2014 saw return of women's racing
at Le Tour de France

La Course by Le Tour
elite women's one day race
Jul 24th 2016
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Live coverage via SBS & Eurosport

Past Aussie highlights

Jul 24th 2016- Chloe Hosking 1st
Tiff Cromwell 7th
Jul 26th 2015Chloe Hosking 13th
Jul 27th 2014- Lizzie Williams  12th

Tour de France Féminin ceased after 2009

 the Route de France Féminine became the major
women's stage race in France

Tour de France Feminine
La Grande Boucle Féminine.

Jul 1st 2006-
Emma Rickards 17th on GC
Jun 29th 2006- Emma Rickards won stage

Jul 2nd 2005- Emma Rickards 5th on GC
Jun 20th 2005
- Emma Rickards  won stage
and finished 5th on GC

2004- race not held due to
organisational difficulties

Aug 15th 2003-  Alison Wright 3rd in stage
Aug 14th 2003-  
Alison Wright 3rd in stage
Aug 10th 2003-
Margaret Hemsley 3rd in stage
Aug 8th 2003-
Emma James 2nd in stage
 Margaret Hemsley 3rd in stage
Aug 3rd 2003- Sara Carrigan 2nd in stage
(14 stages over 1,400 kilometres)

Aug 18th 2002- Kym Shirley 50th on GC
Aug 5th-18th 2001- Aussies competing
Emma James & Annabelle Drew

Aug 20th 2000-
Margaret Hemsley  30th on GC
8 Aussies  on startlist

Aug 22nd 1999- Juanita Feldhahn 14th on GC
 (raced over 14 stages )

name changed to La Grande Boucle Féminine
in 1999
 after a legal battle with the organizers of the men's TDF

Tour de France Feminin

Aug 22nd 1998- Kathy Watt 3rd in ITT stage
& finished 13th on GC
Aug 16th 1998- Anna Wilson won stage 

Aug 24th 1997-
Kathy Watt 4th in stage
Aug 23rd 1997-
Juanita Feldhahn solo stage win
Aug 21st 1997-
Kathy Watt 2nd in stage
Aug 18th 1997-
Lynette Nixon won stage

(1997 first time women's trade teams entered)

Jul 23rd 1989
Donna Gould 7th on GC
& Kathleen Shannon 8th on GC
(raced over 482 miles over 11 stages
finished on Champs-Elysees ahead of men's TDF)
Jeannie Longo (FRA) third consecutive GC win

Jul 28th 1988-
Liz Hepple
won climbers Jersey
& finished 3rd on GC
Kathy Watt finished 7th on GC
Jul 14th 1998- Donna Gould 4th in stage
in a four women final sprint
Jul 13th  1988- Donna Gould 3rd in stage
Liz Hepple 4th in stage
Jul 11th 1988- Elisabeth Hepple 4th in opening stage
(524 mile race over 13 days
included 12 National teams)

Jul 26th 1987- Elisabeth Hepple 17th on GC

Jul 27th 1986- Liz Hepple 5th overall
Jul 26th 1986- Liz Hepple 4th in stage
Jul 16th 1986- Elisabeth Hepple 5th in stage
(raced over 15 stages)
first Aussie Team to race Tour Féminin

first women's 
Tour de France Feminin
race in July1984

18 stage 616 mile event run parallel with men's TDF
won by Marianne Martin (USA)