BMX World Champs

Medellin Columbia
25-29th May 2016

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Aussie Highlights at

 BMX Worlds
May 29th- Caroline Buchanan Silver in women's
May 28th-
Caroline Buchanan wins TT
Sam Willoughby 2nd in Men's TT
 Andrew Hughes 2nd in Junior Men TT

5 Challenge class Titles

May 27th
Brett Scruse Cruiser 45 & Over Men
Des'Ree Barnes girls 14
May 25th
Thomas Tucker boys 11 (4th consecutive world title)
Tyson Kenny boys 12
Portia Eden girls 9


Jul 25th - Elite Moto's
Caroline Buchanan Silver elite women

Jul 24th - Elite Time Trials
Shane Rosa won Junior mens Time Trial
& Brandon Te Hiko 2nd

Jul 21st-23rd

Aussies won 7 Challenge class Titles

Aiden Tillotson boys 5&6
Bailey Mills Boys 7
Thomas Tucker boys 10
 Tyson Kenny Boys 11
Des'Ree Barnes girls 13
Nathaniel Rodway boys 15
Sarsha Huntington 30 & over women cruiser

Jul 27th 2014-

Sam Willoughby won  elite mens

Jul 26th 2014-
 Elite TimeTrials
Sam Willoughby won  mens TT
Caroline Buchanan 2nd in women's TT
Brandon Te Hiko 3rd in Junior Men TT

Aussies won 6 challenge class World Titles
2014 Jul 25th
- challenge cruiser World champs
  Aston Wypych-Coles 12 and under men
  Riley Carter 13-14 men
  Joshua Mclean 15-16 men
2014 Jul 24th-
    Thomas Tucker 9 years boys
     Will Oliver 8 years boys
     Bailey Mills 5-6 years boys

Past Highlights only include some Challenge classes

Jul 28 Caroline Buchanan wins
elite womens final
& Lauren Reynolds claims Silver
(Aussies first elite women's world champ moto in 13 years)

2013-Jul 27
- Rachel Jones  2nd in juniors TT
- Caroline Buchanan 3rd in elite womens TT  
Melinda McLeod 4th in TT
Aussies won 6 Challenge Class World Titles
- Benaiah Richards 5/6 Year old boys
- Thomas Tucker 8 Year old boys
- Jesse Asmus won 10 year boys
- Des’Ree Barnes won 11 girls  (her third WC title)
- Shelby Green won 13 girls
- Madison Janssen women 17 & Over

2012-May 26- Sam Willoughby won elite mens
2012-May 25- Caroline Buchanan won womens TT

only challenge winner was Desiree Barnes girls 10

2011-Jul 30- Melinda McLeod won junior womens
2011-Jul 29- Melinda McLeod won junior TT
Darryn Goodwin won junior mens TT
 Caroline Buchanan Silver womens TT
Brian Kirkham Bronze in mens TT
Australia won 3 Challenge titles including
Jade Parker won Girls 15

2011 saw first ever Time Trial event at BMX Worlds
& elite comp restricted to 20 inch wheel BMX bikes
2010-Jul 31- Melinda McLeod silver junior women's
      Benjamin Clarke silver junior mens cruiser
Aussies won six challenge Titles including
 Harriet Burbridge-Smith in 14 Girls
Jake Tunney 12 boys 
Jaden Rice won boys 10

2009-Jul 25-
Sam Willoughby won junior mens
Sam was first ever elite junior to defend title
Anthony Dean bronze junior mens
Aussies won 8 challenge titles
Andrew Hughes 11 boys
DesRee Barnes 5-7 girls
Molly McGill 8 girls

Craig Fisher 40-44 cruiser
Annaliese Rokov 12 & under cruiser
 Aaron Lumsden 25-29 cruiser
 Cheryl Pointon 45 & over cruiser
Jaclyn Wilson-Thompson 30-34 women cruiser

2008-May 31-
Sam Willoughby won junior mens
Lauren Reynolds silver junior womens
Rachel Bracken bronze junior womens
Jared Graves 7th in mens
Aussies won 5 challenge/cruiser Titles including
 Melinda McLeod won Girls 15
Karlton Wosley won 10 boys

2007-Jul 26-
Khalen Young silver elite men

 Melinda McLeod won Girls 14 in challenge class

2006-Jul 30- Melissa Mankowski  4th in Junior womens
 Billy Jolliffe 7th & Jamie Gray 8th in mens
 Ashley Mccutcheon won 16 boys cruiser

2005-Jul 31- Renee Junga silver in womens
 Nicole Callisto won Junior women
Melissa Mankowski  3rd in junior women
Jamie Gray 8th in mens
 Linda Armannsson 9 girls challenge titles 

