Aussie Highlights at

Hell of the North
Queen of the Spring Classics
Apr 9th 2017
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Highest Aussie finishers
Apr 9th 2017- Mathew Hayman 11th
Apr 10th 2016- Mathew Hayman wins
                 Heinrich Haussler 6th
Apr 12th 2015- Mathew Hayman 76th
Apr 13th 2014- Mitchell Docker 29th
Apr 7th 2013-  Heinrich Haussler 11th

Apr 8th 2012Mathew Hayman 8th
Apr 10th 2011- Mathew Hayman 10th
Apr 11th 2010- Mathew Hayman 24th
Apr 12, 2009-  Heinrich Haussler 7th
Apr 13, 2008- Stuart O'Grady 5th
Apr 15- 2007- Stuart O'Grady wins 
 Stu got back on to lead group after puncture
Apr 9th 2006- Baden Cooke 17th
Apr 10th 2005- Stuart O'Grady 18th
Apr 22nd 2004- Scott Sunderland 44th
Apr 13th 2003- Stuart O'Grady 18th
Apr 14th 2002- Matthew Wilson 48th
 100th Paris-Roubaix
Apr 15th 2001-  Mathew Hayman 49th
Apr 9th 2000- Mathew Hayman 65th
Apr 11th 1999- Henk Vogels 43rd
Apr 12th 1998- Henk Vogels 10th
Apr 13-1997- Henk Vogels 10th
Apr 14th 1996- Stuart O'Grady 46th
Centenary Paris Roubaix 1896-1996
Apr 9th 1995- Stephen Hodge 41st
Apr 10th 1994-
Apr 11th 1993- Stephen Hodge 57th

Apr 12th 1992- Stephen Hodge 65th
Apr 14th 1991- Alan Peiper 22nd
Apr 8th 1990- Stephen Hodge 70th
Apr 14th 1985- Phil Anderson 19th

first contested  19 April 1896