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Tour of America's Dairyland
Women's and Men's Races
through state of Wisconsin USA.
points accumulate to decide overall  winner

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June 15-25th, 2017

Jun 25th 2017- Josie Talbot wins East Tosa
Gracie Elvin 2nd
Peta Mullens 3rd
Rebecca Wiasak wins overall GC
Scotty Law 2nd in mens
Reece Robinson 3rd
Jun 24th 2017- Rebecca Wiasak wins Downer Ave
Reece Robinson 2nd in men's
 Peta Mullens 3rd in womens
Josie Talbot 5th
Liam Magennis 5th
Jun 23rd 2017- Peta Mullens 2nd in Bay View
 Josie Talbot 4th
Jun 22nd 2017- Rebecca Wiasak wins Shorewood
Liz Williams 3rd
Josie Talbot 6th
Scott Law 4th in mens
Jun 21st 2017-- Ayden Toovey wins Port Washy
Lizzie Williams wins womens
Dylan Sunderland 2nd
Liam Magennis 4th
Peta Mullens 4th
Rebecca Wiasak 5th
Josie Talbot 6th

Jun 20th 2017- Lizzie Williams wins in schlitz park
 Rebecca Wiasak 3rd
Ryan Cavanagh 4th in men's
Jun 19th 2017- Josie Talbot wins West Bend
Rebecca Wiasak 2nd
 Peta Mullens 3rd 

Jun 18th 2017- Bec Wiasak 2nd in Waukesha
 Josie Talbot 3rd
Jun 17th 2017- Rebecca Wiasak wins Grafton
Peta Mullens 4th
Josie Talbot 5th

Jun 16th 2017- Lizzie Williams wins East Troy
Peta Mullens 3rd
Josie Talbot 4th
Jun 15th 2017- Lucy Bechtel wins in Kenosha
Josie Talbot 3rd
 Liz Williams 5th

Jun 26th 2016- Peta Mullens 1st Overall GC
Kendelle Hodges 3rd East Tosa crit
& 3rd overall
Owen Gillott 2nd overall
Jun 25th 2016- Josie Talbot 5th in Downer crit
Jun 24th 2016- Peta Mullens 2nd at Bay View
 Harrison Bailey 5th in men's
Jun 23rd 2016- Scott Law wins Shorewood
Jun 22nd 2016- AydenToovey 1st Port Washington
Peta Mullens 3rd in women's
Liam White 5th in men's
Jun 21st 2016- Peta Mullens wins women's
Scott Law wins men's Schlitz Park
Ayden Toovey 4th
Jessica Mundy 5th
Jun 20th 2016- Kendelle Hodges wins women's
Owen Gillot wins men's West Bend
Peta Mullens 3rd in women's
Jun 19th 2016- Owen Gillot 4th at Waukesha
Jun 18th 2016-  Owen Gillot wins in Grafton
Jessica Mundy 2nd
Kendelle Hodges 3rd
Peta Mullens 4th
Jun 17th 2016- Peta Mullens 3rd East Troy classic
Owen Gillot 3rd in Men's
Jessica Mundy 4th
& Kristy Glover 5th

Jun 28th 2015- Ben Hill wins
East Tosa stage &
 Scott Sunderland 2nd & wins overall
& Glenn O'Shea 3rd
Lauretta Hanson 3rd in women's
& 2nd overall by only a point from 1st

Jun 27th 2015-  Scott Sunderland  2nd in  Downer
Jun 26th 2015- Lauretta Hanson wins women's
Ben Hill 2nd in Bay View Classic
& Jack Bobridge 3rd
Jun 25th 2015- Jack Bobridge 3rd  Neenah Crit
Lauretta Hanson 4th
Jun 24th 2015- Jack Bobridge wins Road America 
& Ben Hill 2nd in Stage
Lauretta Hanson 4th
Jun 23rd 2015- Ben Hill wins Schlitz Park Crit
& Jack Bobridge 2nd
Jun 22nd 2015- Lauretta Hanson wins women's
Scott Sunderland wins men's Milwaukee
Jun 21st 2015- Glen O'Shea 2nd in Waukesha
Lauretta Hanson 3rd
Jun 20th 2015- Jack Bobridge 4th at Grafton
Lauretta Hanson 5th
Jun 19th 2015- Lauretta Hanson 2nd in Easttroy
Jun 18th 2015Scott Sunderland wins crit
Lauretta Hanson 2nd 
in Shorewood

Jun 29th 2014- Owen Gillott 2nd overall
Lizzie Williams 4th overall
Jun 28th 2014- Owen Gillott 3rd in Downer Crit
Jun 25th 2014- Owen Gillott 4th Elkhart Lake
Jun 23rd 2014- Owen Gillott 4th Beloit
Jun 22nd 2014- Hilton Clarke 4th Waukesha
& Lizzie Williams 5th
jun 21st 2014- Lizzie Williams 4th in Grafton

Jun 28-2013- Hilton Clarke 2nd overall in mens
Kimberley Wells 2nd overall in women's
Jun 27-2013- Joseph Lewis 2nd in Elkhart Lake RR
and Tommy Nankervis 3rd
Jun 23-2013- Kimberely Wells wins Waukesha
& Hilton Clarke 3rd  in men's
Jun 22-2013- Hilton Clarke 2nd  in Grafton
Jun 21-2013- Hilton Clarke 3rd in East Tosa Classic
Jun 20-2013-
Kimberley Wells 1st in Shorewood crit
Hilton Clarke podiums 2nd in men's

Jul   1-2012-  Nicole Whitburn podium 3rd overall
Jun 28-2012-
Jasmin Hurikino & Nicole Whitburn                                  both win sprint primes
Jun 22-2012- Nicole Whitburn  3rd in  East Troy Crit
Jun 21-2012- Nicole Whitburn  3rd in Shorewood Crir

Jun 26-2011- Jonathan Cantwell finished 5th overall
Jun 21-2011-
Jonathan Cantwell 4th in  Schlitz Park
                         to hold overall lead
Jun 20-2011- Jonathan Cantwell 1st in Greenbush 
Jun 19-2011- Jonathan Cantwell 2nd in Waukesha
Jun 18th 2011- Clay Murfet wins Grafton
Jun 19th 2011- Jono Cantwell 4th in Thiensville
Jun 16-2011- Jonathan Cantwell 2nd in Shorewood

Jun 27-2010- Karl Menzies wins final race
                      and Hilton Clarke 3rd
             Jessie Maclean 4th overall on GC
Jun 26-2010- Hilton Clarke wins  Downer Classic
                   and Karl Menzies 2nd
Jun 23-2010- Jessie Maclean 3rd Trek Waterloo

Jun 28th-2009-
Jessie Maclean 1st overall
Davina Summers won stage
2nd in Carl Zach classic
Jun 27-2009- Davina Summers 2nd in Downer
Jun 26-2009- Jessie Maclean 3rd in Greenbush RR
Jun 25-2009- Davina Summers 1st 
Sheboygan Harbor
                   Rebecca Domange 3rd
Jun 24-2009- Jessie Maclean 1st
Fond duLac crit
Davina Summers 3rd
Jun 23-2009- Jessie Maclean 2nd Fond du Lac RR
Jun 21-2009- Davina Summers 1st  Manitowoc
Jun 19-2009- Jessie Maclean 1st  Waterloo

                Event debuted in 2009