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23rd Apr 2017
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Highest Aussie finishers

Apr 23rd 2017- Michael Matthews 4th
Shara Gillow 7th in women's
Apr 24th 2016- Simon Gerrans 33rd
Apr 26 2015-
 Simon Clarke 60th
Apr 27 2014- Simon Gerrans 1st
Apr 21 2013-
Simon Gerrans 10th
Apr 22-2012- Simon Gerrans 19th
Apr 24-2011- Simon Gerrans 12th
Apr 25-2010- Cadel Evans 4th
Apr 26-2009- Simon Gerrans 6th
Apr 27-2008- Cadel Evans 7th
Apr 29-2007- Cadel Evans 36th
Apr 23-2006- Cadel Evans 80th
Apr 24-2005- Cadel Evans 5th
Apr 27-2003- Bradley McGee DNF
Apr 21-2002- Cadel Evans 37th
Apr 22-2001- Jason Phillips DNF
Apr 16-2000- Patrick Jonker 84th
Apr 19-1998- Scott Sunderland 19th
Apr 20-1997- Scott Sunderland 31st
Apr 21-1996- Patrick Jonker 33rd
Apr 16-1995- Patrick Jonker 43rd
Apr 17-1994- Neil Stephens 56th
Apr 18-1993- Phil Anderson 97th
Apr 19-1992- Phil Anderson 19th
Apr 21-1991- Phil Anderson 15th
Apr 15-1990- Phil Anderson 30th
Apr 16-1989- Phil Anderson 3rd
Apr 17-1988- Phil Anderson 9th
           - Michaël Wilson 11th
Apr 19-1987- Phil Anderson 12th
Apr 21-1985- Phil Anderson 7th
Apr 15-1984- Phil Anderson 2nd
Apr 17-1983- Phil Anderson 4th
Apr 11-1982- Phil Anderson 12th
Mar 6-1956- John Anderson 52nd
Mar 11-1952- John Beasley 55th

contested since 1894