Aussie Highlights at

Tour of Japan 
    21- 28th May 2017

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May 28th 2017- Nathan Earle 2nd on GC
May 27th 2017- Chris Harper 2nd in stage
May 26th 2017- Nathan Earle 3rd in Mt Fuji stage
Cam Bayly 4th
Lachlan Norris 6th
Tim Roe 8th
May 25th 2017- Nathan Earle 2nd in stage
May 24th 2017- Anthony Giacoppo 2nd in stage
May 23rd 2017- Robbie Hucker 4th in stage
May 21st 2017- Anthony Giacoppo 2nd in prologue

May 21st 2017- Anthony Giacoppo 3rd in Sakai
 international criterium held prior to 1st stage

Jun 5th 2016- Sam Crome wins stage
Cameron Bayly 7th on GC
Jun 4th 2016- Cameron Bayly 2nd in stage
Robbie Hucker 4th
Jun 3rd 2016- Cameron Bayly 8th
Jun 2nd 2016- Anthony Giacoppo 2nd in stage
Cameron Bayly 6th
Robbie Hucker 7th
Jai Crawford 8th
Jun 1st 2016- Robbie Hucker 8th
May 31st 2016- Anthony Giacoppo wins stage
Robbie Hucker 5th
30th May 2016- Anthony Giacoppo 5th
Robbie Hucker 6th
Jonathan Clarke 7th
29th May 2016- Anthony Giacoppo wins TT stage
Robbie Hucker 6th
Chris Hamilton 7th

29th May 2016- Anthony Giacoppo 2nd in crit
 International Crit

24th May 2015-
Brenton Jones 2nd in stage
23rd May 2015- Jai Crawford 7th in stage
22nd May 2015-
Ben Dyball 6th in TT stage

21st May 2015-
Adam Phelan 2nd in stage
and leads on GC
20th May 2015- Brenton Jones 4th in stage
Tim Roe in solo break
and sits 2nd on KOM
17th May 2015- Brenton Jones wins stage 1 TT
& Neil Van Der Ploeg 2nd
Adam Phelan 4th in stage

17th May 2015-
Brenton Jones 3rd in the
 5th International Criterium In Sakai 

25th May 2014- Will Clarke 3rd in final stage
Jack Beckinsale 4th in stage
Cam Bayly 3rd in young rider comp
24th May 2014- Cameron Bayly 5th in stage
23rd May 2014- Matt Clark 7th in Mt Fuji stage
21st May 2014- Jack Beckinsale 4th in stage
20th May 2014- Brenton Jones 3rd in stage
Will Clarke keeps leaders jersey
18th May 2014-  William Clarke wins prologue
     and Jordan Kerby 2nd
Jack Beckinsale 4th
Brenton Jones 5th

May 26- 2013- Robbie Hucker 2nd overall KOM 
and Benjamin Dyball 3rd on KOM
May 25-2013- Nathan Earle 1st in stage
from a 20 man final sprint
May 24-2013- Ben Dyball wins Mt Fuji TT stage
May 22-2013- Darren Lapthorne 5th in stage
 & sits 3rd on GC
May 21-2013- Will Walker 4th in stage 
19th May 2013- Anthony Giacoppo podiums 3rd in International Criterium, Osaka JPN

May 20-2012- William Clarke 1st in stage
& Cameron Wurf 2nd
in a 1-2 finish for  Champion System Pro Cycling 
May 22-2012- Patrick Shaw 3rd in stage

May 15-22- 2011

cancelled due to  earthquakes

May 23-2010- Michael Matthews 2nd in final stage
          Zakkari Dempster 3rd in stage
Michael Matthews wins Points Class
4th on GC

May 22-2010- Michael Matthews 3rd in stage
May 21-2010- Michael Matthews 4th up Mount Fuji
May 18-2010- Zakkari Dempster 2nd in stage
Overall race leader Michael Matthews 4th
May 17-2010- Michael Matthews 2nd in stage
       & holds overall lead
May 16-2010- Michael Matthews wins stage

May 24-2009- Leigh Howard wins last stage
 to claim Points Classification
May 23-2009- Jack Bobridge wins stage    7th on GC
May 20-2009- Jack Bobridge wins stage
  won sprint from a 4 man break
May 19-2009- Leigh Howard wins stage
May 17-2009-  Leigh Howard wins first stage

May 24-2008- Cameron Meyer wins overall GC
Jai Crawford 2nd on GC
May 23-2008- Jai Crawford 3rd in stage
May 21-2008- Simon Clarke wins stage
           Cameron Meyer 3rd in stage
May 20-2008- Wesley Sulzberger 4th in stage
and holds GC
May 19-2008- Wesley Sulzberger wins stage
 and Cameron Meyer 2nd
May 18-2008- Zakkari Dempster wins stage

May 27-2007- Miles Olman 2nd in stage
Sean Finning and Miles Olman in break
May 20-2007-  Zakkari Dempster 3rd in stage

May 20-2006-  Matthew Lloyd wins stage
May 14-2006- Ashley Hutchinson 3rd in stage

May 30-2005- Nic Sanderson wins final stage
 in bunch sprint
          Phillip Thuaux finishes 4th on GC
May 16-2005- David McKenzie wins stage
and takes over GC lead
May 15-2005- Mathew Goss wins first stage

May 30-2004- Edmund Hollands 2nd in stage
Nick Sanderson 3rd in stage
May 28-2004- Edmund Hollands 3rd in stage
 David Betts & Nick Sanderson 4th and 5th
May 23- 2004- Aaron Kemps Wins opening stage

May 26-2002- Scott Davis 10th on GC
May 24-2002- Gene Bates 4t in stage

May 27-2001-  Graeme Brown wins final stage
Scott Davis 3rd on GC,
Allan Davis wins KOM
May 26- Allan Davis  kept his red Jersey
May 25-2001- Graeme Brown 3rd in stage

May 28-200- Allan Davis 2nd in stage
May 22-2000- Scott McGrory 4th in stage
May 21-2000- Baden Cooke 2nd in stage

May 23-1999- Nick Gates 3rd on GC
May 21-1999- Nathan O'Neill 2nd in stage
May 19- 1999- Allan Davis 3rd in stage
May 18-1999- Nick Gates wins stage

1998- Best Aussie on GC Sean Sullivan in 32nd
May 17-1998- Nathan O'Neill 3rd in stage

May 18-1997- Jay Sweet 1st in stage
Scott McGrory 3rd in stage
Peter Rogers 3rd overall on GC
May 12-1997- Brett Dennis 1st in stage
May 11-1997- Jay Sweet 1st in stage

1996- Baden Burke 1st in final stage
1996- Nathan O'Neill 2nd in opening stage

inaugural edition 1996