2015- Sam Willoughby 2nd in Time Trial
World Cup Papendal ,NED

Apr 19th 2015- Caroline Buchanan wins BMX
Supercross World Cup round in Manchester

Nov 28th 2014- Sam Willoughby wins
Race of Champions pro

Oct 26th 2014-
Logan Martin won Bmx Park
Festival of Extreme Sports World Chengdu-CHI

Oct 26th 2014-
Sam Willoughby wins all 3 days
BMX SX Disney Cup ,USA

Oct 12th 2014- Sam Willoughby wins men's
& Caroline Buchanan 2nd in women's
& Melinda McLeod 3rd in women's
 USA BMX Gold Cup

Sep 27th 2014-  
Sam Willoughby wins men's
Caroline Buchanan 2nd in women's
BMX world cup Chula Vista USA

Caroline Buchanan overall WC Series winner

Sep 7th 2014-
Melinda McLeod 3rd in women's 
Sep 6th 2014-  
Caroline Buchanan 2nd in Time Trial
BMX World cup, Santiago Del Estero ARG

Aug 18th 2014- Kyle Baldock wins consecutive
Dew Tour Dirt event in Portland

Jun 28th 2014- Andy Buckworth wins Park event
with 2 amazing double backflips
 his first-ever Dew Tour victory,
Jun 27th 2014- Vince Byron 2nd in Vert event
Dew Tour Ocean City Beach

Jun 14th 2014- Caroline Buchanan win women's
Jun 13th 2014- Caroline Buchanan wins Time Trial
first BMX sx World cup held in Berlin GER

Jun 8th 2014- Kyle Baldock wins BMX Dirt
X Games Austin

Jun 1st 2014- Logan Martin wins Bmx Park Event Montpellier Extreme Sports World series,FRA

May 11th 2014- Sam Willoughby wins men's
Supercross world cup in Papendal,NED

May 10th 2014-
Caroline Buchanan wins Time Trial
BMX World Cup Papendal, NED

Apr 19th 2014- Caroline Buchanan wins women's
Anthony Dean 2nd in mens

 BMX World Cup Manchester

Oct 15 2013- Kyle Baldock wins Dirt event
Dew Tour  in USA

Aug 4th 2013- Vince Byron 2nd in Big Air
X Games in Los Angeles, Cali,

Jun 16th 2013-
Lauren Reynolds 3rd in Women's
 BMX World Cup Papendal,NED

May 12th 2013- Logan Martin wins Bmx Park Event
 Montpellier Extreme series

Apr 21st 2013-
Sam Willoughby finishes 3rd in BMX
supercross World Cup,ENG

Apr 20th 2013- Kyle Baldock wins Park & Dirt
Steve McCann 3rd in BMX  Vert
 X Games Foz do Iguaçu,Brazil

Oct 25th 2012-
Sam Willoughby claims his second USA BMX Pro title following a win at BMX Grand nationals

Oct 28th 2012-
Caroline Buchanan  and Sam Willoughby dominate day two of
 BMX Disney Cup, USA

Oct 27th 2012-
Caroline Buchanan wins first day
BMX Disney Cup USA

jul 15th 2012- Kyle Baldock wins BMX Dirt
 at Freestyle Worlds in Cologne GER

Jul 1st 2012-
Steve McCann wins BMX Big Air
X Games Los Angeles

May 13th 2012-  Caroline Buchanan & Sam
Willoughby both claim 2nd
UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, NED

May 12th 2012-
Caroline Buchanan wins TT
 BMX supercross world cup NED

Apr 14th 2012-
Caroline Buchanan Wins
 & Sam Willoughby finishes 2nd in men's
 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup,

Apr 13th 2012-
Caroline Buchanan WinsTime Trial
BMX Supercross World Cup series, Nor

Mar 31st 2012-
Sam Willoughby finishes 2nd
in final of BMX Supercross Chula Vista,USA

Mar 30 2012-
Caroline Buchanan wins BMX Elite Women Time trials Superfinal
 Supercross round, USA

Oct 23rd 2011-
Caroline Buchanan wins
day3 of three-day BMX Disney Cup Orlando US

Sep 9th 2011-
Steve McCann wins pro BMX vert event at Dew Tour Salt Lake City USA
( included a triple-tailwhip-to-flair and a no-hander 900)

Aug 21st 2011-
Lauren Reynolds podiums third in BMX Supercross round, ENG

Aug 20th 2011-
Sam Willoughby wins mens & Lauren Reynolds podiums 2nd in womens BMX Time Trial, World Cup round, ENG

Jul 29th 2011-
Steve McCann wins X Games gold
Vince Byron 2nd
  BMX Big Air comp, LA USA

Jul 28th 2011- Steve McCann 2nd in freestyle Vert
 & Vince Byron 3rd
at X Games LA California

Jul 2011-
Vince Byron 2nd Mega Ramp
& 3rd Big Air
Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 2nd 2011-
Vince Byron wins Vert
at Asian X Games Shanghai CHI

Caroline Buchanan places third in round of the BMX Supercross World Cup Series, NED

Aug 1st 2010-
Steve McCann 2nd
& Andy Buckworth 3rd in Big Air
at X Games LA

May 30th 2010-
Vince Byron wins Vert
at Asian X Games Shanghai CHI

Mar 27th 2010-
Sam Willoughby defending champ wins & Caroline Buchanan finishes third opening round BMX Supercross series Madrid

Oct 11th 2009-
Sam Willoughby takes out UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Series after  winning final round in Frejus, FRA

Aug 23rd 2009-
Sam Willoughby wins BMX Supercross World Cup Race, South Africa

Jul 12th 2009- Vince Byron 5th Vert &
Chris Courtenay 5th in mini-ramp
BMX Freestyle Worlds Cologne,GER
May 10th 2008-
Jared Graves podiums 2nd BMX Supercross World Cup, DEN

Matthew Willoughby Probikx Series Champ

Jun 5th 2005-
Corey Bohan 2nd in BMX Dirt
Freestyle worlds Czech Republic

Jul 27th 2003
- Colin Mackay 2nd in Core Tour
King of Dirt NY USA

Jun 29th 2003-
Luke Fink won BMX Street
Freestyle worlds Portugal

Dec 8th 2002-
Colin Mackay 2nd in Dirt event
X Games Sydney

Jul 2002- Colin Mackay 3rd in Dirt &
3rd in mini-ramp
Clint Millar 4th in mini ramp
 Freestyle worlds GER

Feb 3rd 2002- Colin Mackay 2nd in freestyle
at Asian X-Games Singapore

Jul 18th 1999-
Natarsha Williams led from first corner to win BMX World Cup, FRA

May 30th 1999-
Luke Madill wins BMX World Cup, USA

Colin Mackay won Street event
X Games Gold Coast

Jul 20th 1997-
Natarsha Williams wins womens BMX World Cup, Calgary CAN

Jan 26 1997-
Natarsha Williams wins
womens & Kamahl Lord Finishes 3rd in mens, BMX World Cup, AUS

Jan 25th 1997- Jesse Carlsson wins Mens
 Natarsha Williams Wins Womens ,
Daniel Sprague 3rd in mens,
Paul Colson wins Junior Mens
& Alesha Pollard wins Junior Womens,
world cup Geelong/Oceanic Champs AUS

first BMX freestyle Worlds held 1986

1993 saw Integration of BMX with UCI

Int.BMX Federation (IBMXF) was founded in Apr 1981,
and the first world championships were held in 1982.