Aussie Highlights at

Bucks County Classic

Reading 120 Classic

Saturday Reading  road race

in Berks county
& Sunday Doylestown Criterium
in Bucks County

Reading 120 Classic
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Thompson Crit Doylestown
Sep 10th 2017

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Past Aussie Highlights

Sep 10th 2016- Jonathan Clarke 14th in RR
Sep 13th 2015- Fabio Calabria 13th in crit
After three years in Bucks County
road race  moves to Berks County

Sep 14th 2014 - Fabio Calabria 4th in Crit
Women’s race founded with equal prize money
Sep 7th 2013- Joe Lewis 2nd in road race
Sep 16th 2012- Clay Murfet 17th in crit
Sep 15th 2012-
Benjamin Day 4th
Rory Sutherland  9th
Univest Ends 14 Year Race Title Sponsorship

GP revived as Thompson Bucks County Classic
with both days held in Doylestown

Sep 18th 2011- Shawn Mccarthy 24th in Crit
Sep 12 2010- Karl Menzies 2nd in crit
   Sean Sullivan 6th
Sep  11th 2010- Sean Sullivan 7th in Road race
televised with live coverage since 2006
Sep 11th 2009- Sean Sullivan 19th in crit
Sep 12th 2009- Clay Murfet 20th in Road race
Sep 7th 2008- Fabio Calabria 4th in Crit
Sep 6th 2008- Tommy Nankervis 25th in RR
Sep 8th 2007- no Aussie finished RR
Sept  9th 2006- Sean Sullivan 2nd in Road race
Sep 19th 2005- Karl Menzies 6th in crit
Sep 19th 2004- Cameron Hughes 40th in crit
Sep 18th 2004- Cameron Hughes 20th in RR

Sep 20th 2003- Kate Nichols 6th in women's
Cameron Huges 10th
 expanded to a second day with a Crit in Doylestown
Sep 21st 2002- Cameron Hughes 2nd
2001- not held
Sep 16th 2000- Leigh Bryan 51st

first held 1998