Aussie Highlights at

Tour of Southland
New Zealand's premier road race

(Est 27th Sept 1956)
60 years
 Oct 30-5th Nov 2016

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Nov 5th 2016- Ayden Toovey wins
U23 comp
Nov 4th 2016- Ayden Toovey 2nd in stage  
Oct 31st 2016- Ayden Toovey wins stage

Nov 6th 2015-
Mitchell Lovelock-Fay 4th in stage
Nov 5th 2015- Nic Katsonis 3rd on Queen stage
Mitchell Lovelock-Fay 4th in stage
Robbie Hucker 5th in stage
Nov 3rd 2015- Robbie Hucker 2nd in Bluff stage

Nov 8th 2014- Mitch Lovelock-Fay  overall GC
Neil van der Ploeg.2nd in final stage
Mitch Lovelock-Fay 2nd in TT stage
Nov 7th 2014- Ben Hill wins stage
Nov 6th 2014-
Mitch Lovelock-Fay wins Queen stage
mountain top finish atop Coronet Peak
Nov 4th 2014- Ben Hill wins Bluff Hill stage
 Neil van der Ploeg 2nd
& Mitch Lovelock-Fay 3rd
Nov 3rd 2014- Ben Hill wins stage

Nov 9th 2013-
Brenton Jones wins stage
Nov 8th 2013- Aaron Jones 5th in stage
Brenton Jones 6th & Tom Robinson 7th
Nov 7th 2013-  Lachan Norris 4th in Queen stage
Nov 6th 2013-
Nathan Elliott 6th in stage 3

Nov 3rd 2013- Aussie based team 'Huon Salmon Genesys Wealth Advisers' won TTT prologue

2013 'SBS Bank' became  naming sponsors of tour

Nov 3rd 2012-
Sam Witmitz
won sprinters jesey
Nov 1st 2012- Brodie Talbot 2nd in tough stage
 Te Anau  to Crown Range stage
Oct 31st 2012- Sam Witmitz 2nd in Te Anau stage

Nov 7th 2009- Ben King won KOM comp

Nov 4th 2008- William Dickeson 3rd in stage

Nov 9th 2007- Charles Howlett 4th in stage
Nov 7th 2007-
Charles Howlett  3rd in stage

Nov 11th 2006- David Pell  3rd in final stage
Rob Maclachlan 3rd on GC
Brendan Jones 3rd in Sprint comp
Nov 11th 2006- Rob Maclachlan 2nd in stage
Nov 10th 2006- Scott Peoples won stage
David Pell 4th in stage 
Nov 9th 2006- Paul Crake 4th in stage
Nov 8th 3006- David Pell 3rd in stage
Nov 8th 2006- Scott Peoples won  stage 
Nov 7th 2006- Robert McLachlan won stage
Nov 6th 2006- Scott Peoples 2nd in Bluff hill stage
Paul Crake 5th in stage
Nov 6th 2006- David Pell 4th in Time trial stage

2006- Paul Crake suffered spinal damage after a crash in windy conditions on stage eight

Nov 12th 2005- Richard England 4th in final stage
Jaaron Poad finished 2nd on GC
& 2nd in sprint comp
Nov 11th 2005- Jaaron Poad  3rd in Te Anau stage
bad weather shortened the stage
Nov 10th 2005- Karl Menzies 3rd in stage
Nov 9th 2005- Andrew Wyper 3rd in Mt top stage
Nov 7th 2005- Karl Menzies won Bluff hill stage
and leads on GC

Nov 6th 2004- Paul Richard 6th in final stage
& Paul Millar 4th in KOM comp

Nov 8th 2003 - Nicholas Kiralay 7th in final stage
Joel Pearson  won Sprints comp

Nov 9th 2002-  Tom Leaper won KOM comp
& finished 2nd in sprint comp
Nov 9th 2002- Peter Rogers 4th in stage
Nov 8th 2002- David McKenzie 7th in stage
Nov 7th 2002- Hilton Clarke  won stage
Nov 7th 2002- Russell Van Hout 3rd in stage
Nov 6th 2002- Tom Leaper 2nd summit stage
Nov 4th 2002- Peter Rogers wins Bluff hill stage
& takes lead on GC
Russell Vanhout  4th in stage

2002 UCI sanctioned the event for the first time in the race's 46 year history.

Nov 5th 2001-
Hilton Clarke  won stage

2001 Tour was 12 stages over 6 days

2000- PowerNet became naming sponsor

Nov 5th 1999- Tyson Lawrence 2nd in stage

Nov 4th 1997- Joshua Watts 3rd in stage

 Tour consisted of 11 stages over 6 days

Oct 9th 1993-
Luke Stockwell 3rd in final  stage
& M.Leshy 3rd in KOM

1992- New Zealand rider Mark Spessot banned from riding for 3 months after testing positive to a banned substance during Southland Tour

Oct 17th 1970- David Gee won Tour

Nov 12th 1967- Dick Paris won final stage
Murray Walker finished 5th on GC

1964- Malcolm Powell  won Tour overall

First held 1956 Rothmans Tour of Southland
3 day 
multi-stage tour