Aussie highlights  at
Paris - Tours 
sprinters classic

9th Oct 2016

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Aussie past highlights Top 10's
Oct 11th 2015- Heinrich Haussler 7th
Oct 12th 2014
- Heinrich Haussler 5th

Oct 13th-2013- Heinrich Haussler 6th
Oct 7th -2012- Steele Von Hoff 19th
Oct 8th -2011-  Stuart O'Grady 8th
oct 12th-2008- Robbie McEwen 6th
oct 14th-2007- Allan Davis 5th
Robbie McEwen 6th
Oct 8th -2006- Stuart O'Grady 3rd
Baden Cooke 6th
Oct 9th -2005- Allan Davis 3rd
Robbie Mc Ewen 4th
Oct 10th-2004- Allan Davis 4th
Stuart O'grady 5th
Oct 5th -2003- O'Grady 3rd
Baden Cooke 4th

1998  Frenchman Jacky Durand closed a 42 year gap since Frenchman won the Paris-Tours

Oct 5th-1997- Henk Vogels  3rd
Oct 11th-1992- Phil Anderson 6th

1992 in a strong tail wind, Belgium's Henrik Redant sets new record time 46.7 km/h avg

Oct 14th-1990- Phil Anderson 2nd

Oct 12th-1986- Phil Anderson 1st
 only the second English speaking rider to have won

Oct 7th -1984- Phil Anderson 5th

1984  Irishman Sean Kelly is first English speaking rider to  win 

Sep 28th-1980-  Phil Anderson 10th
Sep 26th-1976- Donald Allan 88th

first run for amateurs in 1896, making it one of the oldest cycling races in the world, annual event since 1906