Aussie Highlights at

MTB World Champs

2017 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships
5th-10th Sept 2017
 Cairns, Australia

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Sep 11th 2016-  Tracey Hannah 3rd in DH
Troy Brosnan 4th in mens
Sep 9th 2016-  Caroline Buchanan wins 4x
Sep 2nd 2016- Janine Jungfels silver at Trials
Trials Val di Sole Trentino

Jul 3rd- Holly Harris 33rd in U23 women
Dan McConnell 39th in men's
Jul 2nd - Scott Bowden 20th U23 mens XC
Peta Mullens 21st womens XC
Jul 1st- Kian Lerch-Mackinnon 27th junior XC
Jun 30th- Australia 10th in Team relay

XC Nova Mesto CZE


Sep 6th 2015- Tracey Hannah 3rd in women's DH
  Jackson Frew Bronze in Junior DH
Ellie Wale 6th in Women DH
Sep 4th 2015- Janine Jungfels won women's Trials
Emily Parkes 29th U23 women XC

 - Scott Bowden 34th U23 men XC
- Bryan Dunkin 33rd Junior men XC
- Megan Williams 34th junior women XC
- Australia 20th in Team relay

Sep 7th-
Tegan Molloy won Junior women's DH
Troy Brosnan 3rd in men's Downhill
Hafjell, Norway
- Tracey Hannah 4th in women's DH
- Max Warshawsky 4th Junior men's DH
  Aiden Varley 7th in junior men's DH
- Rebecca Henderson  15th  in Women's XC
- Cameron Ivory 18th U23 men's XC
- Mitchell Greenway 38th junior men's XC

Jun 14th- Blake Nielsen 13th 4X World Champs
held inLeogang AUT


Sep 21- Caroline Buchanan won 4x
held in Leogang
Sep 1st- Paul Van Der Ploeg wins XC  Eliminator
Michael Hanna silver in mens DH
Jared Graves Bronze in DH
Tracey Hannah Bronze in Women's DH
Aug 30- Janine Jungfels bronze in women's Trials
(Australia’s first ever Trials medal at worlds)
            Danielle Beecroft silver in junior women DH
    & Tegan Molloy Bronze

Sep 2-  Danielle Beecroft 3rd in Junior women DH
        Connor Fearon 3rd in Junior Men DH
- Michael Hannah 4th in mens downhill

- Ben Bradley 28th in junior men XC
 - Daniel Mcconnell 27th in Mens XC

Sep 4-  Troy Brosnan defended junior DH
 - Jared Graves 4th in four cross
 -Team Australia finish 10th in Team relay XC
   (Chris Jongewaard ,Jack Haig,
Rebecca Henderson,Paul Van Der Ploeg)           
Paul Van Der Ploeg 15th in U23 mens XC

 - Rebecca Henderson 20th in Junior women XC
 - Chris Jongewaard 37th in mens xc

Sep 5-  Samuel Hill wins mens downhill
         Troy Brosnan won junior mens downhill
Sep 3-  Caroline Buchanan defends women's 4X 
           Jared Graves 2nd in mens 4x

- Holly Baarspul 4th in junior downhill
- Cameron Ivory 17th junior men XC
- Gracie Elvin 20th in U23 XC

in Canberra, Australia
Sept 4- Caroline Buchanan won 4x &
            Jared Graves  won Mens  4x
(his first World title after 3 years bad luck)
Sept 6 - Shaun O'connor 2nd Junior downhill
Holly Baarspul 3rd in junior womens downhill
 Michael Hannah 3rd in mens downhill
- Janine Jungfels 4th in  women's observed trials
- Rhys Willemse 4th in Junior downhill
- Samuel Hill 5th in elite mens downhill
- Rebecca Henderson 7th in Junior womens XC
- Joe Brewer 8th in mens observed trials
- Lachlan Norris 11th in U23 men cross country
- Chris Jongewaard 15th elite mens XC
- Claire Whiteman 15th in womens Downhill
- Mitchell Codner 17th Junior men XC
- Kate Potter 24th womens XC
 jun 20- Samuel Hill 3rd in mens downhill

 - Jared Graves 4th in mens 4x

-  Caroline Buchanan 5th in junior downhill,
Caroline won minor final to finish 5th in 4x
- Petra Bernhard 11th elite womens downhill

- Australia 12th in team Relay (Lachlan Norris, Daniel Mcconnell, Charlton Durie, Dellys Starr)
- Rebecca Henderson 22nd junior XC
- Lachlan Norris 22nd in U23 mens XC

