Aussie highlights at

Enduro World Series

multi stage DH races
(aka Gravity Enduro races)

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June 30–1 July 2017
Natural Games Millau  Millau, France

29–30 July 2017
Big Mountain Enduro  Aspen Snowmass, USA

13 August 2017
Canadian Open Enduro  Whistler, Canada

30 September–1 October 2017
Bluegrass Finalenduro Finale Ligure, Italy

2017 Highlights

28 May 2017 Emerald Enduro Wicklow – Ireland

Sam Hill won a stage & 2nd in 4 other stages
& finished 2nd on GC
Jared Graves won a stage

13–14 May 2017- Madeira, Portugal

Jared Graves 4th on GC
Sam Hill  3rd in stage 6
Jared Graves 2nd in stage 1

Apr 9th 2017- Derby Tasmania
Sam Hill won 2 stages  & finished 3rd overall
Jared Graves won a stage
Ben Forbes won a stage
Kaine Cannan 2nd in a stage
Jack Moir 3rd in a stage

Jodi Newton 2nd Overall Masters Women
Sharon Heap 3rd

Benjamin McIlroy 2nd U21 men
& Blake Pearce 3rd 

26 Mar 2017-
Rotorua, New Zealand
Sam Hill won 2 stages & 2nd in another
and finished 4th on GC
Jared Graves 2nd & 3rd in a stage 
Jack Moir 3rd in a stage

Sean McCarroll won 3 stage in masters
and finished 2nd masters overall 

2016 Highlights

17th-18th Sep Valberg-Guillaumes FRA

Sam Hill won stage 7,
2nd in stage 2 , 4 ,5 & 8 and 3rd on stage 6
& claimed overall victory

14th Aug Canadian Open,Whistler, Canada
Josh Carlson 3rd in stage 2, 2nd stage 5
and finished 3rd overall
David Harder 3rd stage 4
Connor Fearon 2nd stage 1

30–31 July 2016
Aspen Snowmass, USA
Jared Graves wins stage 4 & 5
and claims overall victory
Josh Carlson 3rd stage 6
Randal Huntington won a stage & 3rd GC masters
Sarsha Huntington won all stages women's amatuers
Jul 30th 2016- Jared Graves won all 3 stages 
     Chris Panozzo 4th in a stage

16–17 July La Thuile, Italy
17th Jul 2016- Sam Hill won stage 5
3rd on stage 6 & finished 2nd overall
Jack Moir 2nd in stage 6 & 8th overall
Josh Carlson 4th stage 5

16 Jul 2016- Sam Hill 2nd on all 3 stages day 1

15 May
- Emerald Enduro, Wicklow, Ireland
 Sam Hill 3rd overall
Sam 3rd in stage 2 & 2nd on stage  5

2–3 Apr
Cerro Catedral Montenbaik, Argentina
Randal Huntington 5th in Masters

26–27 Mar 2016- Montenbaik – Valdivia, Chile
6 stages over threee days
Jared Graves 3rd stage 3 & 4
& finished 8th overall

2015 -

Superenduro Finale Ligure, Italy 
3rd-4th October 2015

Jared Graves won stage 4
&  2nd in last stage
 & claimed overall on GC

Ainsa Pyrenees, Spain

Sept 26th-27th 2015
Jared Graves won a stage & 3rd on another
& finished 5th overall on GC
Josh Carlson a stage 4th and a 5th
& finished 11th overall

Canadian Open, Whistler, Canada
August 9th 2015

Jared Graves finishes 3rd
Josh Carlson has mechanical on final stage
Leonie Picton 10th on final stage
Jared Graves 4th in stage 3
Josh Carlson still leading overall
Josh Carlson won stage 2
Josh Carlson won stage 1

Crested Butte USA
Jul 31-Aug 2nd 2015
Race Cancelled due to rider accident
Jared Graves won stage 1
and leads after day 1

Samoens France
18th-19th Jul 2015
Jared Graves 6th overall

Emerald Enduro Wicklow, Ireland

24 May 2015
Josh Carlson 3rd in 7th stage & 14th overall

Crankworx Rotorua- Toa Enduro

Mar 28th 2015
Sam Hill 1st on last stage finished 10th overall

Other age groups
(30-29 age group)
Sean MCCARROLL  won stage 1.3 & 7 and won overall
 & Miikael KINNUNEN 2nd

(40+ age group)
Randal HUNTINGTON won stage 2 & 3 finished 2nd overall


 Ligure Superenduro Italy
4–5 Oct 2014

Jared Graves 3rd stage 2,
 Josh Carlson 4th in stage 3

Crankworx Whistler, BC Canada website

10th Aug 2014- Jared Graves won Overall GC
In an incredible combeback
 after suffering mechanical problems in early stages

finished 2nd on stage 3 and won the final stage 
successfully defending his Crankworx enduro title 

other Aussies
Josh Carlson 12th in Open men

Matt Ryan 38th in Open Men
Dylan Wolsky 38th Open Men
Leonie Picton won women's 19+ 

