Aussie Highlights at

North Star GP
Women's and Men's
5 day stage Race

Minnesota, USA.
June 14-18th 2017

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Jun 18th 2017- Dylan Sunderland wins StillWater
Jun 17th 2017- Dylan Sunderland 2nd Mankato RR

Jun 19th 2016-
Sophie Mackay sprint comp
 Lauretta Hanson best Young Rider
Ayden Toovey best Young Rider

Jun 16th 2016- Kimberley Wells 2nd in stage
Jun 15th 2016- Lauretta Hanson 3rd in TT stage

Crashes cause cancellation of Stage 2

Jun 21st 2015- Ben Hill 2nd in final stage
& Chris Winn most Aggressive
June 19th 2015- Ben Hill 2nd in stage
and maintains yellow
Jun 18th 2015- Ben Hill 6th in stage 3
 and maintains yellow
Jun17th 2015- Ben Hill finishes 2nd in morning TT
won a time bonus sprint in evening stage
& takes over yellow jersey

Jun 15th 2014- Lizzie Williams wins Stillwater stage
and finishes 4th on GC
Jun 12th 2014- Lizzie Williams 4th in Cannon Falls
Jun 11th 2014
- Lizzie Williams 3rd in crit stage

(previously known as Nature Valley GP)

Jun 16th 2013- Kimberley Wells wins sprint comp
Jun 15th 2013- Kimberley Wells 3rd in RR stage
Jun 12th 2013- Kimberley Wells 5th in crit stage

Jun 16th 2012- Loren Rowney 2nd in stage
 Menomonie Road Race
Jun 13th 2012- Loren Rowney 5th in crit stage

Jun 19th 2011- Rory Sutherland wins final stage
 an exciting Chilkoot Hill crit,
Jun 16th 2011- Chloe Hoskings 2nd in stage,
Jun 15th 2011- Hilton Clarke 2nd in stage
Chloe Hoskins 3rd in womens
Jun 14th 2011- Rory Sutherland won TT stage

Jun 20th 2010- Rory Sutherland wins final stage
& claims third consecutive overall
Ghris Winn best Amateur
Jun 18th 2010- Hilton Clarke wins mens stage
 Chloe Hosking wins womens
Jun 16th 2010- Hilton Clarke wins mens stage
 Chloe Hosking wins womens
Rory Sutherland 2nd in morning TT

Jun 14th 2009- Rory Sutherland
claims overall
3rd in final stage
Alexis Rhodes 2nd young rider class
Jun 13th 2009- Alexis Rhodes solos to stage win
Jun 11th 2009- Tiffany Cromwell 4th Cannon Falls RR
Jun 10th 2009- Kirsty Broun wins evening crit
Rory Sutherland 2nd in morning TT

Jun 15th 2008- Rory Sutherland
wins overall GC
2nd in Stillwater crit
Jun 14th 2008- Rory Sutherland wins Mankato RR
 and takes over yellow
Jun 13th 2008- Rory Sutherland 2nd in morning TT
 & Katherine Bates 3rd in afternoon crit

Jun 24th 2007- Rory Sutherland 3rd in final crit
& finished 2nd overall
Jun 23rd 2007- Rory Sutherland wins RR stage
Jun 22nd 2007- Nathan O'Neill wins TT stage
& Katie Mactier 2nd in women's TT
& Henk Vogels 3rd in evening crit
Jun 20th 2007- Henk Vogels 4th in crit stage

Jun 18th 2006- Karl Menzies claims overall GC
on last stage with 4th in Stillwater
Hilton Clarke won KOM comp
Jun 17th 2006- Karl Menzies wins Mankato  RR
 Hilton Clarke 2nd in stage
Jun 15th 2006- Karl Menzies 3rd in Cannon falls RR
Jun 14th 2006- Nathan O'Neill won TT stage
Karl Menzies 4th in stage

Jun 12th 2005- Richard England wins Crit stage
Rochelle Gilmore overall 2nd in Sprint & QOM
Jun 11th 2005- Karl Menzies 2nd in stage
Jun 10th 2005- Rochelle Gilmore 2nd in stage  
Jun 8th 2005- Karl Menzies 2nd in TT

Jun 13th 2004- Caleb Manion 5th in final stage
finished 2nd overall
Jun 12th 2004- Vogels remains in yellow
Jun 11th 2004- Henk Vogels 2nd in crit
& takes over yellow
Jun 10th 2004-  Henk Vogels 3rd in morning TT
& 3rd in afternoon RR stage
& Caleb Manion 4th in RR stage
Jun 10th 2004- Henk Vogels 4th stage

Jun 15th 2003- Katie Mactier 4th in final stage
& wins women's overall
Jun 14th 2003-  Katie Mactier wins Winona RR
 and takes over Red jersey
Jun 13th 2003-  Katie Mactier 3rd in TT stage
Jun 12th 2003- Katie Mactier 3rd in stage

Jun 14th 2002- Hilton Clarke wins stage
Brent Dawson 3rd 

                Event debuted in 1989