Aussie Highlights at

Ster ZLM Toer
multi stage race Netherlands
Teleflex Tour

14-18th June 2017

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Jun 18th 2015- Zac Dempster 9th in stage

Jun 15th 2013-
Rory Sutherland  13th
Jun 14th 2013- Steele Von Hoff  9th

Jun 16th 2012- Mark Renshaw 2nd in final stage
& 2nd in Points overall
Nathan Haas 6th in Sprint comp
Jun 15th 2012- Mark Renshaw 3rd in stage
Jun 14th 2012- Mark Renshaw 2nd in stage 1

Jun 19th 2011- Leigh Howard wins final stage
David Tanner 5th on GC
Jun 18th 2011- David Tanner 5th in stage
Jun 17th 2011- Michael Matthews 5th in stage

2011– name change to Ster ZLM Toer

Jun 20th 2010- Adam Hansen won overall GC
Jun 19th 2010- Adam Hansen wins stage
Jun 17th 2010- Graeme Brown 2nd in stage

Jun 20th 2009- Allan Davis 2nd in stage
Jun 19th 2009- Allan Davis 3rd in stage

Jun 20th 2008- Graeme Brown 6th in stage
Jun 17th 2008- Bradley McGee 4th in prologue

Jun 16th 2006- Baden Cooke 5th in stage
Jun 14th 2006- Mathew Hayman 2nd instage

Sep 15th 2002- Mathew Hayman 9th on GC
Sep 13th 2002- Mathew Hayman 10th in stage
Sep 11th 2002- Mathew Hayman 2nd in stage

2002- passed thru three countries: the Netherlands (start and finish will continue to be in Schijndel), Belgium and Germany.

Sep 12-16th 2001 - 2 Aussies both DNF'd by stage 3

2001– name change to Ster Elekrotoer

April 12-16, 2000- Jason Phillips 21st on GC

April 14-18, 1999 - Nil Aussies

April 17-19, 1998 - Nil Aussies

1998– name change to Ster der Beloften

Apr 18th 1993- Patrick Jonker 3rd on GC
Apr 17th 1993- Patrick Jonker 3rd in stage

Apr 12th 1992- Patrick Jonker 2nd in stage

1990–name change to Teleflex Tour

1987– called Rondom Schijndel