- Chris Jongewaard 29th in Elite men cross country
- Robbie Hucker 32nd junior mens XC

sep 9- Samuel Hill won Mens downhill
Tracey Hannah  3rd Elite womens Downhill
(first Aussie podium for elite women DH)
- Mitchell Delfs 4th junior mens downhill
- Caroline Buchanan ranked 8th in womens 4X
- Jared Graves 8th in mens 4x
- Daniel Mcconnell 10th U23 mens XC

- Nathan Haas 42nd in mens XC

first year for Espoir women category
Aug 26-  Tracey Hannah won  Junior Womens DH
Samuel  Hill 1st in mens DH
  and   Nathan Rennie 3rd 

- James Maltman 5th junior men DH

Joseph Brewer 5th in Junior mens trials
- Daniel Braunsteins 6th in junior men XC
Claire Whiteman 17th womens DH

- Sid Taberlay 31st in Elite mens XC

 Sep 2- Amiel Cavalier 1st Junior Men downhill

and  Liam Panozzo 3rd
sept 3-  Katrina Miller 2nd womens 4x
        Jared Graves 2nd mens 4X
Samuel Hill 2nd elite men downhill 

- Daniel Mcconnell 8th U23 XC
-  Cal Britten 17th Junior Men XC
- Erica Oldfield 23rd in Junior Women XC
- Sid Taberlay 44 in Mens XC
- Niki Gudex 60th in Womens XC

sep 11- Samuel Hill 3rd in mens DH

- Katrina Miller won minor final for 5th in 4X
- Nathan Rennie 5th in mens DH
- Amiel Cavalier 7th junior men DH
- Shaun Lewis 10th in junior mens XC
- Erica Oldfield 24th junior womens XC

Sep 3- Lisa Mathison defended junior women XC
sep 6- Samuel Hill defenfed junior mens DH

-  Christopher Kovarik 5th elite mens DH
- Shaun Lewis 6th Junior men XC
- Australia  8th in team relay  (Brent Miller, Perren Delacour,, James Maebus., Anna Baylis)

2002-  four-cross replaced Dual slalom
Aug 28- Lisa Mathison 1st junior XC
Aug 30- 
Sam Hill won junior downhill

& Justin Havukainen 3rd,
        Chris Kovarik 3rd in Elite mens downhill
(first Aussie elite mens DH podium)
 Aug 31- Katrina Miller 2nd in womens 4X

- Tai Lee Muxlow 4th in Womens 4X

- Australia 6th in team relay  (Josh Fleming/Trent Lowe/Mary Grigson/Sid Taberlay)


Sep 15-
Ben Cory won junior men downhill

& Sam Hill 3rd,
Wade Bootes 3rd in Dual final
Katrina Miller 2nd in womens dual
on her birthday

Sep 16-  Trent Lowe 3rd in junior men XC
Sep 13- Australia 2nd in Team relay
 (Cadel Evans fastest final leg)
  (team includes one elite man, one elite woman, one u23 man and one junior male)
- Cadel Evans 4th in mens XC
- Chris Kovaric 4th in mens Downhill
Mary Grigson 7th in womens

- Tai-Lee Muxlow 13th in women's DH
- Emma McNaughton 4th in junior women DH

dual slalom event was added
Jun 10-
Wade Bootes wins mens Dual Slalom
Sean Mccarroll 4th
Michael Hannah 2nd in junior DH
- Mary Grigson  5th in womens XC
- Claire Baxter 7th junior womens XC

- Paul Redenbach 14th in U23 mens XC
- Michael Ronning 15th in mens downhill
- Tai-lee Muxlow 24th in womens DH

1999- team relay event was added
sep 18-  
Nathan Rennie won junior DH
Jarrod Rando claimed bronze
in the slippery conditions
sep 17- Cadel Evans 2nd in U23 mens XC
(crashed while leading a mere kilometre from the finish)
        - Katrina Miller finished in 14th in dual slalom
 Sean Mccarroll  16th in mens DH

1998- Sep 19-
Cadel Evans 4th in U23 XC 
 Katrina Miller  6th in elite womens DH
 Hanneke Geysen  12th in elite womens XC
Scott Sharples 15th in Elite mens DH
 Paul Rowney 22nd in Mens XC

1997-Sep 18- 
Cadel Evans silver in U23 mens XC
Katrina Miller  10th in elite womens XC
     Paul Rowney 18th mens XC
Michael Ronning 20th in Mens DH

- held in Cairns Australia

Sep 18- Cadel Evans 3rd in U23 mens XC
Scott Sharples 7th in Elite mens DH

1995- Sep 18- Scott Sharples 5th in Elite mens DH

1992-  Trials riding was added

first official UCI world champs took place in Durango,USA in 1990 consisting of XC and downhill events.

1987-  Aussies attended World champs
 held at Villard de Lans, France