Aussie Cycling Highlights
Olympic Games

6th- 21st Aug 2016
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Rio Cycling Schedule
     6-7 Aug- Road Races
     10 Aug- Road Time Trials
11–16 Aug- Track Events
11 Aug - Mens team sprint,
12 Aug - Women's Team Sprint,
                   Men's Team Pursuit

13 Aug - Women's Team Pursuit,
                  Women's Keirin,

14 Aug - Men's sprint
15 Aug - Men's Omnium final
16 Aug - women's Sprint. Men's Keirin,
                 Women's Omnium final

17–19 Aug- BMX events
20–21 Aug- MTB events

Past Aussie Highlights

2020 Japan Tokyo

2016 Rio, Brazil
Aug 14th 2016- Matt Glaetzer 4th in sprint
Aug 13th 2016- Anna Meares Bronze in Keirin

    5th in Women's Team Pursuit  G. Baker, A. Ankudinoff, A. Edmondson, A. Cure & M. Hoskins
Aug 12th 2016- Aussie claim Silver in Team Pursuit
(C. Scotson, S. Welsford, J. Bobridge,
M. Hepburn and Alex Edmondson)
4th women's Team Sprint
A. Meares and S. Morton
Aug 10th 2016- Rohan Dennis 5th in Road TT
Katrin Garfoot 9th in Women's TT
Aug 6th 2016- Amanda Spratt 15th in women's RR
Simon Clarke 25th in Men's Road Race

2012 London 
Aug 10th 2012- Sam Willoughby Silver BMX
Caroline Buchanan 5th in women's
Aug 7th 2012- Anna Meares Gold Sprint
Aug 7th 2012- Annette Edmondson Bronze Omnium
Shane Perkins  5th Keirin
Aug 6th 2012- Shane Perkins Bronze Sprint
Aug 5th 2012- Glenn O'Shea 5th in omnium
Aug 4th 2012- Women 4th in Team Pursuit
Nette Edmondson, MelHoskins, Josie Tomic
Aug 3rd 2012- Team Pursuit Silver
         Rohan Dennis, Jack Bobridge,
           Michael Hepburn , Glenn O'Shea

Anna Meares 5th in keirin
Aug 2nd 2012- Team Sprint Bronze
           Kaarle McCulloch & Anna Meares

Men 4th Team Sprint
Matt Glaetzer, Shane Perkins, Scott Sunderland

Aug 1st 2012- Michael Rogers  6th Road TT
Jul 28th 2012- Stuart O'Grady 6th in Road Race

2008 Beijing, China
Aug 19th 2008- Anna Meares Silver Sprint
 (Aug 17th Anna Meares new Aussie flying 200m Olympic best with 11.14 secs)
Aug 16th 2008- Shane Kelly 4th Keirin
Cameron Meyer 4th in points race 
                Katie Mactier 7th pursuit
Aug 8th 2008- 4th Team Pursuit
            Jack Bobridge, Graeme Brown,
               Mark Jamieson, Luke Roberts

Aug 15th 2008- 4th in Team Sprint
         (Daniel Ellis.Mark French, Shane Kelly )
Aug 13th 2008- Cadel Evans 5th TT
Aug 9th 2008- Michael Rogers 5th Road Race
Cadel Evans 14th

2004 Athens, Greece
Aug 25th 2004- Gold Madison  
           Graeme Brown, Stuart O'Grady  

Aug 25th 2004- Ryan Bayley Gold  Keirin 
 Shane Kelly Bronze Keirin
Aug 24th 2004- Ryan Bayley Gold Sprint 
 Anna Meares Bronze Sprint
Aug 23rd 2004- Gold Team Pursuit
  Graeme Brown,
Luke Roberts ,
Brett Lancaster, Bradley McGee,

 Stephen Wooldridge,
Peter Dawson
Aug 22nd 2004- Katie Mactier Silver Pursuit 
Katherine Bates 4th
 Aug 21st 2004- Aussies 4th in Team Sprint (Ryan Bayley, Sean Eadie, Shane Kelly)
Aug 20 2004- Anna Meares Gold 500TT
 Bradley McGee Silver in pursuit
Shane Kelly 4th in kilo Time Trial
Aug 18th 2004- Michael Rogers Bronze Road TT
Aug 15 2004- Sara Carrigan Gold Road Race
Oenone Wood 4th Road Race
Aug 14th 2004- Robbie McEwen 11th  Road Race

2000 Sydney, Australia
Sep 30th 2000- Anna Wilson 4th in Road TT
Sep 27th 2000- Gary Neiwand Silver Keirin
Sep 26th 2000- Anna Wilson 4th in Road Race
Sep 24th 2000- Cadel Evans 7th in MTB XC
Sep 23rd 2000- Mary Grigson 6th in women's MTB

Sep 21st 2000- Madison  Gold
               Brett Aitken, Scott McGrory

Sep 20th 2000- Michelle Ferris 4th in sprint
Sep 17th 2000- Bradley McGee Bronze IP
Sep 17th 2000- Bronze Team Sprint
 Sean Eadie, Darryn Hill,Gary Neiwand

Sep 16th 2000- Michelle Ferris Silver 500TT
Sep 16th 2000- Shane Kelly Bronze KiloTT
Sep 27th 2000- Robbie McEwen 19th Road Race