 Colorado Freeride Festival, Winterpark,USA
multi stage race over 3 days

Jul 27th 2014-
Jared Graves won stage 6
 & claimed overall GC
Tracey Hannah 3rd in stage 7
 and finished 6th overall
Josh Carlson 7th in last stage
 & 18th overall
Dylan Wolsky 48th overall
Jul 26th 2014-
Jared Graves won all 3 stages
on day 2 and leads on GC
Jul 25th 2014- Jared Graves 2nd in stage 1
& 3rd in stage 2
& sits 2nd on GC after day 1
Tracey Hannah sitting 6th on GC in womens

Super Enduro La Thuile, Italy
Jul 13th 2014- day 2
Jared Graves won final stage 
 finished 5th overall
    2nd in stage 5
Jul 12th 2014- Jared Graves 2nd in stage 2 on day 1
Josh Carlson 23rd
Daniel MacMunn 37th

Enduro Series Valloire, France 
Jun 22nd 2014-
 Jared Graves wins round
after playing it safe & minimizing mechanicals
on final 3 stages

Jun 21st 2014- Jared Graves 2nd in stage 1
& 3rd in stage 3

Tweedlove Festival, Scotland UK website here

 Jun 1st 2014-  Jared Graves won last stage
& finished  9th overall
Tracey Hannah had 3 top 10 stage finishes
& finished 16th in women's
other Aussies
Josh Carlson 28th
Michael Hannah 35th

 Montenbaik Enduro, Nevados de Chillan, Chile Apr 19th 2014- Jared Graves won stage 2
finished 3rd stage 3
Apr 20th 2014- Jared Graves 3rd in stage 4
finished 2nd overall
Dylan Wolsky 36th overall


Superenduro PRO Finale Ligure, Italy
Oct 20th 2013- Jared Graves 2nd on GC

Enduro Des Nations Val d'Isère
Aug 25-2013-  Jared Graves wins final stage
finished 2nd on GC overall
Aug 24-2013-
Jared Graves won first 2 stages
but finished 7th on stage 3 and relinquished GC lead 

Aug 11th EWS Crankworx Whistler (5 stages)
Jared Graves wins final stage
& claims overall  victory
Jared Graves 2nd in stage 4
Jared Graves finished 8th in stage 3  
and out of top 3 on GC
Jared Graves 2nd in first two stages
& Matt Ryan  top 10 in first two stages

Jul 26-
28-  EWS Colorado USA  (5 stages over 3 days)
Jared Graves won 3 stages including the last but could not claw back the time he lost on stage 2 after suffering a mechanical that lost him over 3 mins

Jul 7- EWS Les Deux Alpes (4 stages in one day)
 Jared Graves 2nd in stage 2
and 3rd in stage 3 & 4
 and finished 6th on GC
- Tracey Hannah 4th stage 3 & finished 7th on GC

 Jun 29-30 EWS Val d'Allos (six stages over two days)  
 - Jared Graves won two stages
  & finished  2nd overall on GC

May 18- EWS  Punta Ala ITA (4 stages)
 Jared Graves wins final stage
&  finishes 3rd overall on GC
 Josh Carlson 10th on GC

(Enduro World series first contested 2013)

  insight into race format  here


Australia first Gravity Enduro MTB race held in 2011


-other downhill Enduro mentions on calendar-

2013-Jun 9-Josh Carlson 3rd in Bend Oregon enduro race

2012-Sep 9- Josh Carlson won  Bend Oregon Enduro series
&  Dylan Wolsky 4th in North American Enduro Tour

2012- Aug 11- Jared Graves & Josh Carlson won stages
        at Canadian Open Enduro at Whistl
Megan Rose 2nd in stage & finished 5th in pro women
 Matt Ryan 2nd in a stage 

2012-Jun 6- Josh Carlson 2nd in Bend Oregon Enduro race
 2nd in stage 4 & 5 and 3rd on stage 2 & 3

(first multi-stage enduro race in America
was held at Winter Park, 2011)

2011-Jun 10- Dylan Wolsky podiums 2nd in
North Shore Bike Fest Super D. BC
2011-Mar 12- Sid Taberlay won Bonelli Park super D USA

2010-Aug 11- Shaun Fry 12th in Canadian Open Enduro
2010-Jul 11- Dylan Wolsky wins WORCA four Queens race, Whistler BC

(Canadian Open Enduro was introduced to Crankworx in 2009 as a one run, mass start race)
Superenduro international MTB series began in 2008

 Tribe enduro races began in France in 2003,