Aussie highlights


Tour Down Under

2.2 UCI stage race

Jan 14th-17th 2017

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Past Aussie TDU highlights

2017- Jan 17th- Kirsten Wild (NED) wins final stage
Amanda spratt wins overall GC
2017- Jan 16th- Chloe Hosking wins stage
2017- Jan 15th- Kirsten Wild (NED) won stage
2017- Jan 14th- Amanda Spratt wins opening stage
2016 Jan 19th-  Kimberley Wells wins stage
Katrin Garfoot wins Overall GC
Lauretta Hanson wins sprint comp
2016 jan 18th- Lizzie Williams wins stage
2016 Jan 17th-  Annette Edmondson wins stage
2016  Jan 16th-  Katrin Garfoot wins stage

Jan 20th- Melissa Hoskins wins final stage
and finished 2nd on GC
Annette Edmondson won sprint comp
Loren Rowney won KOM
(Italian Valentina Scansolara won overall)
2015- Jan 18th- Melissa Hoskins wins stage

Jan 21st- Shara Gillow soloed to stage victory
(Dutchwoman Loes Gunnewijk won overall)
Jan 20th- Amanda Spratt wins stage 2

Jan 23-
Kimberley Wells wins final stage
          in convincing sprint to claim Overall series
Jan 21- Joanne Hogan solo's to stage 2 win
2013-Jan 20- Kimberly Wells wins opening stage

2012- Alexis Rhodes wins final stage
        ( Judith Arndt (GER) won overall)
-Jan 16- Gracie Elvin 2nd in round 2
2012- jan 15- Rebecca Werner wins round 1

2011-jan 19- Annette Edmondson wins stage
        Chloe Hosking claims overall win,

2011-Jan 18- Chloe Hosking wins Stage 1

2010-Jan 22- Alexis Rhodes wins Norwood crit
     a Tour Down Under associated event
             (won $4,000 & Merida bike)

2010- Oct  12th  Cycling SA announces it will re- introduce an  elite women’s race at TDU

2007- Jan 20- Jenny MacPherson wins stage
           & claims Amy Gillett Memorial trophy
       (her 3rd straight UniSA Women Crit Series)
2007- Jan 17- Belinda Goss wins street crit stage
2007-Jan 16-Jenny MacPherson wins crit stage

2006- Jan 21- Olivia Gollan wins final stage &
                  Jenny MacPherson wins overall
2006- Jan 19- Natalie Bates wins stage
2006- Jan 17- Jenny MacPherson wins stage 1
2005- Jan 22- Natalie Bates solos to stage win
              Jenny MacPherson claims overall
              after points tie with Rochelle Gilmore
2005- Jan 20- Katherine Bates wins stage
2005- Jan 18- Alexis Rhodes solo's to stage win 

2004-Jan 24- Olivia Gollan wins final stage
          Oenone Wood claims overall series
2004-Jan 23- Lorian Graham wins stage
2004-Jan 21- Alexis Rhodes wins opening stage