Aussie highlights at
Gent - Wevelgem, BEL
March 26th 2017
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Mar 27th 2016-  Mitchel Docker 49th
Sarah Roy 14th in women's
Mar 29th 2015-     Matthew Hayman 18th
Chloe Hosking 3rd
Mar 30th 2014-     Mitchell Docker 81st
Chloe Hosking 56th
24th mar 2013-     Heinrich Haussler  4th
25th mar 2012-     Matthew Goss 12th
27th mar 2011-     Mitchell Docker  6th

Baden Cooke  10th
28th mar 2010-     Baden Cooke 14th
8th apr 2009-       Matthew Goss  3rd
     Matthew Hayman 4th
8th apr 2008-        Stuart O'Grady  8th
   Heinrich Haussler 9th
11th apr 2007-      Robbie McEwen 6th
                           Baden Cooke 8th
5th apr 2006-        Allan Davis  9th
6th Apr 2005-       Baden Cooke 6th
Stuart O'Grady 10th
7th Apr 2004-   no Aussie top 50 in cold wet race
9th Apr 2003-      Henk Vogels  2nd
 Matthew Hayman  10th
10th Apr 2002-    Robbie McEwen  25th
11th Apr2001-     Stuart O'Grady  23rd
5th Apr 2000-      Matthew Hayman  40th
7th Apr 1999 -    Stuart O'Grady 16th
8th Apr 1998 -     Henk Vogels  7th
                         Scott Sunderland 11th 
9th Apr 1997-      Henk Vogels  6th
                         Stuart O'Grady  7th
10th Apr 1985-    Phil Anderson  2nd

(in the 1970s length reduced to accomodate World Cups)