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Grafton to Inverell
 Australia's toughest one day race
57th edition

May 13th 2017

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228km, 3000 metres of climbing,
featuring a  torturous 17 km climb at 65 km mark,
 rising 1000 m over Gibraltar Range

Past Winners  state of origin in ()

May 13th 2017Neil van der Ploeg
in new record 5h46m26s
Bree Wilson first women
May 7th 2016- Pat Lane (Vic)
in new record 5 hrs 57 mins 55 secs
Holly Ranson fastest women
Oct 24th 2015- Sean Lake (Vic) back to back
Oct 25th 2014-
Sean Lake (Vic)
Oct 26th 2013- Jack Anderson (QLD)
another win for team Budget Forklifts
Oct 27th 2012- Peter John Herzig (NSW)
  Cupitt 2nd made it a 1-2 for team Budget Forklifts
Oct 22nd 2011- Mark Jamieson (Vic)
in new race record  6.00.21
Oct 23rd 2010-  Nathan Earle (Tas) 
Sep 12th 2009 Malcolm Rudolph (QLD)
Sep 20th 2008-  David Pell (Vic)      
Sept 15th 2007- Cameron Hughes (QLD)

35 year-old soloed away from his fellow break-away companions with over 70 kilometres remaining to win
Sep 16th 2006 - Robert McLachlan (ACT) 6:06:53
won by a wheel from South Australia's Chris Jongewaard ,
Just six minutes and four secs off the record
Sep 17th 2005- Greg Henderson (NZ)
45th edition of the prestigious event.
Sep 18th 2004    Peter McDonald (NSW)  

2004 first time the event featured team based racing 

Sep 20th 2003- Hector Morales (Uraguay) 
Sep 21st 2002    Lee Godfrey (VIC)       
Sep 15th 2001    David McKenzie (Vic)    6:22:40     
Jun 17th 2000-   Benjamin Day (QLD)      
Sep 25th 1999-  Jamie Drew (Vic)    6:26:45
    Drew is the only rider in the races history to win twice     
                  19 year old Simon Gerrans finished 3rd
              1998- Benjamin Brooks (NSW)   
              1997    Jamie Drew (Vic)     
              1996    Damien Forster (VIC)   
3rd Sept  1995 - Timothy Christopher (ACT) 
              1994    Cecil or Craig Saunders (NZ)     
              1993    Stephen Drake (Vic)   
              1992    Billy Joe Shearsby (Vic)   
              1991    Stephen Fairless (VIC)      
              1990    Nigel Perry (NSW)
his brother Dave finished 3rd    
Oct 7th   1989 - Nathan Reiss (USA)     
              1988    GianLuca Pierobon (Italy)          
Oct 10th 1987 - Atle Peterson (Norway)    
              1986    Andrew Logan (NSW)
28th Sep 1985 -Paul Curran (Gt Britain)    6:00:49
knocked 23mins off record    
           was the 25th edition of this Classic
Sep 22nd 1984- Michael Lynch (Vic)    
Sep 18th 1983- Richard McCorkell (Vic)      
wins after 6 attempts
Sep 22nd 1982    Sephent Cox (NZ)
NZ Comm Games team scored a trifecta   
             1981    Alan Gill (SA)     
Aug 30th 1980    Wayne Hammond (Vic)
       won in a 5 rider finish
             1979    Graham McVilley (Tas)  
changed to the massed start format in 1979

Fastest time winners
Sep 16th 1978    Michael Wilson (TAS)
(18 year old)
              1977    Gary Sutton (NSW)
Sep 4th  1976- Remo Sansonetti (Vic) 
(the toughest Grafton-Inverell classic in its 16-year history. Battling headwinds)   
Sep 6th  1975    Mike Glindeman (QLD) 
Sep 7th  1974    Terry Parkes (NSW)
              1973    Alan Spokes (NSW)
              1972    Lyn Cooper (NZL)
              1971    John Trevorrow (VIC)
Sep 20th 1970- John Trevorrow (VIC)     
Sep 7th   1969    Bruce Ryall (NSW)
              1968    Kevin Morgan (Tas)    6:23:21
 (this record stood until 1985)
Sep 2nd  1967    Donald Wilson (Vic) 
record 98 starters    
Sep 4th   1966    Timo Savimaki (QLD)
              1965     Don Wilson (VIC)
Aug 22nd 1964    Vic Adams (NSW)  7:04:50
              1963    Jim Lloyd (NSW)
              1962     Jim Lloyd (NSW)
Sep 16th 1961 Alan Grindal (Vic)    7:39:11

The Grafton to Inverell was first staged in 1961
following the opening of the new portion of the Gwydir Highway between Grafton and Glen Innes.