Aussie Highlights at

Ronde van Drenthe
men's and women's events in Netherlands
Winding roads and cobblestone sections

Mar 11th & 12th 2017

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Damesronde van Drenthe
2016 Mar 11th-  Gracie Elvin 2nd
2015 Mar 14th- Chloe Hosking 5th
2013 Mar 9th- Chloe Hosking  4th
2011- Apr 16th- Rochelle Gilmore 5th
2008 Apr 12th- Rochelle Gilmore 5th
2007 Apr 14th- Rochelle Gilmore 6th
2006 Apr 8th- Oenone Wood 2nd
2004 Apr 10th- Margaret Hemsley 6th
Since 2007

Drentse 8 van Dwingeloo
 Acht van Westerveld

2017 Mar 12th- Chloe Hosking wins
2016 Mar 13th- Tiffany Cromwell 4th
2015- Mar 13th- marred by crash of Lauren Rowney
 when specators arm caught her bars
2014 Mar 13th- Tiff Cromwell won sprint comp
2012 Mar 8th- Chloe Hosking wins
2009 Apr 10th- Rochelle Gilmore 4th
2008 Apr 10th- Rochelle Gilmore 3rd
2007- Rochelle Gilmore 2nd

Since 1998