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Idaho Women's Challenge
Tour in and around southern Idaho
was richest women's tour cycle race
(primary sponsors over the years were Ore-Ida, PowerBar and Hewlett-Packard)

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(Cancelled For 2013)

 Exergy Tour
May 28th 2012- Shara Gillow 4th on GC
May 26th 2012-
Shara Gillow 4th in TT stage
May 25th 2012- Rochelle Gilmore 3rd in stage
May 24th 2012- Shara Gillow  7th in TT prologue

 Hewlett Packard end six-year title sponsorship

Jun 22nd 2002- Anna Millward won stage 8
Jun 17th 2002- Anna Millward 3rd in stage
Jun 16th 2002- Anna Millward won stage 2
 featured climb over Banner Pass

Jun 24th 2001- Naomi Williams 4th in stage
Jun 16th 2001- Anna Millward 4th in stage

Jun 18th 2000- Margaret Hemsley 2nd stage 11
Anna Wilson wins overall
& claims her second Women's Challenge title

Jun 17th 2000- Anna Wilson wins Crit stage
Jun 16th 2000- Anna Wilson 3rd in stage 9
Jun 15th 2000- Tracey Gaudry 2nd stage 8
Jun 13th 2000- Anna Wilson 2nd in stage 6
Jun 12th 2000- Anna Wilson 3rd in stage 5
Jun 8th 2000- Anna Wilson won stage 1

 HP LaserJet Women's Challenge

Jun 20th 1999- Anna Wilson won points comp
Jun 18th 1999- Anna Wilson 3rd in stage 11
Jun 17th 1999- Bridget Evans 5th in stage
Jun 16th 1999-
Kathy Watt 2nd in stage 9
Jun 14th1999- Anna Wilson 2nd in stage 7
Jun 9th 1999- Anna Wilson won stage 1
 in dramatic photo finish

Jun 21st 1998- Anna Wilson wins Sprint comp
jun 17th 1998- Anna Wilson wins stage 2
Jun 16th 1998- Kathy Watt 6th in prologue

Jun 23-29th 1997 week-long $100,000 bicycle race
field of 104 racers and 26 teams includes states and eight foreign countries (Canada, Finland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Belgium and South Africa)

1996 - Event thru Utah for the first time,
 ESPN telecasts the race

Jun 22nd 1996- Anna Wilson wins overall
2nd closing time trial.
Jun 16th 1996- Anna Wilson wins Stage 5
covered 650 miles over 13-days through Utah and Idaho.

First held in 1984

 grueling courses at one time were considered too tough by the Union Cyclist International.
One stage crested Galena Summit at
2,652 m (8,701 feet) above sea level on Highway 75,
 the Northwest's highest highway pass