Aussie highlights  at
World Champs  

Para-Track World Champs
 Los Angeles (USA)
2nd to 5th Mar 2017.

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Para Road World Champs
31 Aug- 3 Sep  2017
Pietermaritzburg  South Africa   

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Past Aussie Para-World highlights-

2017 Para track World Champs
Los Angeles USA
first time ever Para-Track World Champs was held during the season following a Paralympic Games
Mar 5th 2017-
Alistair Donohoe silver  C4-C5 scratch race
David Nicholas bronze C1-C3 scratch race

Mar 4th 2017-
David Nicholas silver C3 TT

Kyle Bridgwood Silver C4 Pursuit
Amanda Reid Silver C2 Scratch Race
Darcy Thompson Bronze C1 Pursuit
Kieran Murphy & Pilot Lachlan Glasspool Bronze in Tandem  TT

Mar 3rd 2017-
Amanda Reid
gold C2 Pursuit

Simone Kennedy gold in C3 pursuit
David Nicholas gold in C3 pursuit

Kieran Murphy & Lachlan Glasspool silver Tandem Pursuit
Kyle Bridgwood bronze C4 TT
Meg Lemon 3rd in C4 TT

Mar 2nd 2017-
Amanda Reid
gold C2 TT
Darcy Thompson silver in men's C1 TT
Simone Kennedy 2nd in C3 TT


2016 Para-Track World Champs

 Montichiari ITALY
Mar 20th 2016
Jessica Gallagher & Maddie Janssen Gold tandem sprint
Kyle Brigdwood
wins Gold Scratch C4-5
Alistair Donohoe Bronze
C4-5 scratch

Mar 19th 2016

Michael Gallagher Gold in C5 Pursuit
Alistair Donohoe Silver C5 Pursuit
Kyle Bridgwood C4 Pursuit
Sue Powell women's C4 Pursuit
Alex Green Bronze women's C4 Pursuit
Jessica Gallagher & Maddie Janssen Bronze Tandem TT

Mar 18th 2016
Kieran Modra & pilot David Edwards Gold
Men's B 4km Pursuit
Amanda Reid silver  C2 500m Time Trial

Mar 17th 2016

Dave Nicholas silver C3 3km Pursuit
Simone Kennedy Bronze  C3 3km Pursuit
Alistair Donohoe bronze C5 1km Time Trial 

2015 para Road Worlds
Nottwil SUI

Aug 2nd 2015
Emilie Miller won women's H1 road race

Aug 1st 2015
Alistair Donohoe won C5 road race
Carol Cooke silver in T2 road race
Susan Powell silver C4 road race
Simone Kennedy Bronze in C3 road race

Jul 31st 2015
Emilie Miller won Women's H1 Time Trial

Jul 30th 2015
Carol Cooke won T2 time trial,
Kyle Bridgwood won Men's C4 Time trial
Alex Green Silver in C4 time trial
Alistair Donohoe silver C5 Time Trial
Simone Kennedy Bronze in C3 time trial

2015 Para Track Worlds
Apeldoorn, NED

Mar 29th 2015-
Alistair Donohoe  Gold C5 scratch race
Brandie O’Connor & Breeana Hargrave Silver tandem sprint
Michael Gallagher Bronze scratch race

Mar 28th 2015-
Sue Powell Gold in C4 pursuit

Michael Gallagher  Gold in C5 pursuit
Alistair Donohoe  Silver C5 pursuit
Matt Formston & Mick Curran Silver in Pursuit

Mar 27th 2015-
Simone Kennedy bronze in  C3 pursuit

Mar 26th 2015-
Alistair Donohue silver in C5 1km time trial
Simone Kennedy bronze  C3 500m TT
Sue Powell bronze in C4 500 TT

2014 Para-Road Worlds,
Greenville USA

Sep 1st 2014-
Carol Cooke Gold Women T2 Road Race
Bianca  Woolford Silver women's T1 Road Race
Aug 31st 2014-
Alistair Donohoe Gold C5 Road Race
Susan Powell Silver C4 Ruad Race
Aug 30th 2014-
Carol Cooke
Gold in T2 Time Trial

Bianca Woolford Silver women's T1 Time Trial
Aug 29th 2014-
Jayme Richardson Gold C1 TT

Susan Powel Bronze in C4 Time Trials

2014 ParaTrack Worlds
Aguascalientes. México

13 Apr 2014-
Brandie O'Connor & Breanna Hargrave Silver Tandem sprint
Kieran Modra & Jason Niblett Silver Tandem sprint
Alistair Donohoe Bronze in men's scratch race
12 Apr 2014-
Jayme Richardson won C1 pursuit
Sue Powell won C4 Pursuit,
Alex Green C4 Silver pursuit,
Simone Kennedy Bronze C3 pursuit,
Alistair Donohoe Bronze Men's C5 TT,
11 Apr 2014-
Michael Gallagher men’s C5  pursuit
Brandie O'Connor & Breanna Hargrave Silver Tandem TT
Kieran Modra & Jason Niblett Silver Mens Tandem TT
Paul Kennedy & Thomas Clarke Bronze Tandem TT
David Nicholas Bronze Men's C3 pursuit
10 Apr 2014-

Matt Formston & Michael Curran won Pursuit
Jayme Richardson won C1 500m Time Trial
Simone Kennedy Bronze C3 500m Time Trial
Susan Powell Bronze C4 500m Time Trial

