Aussie Highlights at

 Emakumeen Saria Durango one day race &
Emakumeen Euskal Bira

 Tour Basque region of Spain
AKA Emakumeen Bira and Iurreta-Emakumeen Bira
May17th-21st  2017

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May 21st 2017- Katrin Garfoot 3rd in stage
and finishes 3rdon GC
May 19th 2017- Katrin Garfoot wins stage
May 18th 2017-
Amanda Spratt wins stage
May 17th 2017-  Gracie Elvin 2nd in stage

Apr 14th 2016- Amanda Spratt 5th in stage

Jun 14th 2015-  Amanda Spratt 8th in stage
Katrin Garfoot 5th om GC
Jun 13th 2015- Katrin Garfoot 3rd in stage
Jun 12th 2015-
 Katrin Garfoot 3rd in stage

Shara Gillow 8th
Amanda Spratt 9th
Jun 11th 2015- Lizzie Williams 10th in satge
Jun 10th 2015- Katrin Garfoot 2nd in Bira Prologue
Amanda Spratt 8th

Jun 9th 2015- Katrin Garfoot 5th in Durango Saria
Lizzie Williams  12th

Jun 9-2013- Shara Gillow finished 10th on GC
Tiffany Cromwell 4th in QOM comp
Jun 7-2013- Tiffany Cromwell 4th in stage
Jun 6-2013- Loren Rowney 7th in stage

Jun 4th 2013-Tiffany Cromwell 10th in Saria Durango

Jun 10-2012- Amanda Spratt 2nd in stage
and Carlee Taylor 3rd in stage
     Sinead Noonan 3rd young rider comp
Joanne Hogan 12th on GC

Jun 12-2011- Vicki Whitelaw
finished 6th Stage
11th on GC

Jun 7th 2011- Shara Gillow  18th in Saria Durango

Jun 13-2010- Vicki Whitelaw 7th on GC
finished 6th Stage

Jun 8th 2010- Carla Ryan 8th in Saria Durango

Jun 10-2009- Vicki Whitelaw 10th on GC
   and Carla Ryan 11th on GC
Carla Ryan 7th in opening Stage

Jun 9th 2009- Carla Ryan 7th in Saria Durango

Jun 15-2008- Alexis Rhodes 42nd on GC

Jun 17-2007- Oenone Wood  25th on GC
Jun 16-2007- Katherine Bates 6th in stage
Jun 13-2007- Oenone Wood 3rd in TTT stage
Jun 9-2005- Sara Carrigan 2nd in stage

Jun 13-2004-  Katherine Bates 33rd on GC

Jun 8th 2004- Katherine Bates 26th in Saria Durango

First contested 1988