New Zealand  Men's Tour 

Cycle Classic 

Wairarapa region of the North Island

UCI 2.2 in Oceania

22-26th Jan 2017
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Jan 23rd- Sam Crowe won Admiral Hill stage
Jan 22nd-
Tim Roe wins opening stage

Aussie highlights at NZCC 


Jan 24th - Jesse Kerrison 3rd in stage
Ben O' Connor wins Overall GC
Dylan Newbery wins Sprint Jersey
Mark O'Brien 2nd on GC
Jan 23rd - Ben O' Connor wins Queen stage
& takes over leaders jersey
Mark O'Brien 2nd in stage
Jan 22nd- Ryan Thomas 2nd in stage
& dons leaders jersey
Jan 20th - Jesse Kerrison 3rd in stage

Feb 1- Josh Prete wins hilly final stage
Craig Evers won sprint jersey comp
        Rhys Gillet won KOM comp
Jan 30-
Craig Evers wins stage
Rhys Gillett 2nd in stage


Jan 31-  Brenton Jones wins stage
Malcolm  Rudolph 3rd in stage
Jan 30-  Brenton Jones 3rd in stage
Jan 29-  Brenton Jones 2nd in stage 1
                      Aaron Donnelly 3rd

-Jan 27th- Tom Palmer wins final stage        
 & Nathan Earle claims overall GC

    Ben Dyball 2nd & Will Walker 3rd on GC

             & Chris Jory wins KOM

-Jan 26-Nathan Earle solo victory Queen Stage
-Jan 25- Nathan Elliot solo's for 2nd in stage
- Jan 24- Nathan Earle wins stage
                      & Will Walker 3rd
-Jan 23- Campbell Flakemore 2nd
             & Darren Lapthorne 3rd in stage
-Jan 29- Jay McCarthy wins overall GC
   Thomas Palmer 2nd & Joe Lewis 3rd in stage
-Jan 28- Thomas Palmer wins stage
-Jan 26- Jay McCarthy wins stage
        & Darren Lapthorne 2nd and leads GC
-Jan 25- Campbell Flakemore wins opening TT stage
               & Damien Howson 3rd
-Jan 29- Nathan Earle wins third stage in a row
-Jan 28- Nathan Earle wins stage & Adam Semple 2nd
-Jan 27- Nathan Earle wins stage & Lachlan Norris 3rd
-Jan 31- William Clarke finishes 3rd in final stage
               Lachlan Norris 2nd on GC
-Jan 30- Michael Matthews takes stage sprint
               Joel Pearson 2nd
-Jan 29- Michael Matthews podiums 2nd
-Jan 28- Lachlan Norris podiums 2nd on toughest stage
- Jan 27- Peter McDonald ride away win
              in an Aussie 1,2,3 opening stage
       Michael Matthews 2nd and Malcolm Rudolph 3rd
-Jan 25- Pell David Wins final stage crit,
               Peter McDonald wins overall GC
              Jai Crawford (KOM) Tim Roe U23
-Jan 24- Joel Pearson wins all Aussie 1,2,3 stage
           Cody Stevenson 2nd, Gene Bates 3rd
-Jan 23- Jai Crawford wins stage
               from Peter McDonald 2nd
-Jan 22- Peter McDonald wins stage,
                            Tim Roe 3rd
-Jan 21- Aussie Team wins  team TT stage
 (Jack Anderson, Craig McCartney, Cameron Jennings, Cody Stevenson & Michael England)
-Feb 3- Travis Meyer wins stage & overall GC
           David Pell (sprint) & John Ebeling (KOM)
-Feb 2- Adam Semple finishes 2nd
                & David Pell 3rd in stage
-Feb 1- Travis Meyer wins stage Chris Jory 3rd
-Jan31-Richie Porte wins stage in all Aussie podium finish  (with Travis Meyer 2nd & Chris Luxton 3rd)
- Jan 30- Travis Meyer 2nd and David Pell 3rd in stage
-Jan 28- David Pell 2nd in stage
        & Craig Mccartney finishes 2nd on GC
-Jan 27- David Pell solo's to gutsy stage win
               & Josh Wilson 2nd
-Jan 25- David Pell 2nd on stage
-Jan 29- Rob MacLachlan 2nd
         & Ashley Hutchinson 3rd in final stage
           Wesley Sulzberger wins Sprint jersey
-Jan 28- Josh Wilson claims 2nd in hill stage
-Jan 27- Wesley Sulzberger 2nd in Stage
              after successful small breakaway
-Jan 26- Stuart Shaw wins stage
               with Darren Lapthorn 2nd
-Jan 30- Simon Clarke 2nd in final stage
           Matthew Lloyd wins overall on GC
                   Troy Glennan won KOM
-Jan 29- Matt Lloyd wins hill stage
             from Peter Mcdonald in 2nd
-Jan 28- Shaun Higgerson wins stage
             & Hilton Mcmurdo 2nd
after failed but impressive solo effort by Tony Mann
-Jan 27- Stuart Shaw finishes 3rd in afternoon crit stage
-Jan 26- Mathew Rex 2nd & Brian Appleyard 3rd
                    in bunch sprint first stage
-Jan 30- Karl Menzies 2nd in stage
-Jan 29- Hilton Clark 2nd in stage
-Jan 5- Timothy Luke Wilson 2nd in stage
-Jan 6- Tim Bartholomew finished 4th in hilly stage
-Jan 4- Greg Campbell 2nd in crash marred stage
(Tour reinstated into the UCI calendar for 2001)
2000 The Fuji Xerox Cycle Classic
-Jan 15- Bart Hikson finishes 3rd on GC
-Jan 13- Bart Hikson 3rd on Mt top finish stage
-Jan 12- Chris White podiums 3rd on stage
- Michael Simms & Ben Goodridge top 20 on GC
-Apr 19- Jamie Drew 3rd in final stage
        & Hayden Bradbury claims overall GC
-Apr 18- Hayden Bradbury wins Mt top finish stage,
                Jamie Drew 2nd
-Apr 12- Hayden Bradbury 2nd in stage
-Apr 11- Cory street 3rd in stage
-Apr 10- Hayden Bradbury 2nd
 and Warren Jennings 3rd
-Apr 9- Cory street wins stage
1997 10th  International Tour of Wellington
- Corey Sweet tops a GC 1-2-3 Aussie podium
       Aussies won four out of seven stages & KOM

- Matt White finishes 3rd Overall on GC
- Aussie team win opening Stage TTT
Apr 16- Glen Clarke won stage
 Robbie McEwen wins overall GC
Jamie Drew 2nd on GC
Jay Sweet 3rd on GC
- Robbie McEwen wins stage 3
- Aussie team win opening stage TTT
- Aussie team win opening stage TTT
- Robbie McEwen wins stage

held since 1988