Aussie highlights

Tour Down Under

first major UCI stage race of the year

Jan 17-22 2017
Jan 15th 2016- Peoples Choice Classic

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Past Aussie TDU highlights

2017- 23 Aussies started
Jan 22nd 2017- Caleb Ewan won final stage
( his 4th stage win of the 6 stages)
& won sprint comp
Richie Porte claimed Overall GC
Jan 21st 2017- Richie Porte wins Willunga Hill
Jan 20th 2017- Caleb Ewan wins stage
jan 19th 2017- Caleb Ewan wins stage
jan 18th 2017- Richie Porte wins Queens stage
Jan 17th 2017- Caleb Ewan wins opening stage
Jan 15th 2017- Caleb Ewan won Peoples classic

2016- 30 Aussies started

Jan 24th 2016- Caleb Ewan wins final stage
Simon Gerrans wins overall GC
JayMcCarthy best young rider
Richie Port 2nd on GC
Mark Renshaw 2nd in stage
Jan 23rd 2016- Richie Port wins stage
atop Willunga hill
Gerrans retains leaders jersey
Jan 22nd 2016- Simon Gerrans wins stage
Jan 21st 2016- Simon Gerrans
wins Stage
& takes over lead jersey
Rohan Dennis 2nd in stage
Jan 20th 2016- Jay McCarthy wins Stage
& takes over lead jersey
Rohan Dennis 3rd in stage
Jan 19th 2016- Caleb Ewan wins opening stage
Mark Renshaw 2nd in stage

Jan 17th 2016- Caleb Ewan wins Classic criterium

2015- 30 Aussies Started

Jan 25th 2015- Rohan Dennis won overall GC
Richie Porte 2nd on GC
Cadel Evans 3rd on GC
Jack Bobridge won KOM comp
Jan 24th 2015- Richie Porte wins stage
atop Willunga hill
Jan 23rd 2015- Steele von Hoff wins stage
Jan 22nd 2015- Rohan Dennis wins stage
Cadel Evans 2nd in stage
Jan 20th 2015- Jack Bobridge won opening stage
Luke Durbridge 3rd in stage

2014- 36 Aussies started

Jan 26th 2014-  Simon Gerrans claims overall GC
Cadel Evans 2nd on GC
Mark Renshaw 2nd in final stage
Gerrans also won Points comp
 Adam Hansen wins KOM
Jack Haig best young rider
Orica GreenEdge won teams
Jan 25th 2014- Richie Porte won queen stage
& Simon Gerrans 3rd
Jan 23rd 2014- Cadel Evans won stage
Nathan Haas 2nd
Jan 22nd 2014- Simon Gerrans 2nd
& Cadel Evans 3rd in stage
Jan 21st 2014- Simon Gerrans won
 & Steele von Hoff 3rd

Jan 19th 2014-
Caleb Ewan  3rd in peoples classic

2013- 25 Aussies of 132 starters

-Jan 27- Mark Renshaw 2nd in final stage
(German Andre Greipel won record 14th TDU stage win)
2013- Jan 26- Simon Gerrans wins stage
                     atop Old Willunga Hill 

- Jan 25-
Jonathan Cantwell 3rd in stage
                      a crash-marred stage

- Jan 24-
 Matt Goss 2nd on stage
                  a gutsy 2nd in tough stage

Jan 21-
Mark Rendshaw 3rd in  stage

 (German Andre Greipel won stage 1 equaling
    Robbie McEwens record 12 TDU stage wins)

2012- 26 Aussies of 133 starters

2012- Jan 22- Simon Gerrans wins overall GC,                                Rohan Dennis (KOM),
2012-Jan 21st-
Simon Gerrans finishes 2nd in stage
& takes over the ochre Leader's jersey

Jan 18-
William Clarke wins stage
                  solo breakaway stage win

2011- 31 Aussies of 133 starters

2011- Jan 23- Cam Meyer wins GC 
                     Matthew Goss (sprint),
                    Luke Roberts
- Jan 21- Cam Meyer breakaway stage win 
2011- Jan 20- Michael Matthews wins stage
2011- Jan 19- Robbie McEwen 2nd on stage
                        & in leaders jersey, 
2011- Jan 18- Matt Goss wins stage

2010- appearance of world champ Cadel Evans
              24 Aussies of 132 starters