2004-Jul 27-
Warwick Stevenson won Elite men
      Michael Fenwick won Junior men
Emma Franklin 4th junior women
Aussies won two Challenge titles

2003-Jul 27- Natarsha Williams 4th in womens
Wade Bootes 7th in Mens
Luke Madill 3rd in mens Cruiser
Australia won 16 challenge /cruiser titles including
Melissa Mankowksi15 Girls (her sixth World title)
Chloe MacPherson won 15 Girls
Linda Armannsson 5-7 girls
Cory Davis 5-6 boys
Catherine O'Neill 8 girls
Jack Buchorn 8 boys
Ryan Van Vugt 9 boys
Melinda McLeod 9 girls
Adam Shields 10 boys
Lauren Reynolds 12 girls
Joshua Callan 12 boys
Leigh Darrell 16 boys

Brett Scruse 30-34 Cruiser
Joshua Callan 12 and under
Leigh Darrell 15-16 Cruiser
Peter Trenwith 17-19 Cruiser

2002-Jul 28-
  Wade Bootes bronze in mens

Natarsha Williams 4th in womens
Melissa Jolliffe 6th in junior women

2001-Jul 28-
Warwick Stevenson 5th in mens

Natarsha Williams  6th in womens

2000-Jul 29-
Natarsha Williams Elite women

Kerrie-Lee Lucas Bronze in junior women

1999-Jul 25- Jamie Gray 7th in junior men final

1998-Jul 26- Rachel Marshall won Elite women

Christopher Jongewaard 5th in mens
Warwick Stevenson won Junior Cruiser
Luke Madill bronze in junior men
Tanya Bailey 5th in junior women

held in Melbourne-Aus was first indoor BMX Worlds

1997-Jul 27-
Rachel Marshall  won Junior women
 Brant Moisel 7th junior men

1996-Aug 18-
 Natarsha Williams won Elite women
Alesha Pollard won junior women
 Australia topped Medal count winning 2 of 5 titles
1995-Jul 30- Rachael Marshall won junior women
Kamahl Lord won men 18+

Jul 31- Wade Bootes 4th in mens

Tanya Burrows Silver in junior women
 Kamahl Lord silver junior mens
Gregory Kitchin silver junior 16
Aussies won 3 Golds in challenge including
Rchael Marshall in 15yo girls
Glenn Codega in 14yo boys
Scott Stanley U16 cruisers

1993-Aug 1-
 Tanya Burrows won junior womens
 Aussies won one gold
 Jos Custers 7th in Boys 16
someone claimed a Bronze 

1993 saw Integration of BMX with UCI

1992-Aug 2-  Aussies won one Gold

Tanya Burrows won 16 Girls
Kamahl Lord 2nd in 15 Boys

1991-Jul 28- Anthony Waye 4th in Mens
Australia 4th on medal table with 2 golds including
 Katrina Millar won Girls 15

1990-Aug 5-
Australia topped medal count with 9 Golds
Tai-Lee-Susan Muxlow won women 17
 challenge class included
Jason Maxwell 3rd in Boys 16
Dean Patch bronze in cruisers 16/17
Darryn Hill  won Boys 15

Graeme Brown Silver Boys 11

1989-Aug 6-  held in Brisbane - Aus
Paul Addams 6th in pro class
ona Langfeldt Gold in Girls 18+
Jason Naumann won Boys 18+

Bill Dixon Silver Boys 18+
Tim Ward Bronze Boys 18+

Australia topped medal count with 18 Golds

1988-Aug 14-  Aussies won 2 golds
Daniel Sprague won Boys 12y
Jaclyn Wilson won Girls 10y

1987-Aug 17-Australia 3rd on Medal table with 3 golds
 Fiona Langfeldt won Girls 16+

1986-Aug 15- Australia 4th on Medal table with 3 golds
Lisa Hoare  4th in Junior women
 Andrew Figliomeni won Boys 14

1985-Aug 11- Australia 3rd on Medal count with 2 golds
Jacqueline Hawke won womens 16+
Kathy Milos bronze in women 16+
Andrew Figliomeni won 13y Cruiser class

1984-Aug 17- Australia topped medal table with 14 gold 
   Pauline Williams won Womens 16+
(first senior Aussie World BMX title)
Leigh Egan won Mens 17+
        Paul Adams won Boys 16
Trevor Shepard won Cruisers18+
Colin Wilson won Cruisers 16/17

 Ruth Demmery 3rd in womens 16+

1983-Aug 7- Australia 3rd on medal table with 6 golds

1982-July 25- no Aussies competed at first Worlds USA. 

Int.BMX Federation (IBMXF) was founded in Apr 1981,
and the first world championships were held in 1982.