1996 Atlanta, United States
Aug 3rd 1996- Kathy Watt 4th in Road TT
Jul 28th 1996- 
Stuart O'Grady
 Bronze Points
Jul 28th 1996-  Lucy Tyler-Sharman  Bronze Points
Jul 28th 1996- Gary Neiwand 4th in sprint
Jul 27th 1996- Michelle Ferris Silver Sprint
       (in New Olympic flying 200 record of 11.212)
Jul 27th 1996-  Bronze Team Pursuit   
 Brett Aitken, Bradley McGee, Stuart O'Grady,
 Tim O'Shannessey,  Dean Woods

Jul 25th 1996-  Bradley McGee Bronze IP  
Jul 31st 1996- Neil Stephens 19th Road Race
 & Robbie McEwen 23rd

1992 Barcelona, Spain

Jul 31st 1992-  Shane Kelly Silver KiloTT
Jul 31st 1992-  Kathryn Watt
Silver  IP
Jul 31st 1992-  Gary Neiwand
 Silver Sprint
Jul 31st 1992- Silver Team Pursuit  
     Brett Aitken,  Stephen McGlede,
      Shaun O'Brien,  Stuart O'Grady

Jul 26th 1992- Kathryn Watt   Road Race
Aug 2nd 1992- Grant Rice 10th Road Race
& Darren Smith 16th

1988 Seoul, South Korea
Sep 24 1988- Gary Neiwand Bronze Sprint 
Julie Speight 5th women's Sprint
Sep 23rd 1988-Bronze Team Pursuit 
Brett Dutton, Wayne McCarney,
Dean Woods
 Stephen McGlede, Scott McGrory,
Sep 23 1988- Martin Vinnicombe Silver KiloTT
Sep 22nd 1988-
 Dean Woods  Silver Pursuit
 Sep 27th 1988- Edward Salas 6th in Road race

1984 Los Angeles, United States
Aug 3rd 1984- Gold Team Pursuit 
Michael Grenda,  Kevin Nichols,
         Michael Turtur,  Dean Woods

Aug 3rd 1984- Glenn Clarke 6th Points Race

1980 Mosco Russia
Jul 26th 1980- 6th in Team Pursuit
            Colin Fitzgeraldn, Kevin Nichols
            Kelvin Poole, Garry Sutton
1976 Montreal Canada

Jul 22nd 1976- Gary Sutton 6th in IP
Jul 26th 1976- Clyde Sefton 28th Road Race

1972 Munich, West Germany
Sep 7th 1972- Clyde Sefton Silver Road Race
Sep 2nd 1972- John Nicholson Silver Sprint
Sep 1st 1972- John Bylsma 4th in IP
Aug 31st 1972-  Danny Clark Silver 1kmTT

1968 Mexico City Mexico
Oct 18th 1968- John Bylsma 4th in IP

1964 Tokyo Japan
 Oct 22nd 1964- Ray Bilney 4th in Road Race
Oct 21st 1964- Aussies 4th in TP
(Kevin Brislin, Victor Browne,
   Robert Baird, and Hendrikus Vogels)

1960 Rome Italy
Aug 29th 1960- Ron Baensch 4th in sprint
Aug 26th 1960- Ian Chapman 5th kiloTT

1956 Melbourne, Australia
Dec 6th 1956- Dick Ploog Bronze Sprint
Dec 6th 1956- Warren Scarfe 4th kilo TT
Dec 4th 1956
Gold Tandem  
 Ian Browne, Tony Marchant

1952 Finland Helsinki, Finland
Jul 31st1952- Russell Mockridge Gold kilo TT
Jul 31st 1952-
Gold Tandem
             Lionel Cox, Russell Mockridge

Jul 31st 1952- Lionel Cox Silver Kilo Sprint

1948 London United Kingdom
Aug 13th 1948-
Jack Hoobin 7th in Road Race
Aug 11th 1948- Sid Patterson 6th Kilo Time Trial
Aug 9th 1948- Charles Bazzano 4th Sprint

1944 London United Kingdom
cancelled due to war

1940 Helsinki Finland Jul 20-Aug 4th
cancelled due to war
(originally awarded to Tokyo Sep 21- Oct 6th
 unable to hold due to war)

1936 Berlin Germany
Aug 7th 1936-
Dunc Gray 5th in sprint
Aug 10th 1936- Tassy Johnson 16th Road Race

1932 Los Angeles, United States
Aug 3rd 1932- Dunc Gray Gold KiloTT
                                in new record

Aug 3rd 1932- Dunc Gray 4th on sprint

1928 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 8th1928- Dunc Gray Bronze Kilo
Aug 6th 1928-Jack Standen  tied for 5th in Sprint

1924 Paris France
Jul 27th 1924- George Dempsey 4th in sprint

1920 in Antwerp, Belgium.
 First Aussie cycling Olympians  unplaced
 Jack King (50km track)
 Gerald Halpin (1000m)

1916 berlin Germany
cancelled due to war

1912  Stockholm, Sweden
Jul 7th Road Race
E.W. Schneider withdrew his entry

1908 London, England
no Aussie competitors

1904 St. Louis USA
no Australian competitors

1900  Paris France
no Australian competitors