Ladies ToQ
2nd-5th Feb 2016
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Past Aussie Women's Highlights here

8th-12th Feb 2016

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Past Aussie Men's Highlights here

Past Aussie Women's Qatar Highlights

Feb 5th- Chloe Hosking won stage
Feb 4th - Lauretta Hanson 3rd in stage
Feb 3rd- Katrin Garfoot wins stage
Feb 2nd -
 Lizzie Williams
3rd in stage


Feb 6th - Chloe Hosking 2nd in stage
& 2nd overall on GC
Feb 5th- Chloe Hosking 4th in stage
Feb 4th- Chloe Hosking 4th in stage

Feb 7th- Melissa Hoskins 3rd in stage
 Chloe Hosking 3rd on GC
Feb 4th- Chloe Hosking 3rd in stage

Feb 1-  Chloe Hosking finishes 2nd on GC
                       & Best Young Rider
Jan 30- Chloe Hosking 4th in stage &
                     retains leaders jersey
Jan 29- Chloe Hosking wins opening stage
                & Gracie Elvin claims 2nd
Feb 3 -
Chloe Hosking  wins young rider class
Feb 1- Chloe Hosking  2nd  in opening stage

Feb 4- Rochelle Gilmore 3rd in final stage
                 & 2nd in points classification
      & Chloe Hosking 3rd  in Young Rider class
            & Alex Rhodes  finishes 5th on GC
Feb 3- Alex Rhodes  finishes 2nd in satge
Feb 2- 
Rochelle Gilmore wins opening stage
             & Chloe Hosking 3rd in stage
Feb 5- Rochelle Gilmore finishes 4th on GC
              & 4th in points classification
Feb 4- Rochelle Gilmore podiums 2nd on stage
Feb 3- Chloe Hosking podiums 3rd on stage 
Rochelle Gilmore 4th in stage

Feb 10- Rochelle Gilmore finishes 2nd in satge
                   Kirsty Broun finishes 3rd on GC
 Feb 9- Rochelle Gilmore finishes 3rd in stage
Feb 8- Kirsty Broun finishes 4th in first stage


Past Aussie Men's Qatar highlights

Michael Hepburn wins TT stage


Feb 10- Mark Renshaw 3rd in stage

Feb 11-
Mark Renshaw wins on GC,
                (his first pro tour overall title)
                Heinrich Haussler 2nd on GC
                  & wins points classification
Feb 10-
Mark Renshaw wins stage
                           and takes GC lead,
 Feb 9-
Heinrich Haussler wins stage
                           and takes GC lead,
Feb 8-
Heinrich Haussler wins stage,
Feb 7- Heinrich Haussler finishes 2nd
           & Mark Renshaw 3rd in stage,
Feb 12- Matthew Goss finishes 4th in stage
        & Stuart O'Grady finished 10th on GC
Feb 9- Baden Cooke 3rd in Stage      
Jan 31- Chris Sutton sitting 4th GC
and leading young rider crashes in the penultimate stage


Feb 2-Graeme Brown 3rd in final stage
            Matthew Hayman top 10 on GC
Jan 31- Graeme Brown podiums 2nd
                 behind Tom Boonen
Jan 31- Stuart O'Grady finishes 4th in stage


Feb 4-
Robbie McEwen wins final stage
Feb 1- Robbie McEwen finishes 2nd in stage


Feb 6- Robbie McEwen  finishes 2nd on GC
Feb 4 - Robbie McEwen  finishes 2nd in stage

-Jan 21-  First Tour of Qatar