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Indian Pacific Wheel Race
5,500km Perth to Sydney via Melblourne
from 18 Mar 2017

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30 memorable rides across Australia


30 Memorable Rides
Across Australia

27th Mar 2017- Sarah Hammond Perth to Melbourne 3884km in 9days 15hrs

17th Jan 2017- Austrian Christoph Strasser 6 days 10hrs & 58 mins  from Perth to Sydney 3,950km

3rd Jul 2015- brothers Tyron and Aaron Bicknell crossed Nullarbor Plain 1,021.5km 4 days 5 hrs and 21 mins on single speed
(one of the fastest bicycle crossings and the fastest done with a single geared bike)

7th Jun 2015- Ben Henzgen around Australia on a mountain bike 61 days

16th Apr 2013- Reid Anderton around Australia, 14,100km in 37 days 1 hr and 18 mins.

19th Oct 2011- Dave Alley 
Around Australia 14,251 km  in 37 days 20 hrs and 45 mins,
 pedalling more than 377 kilometres a day
beat previous best 41-day record set by Canadian man Perry Stone.

19th June 2010- Peter Heal  recumbent bike  Around Australia 48days 23hrs 19mins unsupported

7th Nov 2009- Guido Kunze (Germany) 7 days 19 hr 5 mins Sydney to Perth

6 Aug 2009- Peter Heal  recumbent bike Perth to Sydney 4,000km 11days 17hrs 8mins

18 Oct 2008- Damian Richmond Perth to Melbourne 3,500km 9days 7hrs 29mins

19 May 2008- Erik Straarup (Denmark) recumbant around Australia 14,611 51days 47mins unsupported

29th Nov 2007- Gerhard Gulewicz from Austria Perth to Sydney in 7 days 8 hours and 49 mins

27th Oct 2006- Gerry Tatrai Darwin to Adelaide 3,029km 5days 19hrs 12mins

22nd Oct 2006- Richard Vollebregt 8days 10hrs 58mins Perth to Sydney supported

25th Sept 2004- 53 year old Eugene Schilter around Australia 14,450    55days 17hrs 8mins

May 2000- Perry Stone (CAN) around Australia 14,187 41days 17hrs 2mins

4 July 1999- Jon Amos (GBR) Darwin to Adelaide 3,232km 38days hand cycle

20th Mar 1998- Austrian Wolfgang Fasching at 7days 19hrs 47mins Supported

8th Oct 1993 - German Hubert Schwarz Perth to Sydney 4,215km 8days 12hrs 49mins
around Australia 42 days 8 hrs and 25 mins 14,183 kilometers

7th Apr 1992 -Tomio Uranyu (JAP) 4,215km 9days 23hrs 25mins

1991- Joan JoestingMahoney (USA) around Australia 15,328 141days 4hrs

2nd July 1989- Rod Evans around Australia 14,200miles 49days

8 Oct 1988- Barbara Tipp (CAN) around Australia 15,687 km 112days

Jun 1987- Phil McDonald Penny Farthing Round Australia 15,000km 126 days

27 May 1981- Gabrielle Smith  Perth to Sydney 84days    Unsupported

1951- 77 year old Ernie Old 
Perth to Melbourne 34 days avg 125miles/day
  (Old's 6th times across Australia since he turned 74)

29th May 1948- 74 year old Ernie Old Melbourne to Perth and return 4,500miles 62 days

Wendy Law Stuart & Shirley Duncan
 first women to cycle across the Nulabor Plain
During three-year cycling trip around Australia
(accompanied by blue heeler Peta for most of trip)

2nd Nov 1938- Vera Harding & Anna Keenan Tandem - Perth to Melbourne 35 days
Perth to Sydney 60 days

19th Nov 1937- Hubert Opperman new record
Fremantle to Sydney 13 days 10 hrs 21 mins
                 this record stood for 30 years

8th Oct 1936-  E.W. Billy Reid 
Fremantle to Sydney 18 days 13hrs 32mins
                broke the 1912 record

26th Nov 1933-  Bill Reid and Gordon Jones Tandem Perth to Sydney in 22 days 17hrs

Jul 1931- Arthur Wakeling around Australia 133days
 bettering previous record by 107 days set by D.McKay 

Nov 1927- Vic Waltham record
Sydney to Fremantle
26 days 6hrs 8 mins

31st Jan 1912- Frances Birtles 31days 2hrs
Fremantle to Sydney 
 3175 miles distance broke 100mile /day avg
10th May 1911- Fred White  36 days 13 hrs
new Fremantle to Sydney record

Jan 1906- Frances Birtles
Fremantle to Melbourne

4th Feb 1900- Arthur Richardson around Australia 243days

1899- Donald Mackay Perth - Sydney 40days 6hrs 50mins. Perth to Brisbane 48days, 
Around Australia 11000 miles in 240 days 7hrs 30mins

24th Sep 1898- Albert McDonald completed Dunlop Trancontinental ride (Port Darwin to Melbourne Via Adelaide) 4177km (2596 miles) 33 days 5.5hrs
       via the Stuart Highway. The total trip is about 4700 km.

23rd Jun 1898- John R Denning  45 days
 (Fremantle to Sydney Via Adelaide, Melbourne)
arrived in Sydney a few hours earlier than Frank A White

30th Oct 1897- William Virgin Perth to Sydney
 3015 miles in 90 days

May 1897- Jerome Murif Adelaide to Darwin following telegraph line,  1975miles (3178km)

25 Dec 1896- Arthur C.J. Richardson became the first cyclist to cross the Nullarbor Plain
Rode from Coolgardie to Adelaide in 31 days