2013 Para Road Worlds in Baie-Comeau,CAN

Sep 1st 2013-
Michael Gallagher men’s C5 Road Race
Jayme Richardson C1 Road race
Aug 31st 2013
Carol Cook T2 Road Race
Aug 30th 2013-
David Nicholas  men’s C3 TT
Jayme Richardson C1 TT
Aug 29th 2013
Carol Cook T2  TT

2012 Para Track Worlds Carson USA

Feb 11th 2012-
Simone Kennedy  Women's C3 Pursuit
Jayme Paris Women's C1  Pursuit
Alexandra Green Women's C4 Pursuit
Feb 10th 2012
 Felicity Johnson & pilot Steph Morton  women’s B kilo TT (in world record)
Michael Gallagher men’s C5 pursuits
David Nicholas men’s C3 pursuit
9th Feb 2012
Simone Kennedy women's C3 TT
Jayme Paris women's C1 TT
Bryce Lindores & Scott McPhee  pursuit

David Nicholas Silver Men's C3 TT

Susan Powell Silver Women's C4 Pursuit

Susan Powell Silver women's C4 time trial

2011 Para Track worlds Montichiari Italy

Mar 12th 2011
Susan Powell Gold women's pursuit
Kieran Modra and pilot Scott McPhee pursuit
       (qualifying in world record 4:17.78)

Jayme Paris C1 women's pursuit

Mar 11th 2011-
Michael Gallagher Gold pursuit
 (world record holder)
 Felicity Johnson & pilot Stephanie Morton TT

Susan Powell silver women's 500 TT

Alexandra Green Bronze
Bryce Lindores & pilot Sean Finning Bronze
Andrew Panazzolo silver C2 1Km TT

2011 Para Road Worlds, DEN

Sep 11th 2011-
Jayme Paris claims C1 Road Race
Sept 8th 2011-
Susan Powell Women's C4 TT
David Nicholas  MC3 TT
Jayme Paris c1 TT

Carol Cooke silver in Womens T2
 David Nicholas silver MC3 Road race
Michael Gallagher Silver in C5 TT
Carol Cooke silver in T2 TT

 2010 Para  Road Worlds, Baie-Comeau,Canada

 Aug 19th 2010- Susan Powell silver TT
 Aug 20th 2010- Michael Gallagher silver TT
 Aug 21st 2010- Susan Powell Silver in Road Race

2009 Para Track worlds Manchester UK

 Nov 6th 2009-
Michael Gallagher Gold in Pursuit

2009 Para Road worlds Bogogno, Italy

Sep 12th 2009-
 Susan Powell won C4 women’s TT,
 Michael Gallagher won C5  road race
& Silver C5 Time Trial 
 Claire McLean bronze TT
Jayme Paris  Silver medal in the 500m Time Trial,

the green rainbow jersey specific to para-cycling was replaced by the official white rainbow jersey

2007 Para Road Worlds

Aug 27th 2007-
 Michael Gallagher wins Road race 
( in new records)
Jayme Paris  Silver medal in the 500m Time Trial,
Lndy Hou & Toireasa Gallagher Silver Tandem Road Race
& Bronze in Tandwm Time trial
Melissa Leckie Silver Road Race & TT
Angela Fleming Silver LC 2 - CP 4 Road Race
Mark LeFlohic Bronze CP 2 Road Race
Christopher Scott Bronze Men CP 4 Time trial
Modra / Lawrwence Bronze Men B V1 tandem TT

2007 Para Track Worlds Bordeaux FRA

Aug 22nd 2007
Aug 26th 2007-
Jayme paris claims  CP3 500m Time Trial
(New World Record)
Angela Fleming won LC2/CP4 Pursuit
Aug 21
Michael Gallagher Gold kilo TT LC1
Gregory Ball LC4 kilo TT
Chris Scott Gold CP4 pursuit
K. Modra &T. Lawrwence Gold Tandem
Aug 20th 2007
Jane Armstrong Gold 500m time trial

Aug 19th 2007-
Michael Gallagher won LC1 Individual pursuit

Claire McLean Bronze women's LC1 pursuit
 Lndy Hou & Toireasa Gallagher Silver Tandem
B. Demery/S. Hopkins Silver mens sprint Tandem
 Angela Fleming Silver women's 500TT LC2 - CP4
 Chris Scott Bronze 1000TT Men CP 4
Trent Deacon Bronze CP4

2006 IPC Worlds, Aigle SUI
Sep 18th 2006
Lindy Hou & Toireasa Gallagher
Gold Road race
Sept 16th 2006
Claire McLean Gold LC1 TT

Michael Gallagher Pursuit
(new World record)
Sept 12th 2006
Michael Gallagher men's LC1 kilo TT
(new world records)
Lindy Hou & pilot Toireasa Gallagher pursuit

Ben Demery & pilot Shaun Hopkins silver in 200mTT
Angela Fleming silver 500mTT
Claire McLean Silver pursuit
Leon Larkins & Tyson Lawrwence Silver 1km time trial
Trent Deacon Silver Pursuit
Jane Armstrong bronze 500mTT
Claire McLean Bronze road race
Leon Larkins Bronze pursuit
Mark Leflohic Bronze TT
Bryce Lindores & Stephen Storer Bronze in 200mTT
Ben Demery & pilot Shaun Hopkins bronze kilo TT

UCI have organised Para-Cycling
World Championships since 2006

held annually
(except in years of Para Games)

Sep 14th 2003- Kieran Modra & pilot Darren Harry break 200m open air Track flying start Para World record,CZE

Jun 2nd 1993- Paul Lake breaks LC2 para 4km WR, Gent, BEL