2010- Jan 24- Chris Sutton wins final stage
2010- jan 23- Luke Roberts finishes 2nd
                   in thrilling attacking stage 
2010- Jan 22- Robbie McEwen 2nd on stage
2010- Jan 21- Cadel Evans 3rd in satge 

2009 Lance Armstrong comeback 
2009- 23 Aussies of 123 starters

2009-Jan 25- Allan Davis wins GC 
                  and Stuart O'Grady R'up 
            Allan Davis
won Sprint Comp
-Jan 24- Allan Davis another stage win
2009-Jan 23- Allan Davis wins stage
2009-jan 22- Graeme Brown wins stage 
-jan 21- Allan Davis wins stage

2008- 22 Aussie starters of 132 

2008- Jan 27th- Allan Davis 2nd on GC
- jan 24-
Allan Davis wins stage 
              an all aussie 1,2,3 stage finish
2008- Jan 22- Mark Renshaw won stage 1
               in leader's ochre jersey to stage 5

2008 first time ProTour kicked off outside of  Europe

2007- 31 Aussis of 111 starters

2007- Jan 21- Robbie McEwen won final stage,
                   ( his 12th  TDU stage win)
      Simon Clarke Best Young Rider
2007- Jan 19- Baden Cooke stage win 
2007- Jan 17- Karl Menzies won stage 1 

2006- 35 Aussies of 94 Starters

2006- Jan 22- Allan Davis wins final stage
                  & claims Sprint Comp 
          & Simon Gerrans takes GC,
                  Cadel Evans
         William Walker
Best Young Rider
- Jan 21-
Russell Van Hout wins stage
- Jan 19-
Allan Davis wins stage 
2006- Jan 18- Simon Gerrans wins opening stage 

2005- 33 Aussies of 93 Starters 

2005- Jan 23- Robbie McEwen wins final stage
                  & wins sprint comp
           (McEwen won 3 from 6 stages)
             Gene Bates wins KOM comp
2005- jan 21- Matt White wins stage
2005-Jan 19th- Robbie McEwen wins stage
2005-Jan 18th- Robbie McEwen wins stage

2005 UCI highest ranked race outside Europe 2.HC.

2004- 33 Aussie of 93 Starters

2004- Jan 25- Baden Cooke wins final stage                         & Patrick Jonker takes GC
                    in his last pro race
         Robbie McEwen
wins Sprint comp
- jan 24-
Ben Day wins stage
2004-Jan 23rd- Robbie McEwen wins stage
2004- Jan 21- Dave McPartland wins stage 
2004- Jan 20- Robbie McEwen wins stage 

2003- 29 Aussies of 94 Starters

2003- Jan 25- Graeme Brown wins final stage
                     Cadel Evans wins KOM
                Gene Bates Best Young Rider
2003-Jan 24th- Baden Cooke wins stage
- Jan 23-
Robbie McEwen wins stage
2003- Jan 21- Baden Cooke wins opening stage

2002- 31 Aussies of 96 starters

2002- jan 20- Michael Rogers wins overall GC  Robbie McEwen wins stage & sprint comp 
Cadel Evans
wins KOM
        Dave McPartland Best Young Rider
2002- Jan 19- Cadel Evans wins stage 
2002-Jan 18th- Robbie McEwen wins stage
2002-Jan 17th- Robbie McEwen wins stage
2002- Jan 16- Michael Rogers wins stage
2002- Jan 15- Robbie McEwen wins opening stage

2001- 30 Aussie starters of 96

2001- Jan 21- David McKenzie wins final stage &
          Stuart O'Grady
claims another overall

           Graeme Brown claims sprint comp
                Robert Tighello wins KOM
       Gene Bates Best Young Rider
- Jan 19- Luke Roberts wins stage
             memorable photo finish win 

2001- Jan 16- Graeme Brown wins stage 

2000- 23 Aussies of 96 starters

2000- Jan 23- Robbie McEwen wins final stage 
                 & finishes 2nd on final GC
2000-Jan 21st- Stuart O'Grady 3rd in stage

2000- Jan 19- Michael Rogers wins stage
2000-Jan 18th- Graeme Brown 2nd in stage

1999-  inaugural TDU in Adelaide, bringing in international cyclists to race against Aussie’s best

1999-Jan 23rd- Stuart O’Grady wins overall GC
        Cadel Evans
wins Best Young Rider
1999-Jan21st- Stuart O’Grady wins stage                                    Duncan Smith 2nd in stage

1999-Jan 19th- Henk Vogels 2nd in stage

TDU first held in 1999