Aussie Highlights at

Internationale Thüringen-Rundfahrt
der Frauen

women's stage race
13-21st July 2016

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Jul 21st 2016- Amanda Spratt 2nd on GC
Jul 20th 2016- Amanda Spratt wins stage

Jul 23rd 2015- Amanda Spratt 3rd in sage
& finished 4th on GC
Jenelle Crooks won young rider comp
Jul 22nd 2015- Amanda Spratt 2nd in stage
Jul 21st 2015-
Chloe McConville 3rd in stage
Jul 201th 2015- 
Kimberley Wells 9th in stage
Jul 19th 2015- Gracie Elvin wins stage
Jul 18th 2015-
Amanda Spratt 2nd in stage

Jul 17th 2015- Sarah Roy 5th in stage

Jul 20th 2014-  Lizzie Williams 4th in stage
Jul 19th 2014- Taryn Heather 2nd in stage

Jul 17th 2014- Gracie Elvin 6th in TT stage
Jul 16th 2014- Gracie Elvin 7th in stage
& Lizzie Williams 8th
Jul 15th 2014- Sarah Roy 5th in stage 1

stage 1 held in Erfurt (the capital city of Thuringia)
 for the first time in the history of this tour

Jul 14th 2014- Sarah Roy 5th in prologue
& Lizzie Williams 6th

Jul 21st 2013- Shara Gillow finished 2nd on GC
 Amy Cure  best amature
Jul 19th 2013- Amy Cure  4th in stage
Jul 18th 2013-  Shara Gillow won stage

Jul 22nd 2012- Amanda Spratt 26th on GC

Jul 24th 2011- Shara Gillow 3rd on GC
Jul 23rd 2011- Shara Gillow 5th in stage
Jul 20th 2011-   Vicki Whitelaw 2nd in stage
              & Shara Gillow 4th
Jul 18th 2011- Chloe Hosking won TTT stage

2010-  Chloe Hosking 46th on GC

Jul 26th 2009- Vicki Whitelaw 10th on GC
Jul 23rd 2009- Vicki Whitelaw 4th in stage

Jul 27th 2008- Carla Ryan 7th on GC
Jul 24th 2008- Carla Ryan 5th in stage

Jul 29th 2007- Oenone Wood  11th on GC
Jul 27th 2007- Oenone Wood 6th in stage
Jul 26th 2007-     Oenone Wood 2nd in stage
& Rochelle Gilmore 3rd
Jul 25th 2007- Oenone Wood 3rd in stage
   & Rochelle Gilmore 4th
Ema Rickards in Yellow
Jul 24th 2007- Emma Rickards wins TTT stage
& Kate Bates in QOM jersey

Jul 23rd 2006- Kate Nichols 16th on GC
Jul 21st 2006- Emma Rickards 2nd in stage
Jul 19th 2006- Oenone Wood 4th in stage

Jul 23rd 2005- Sara Carrigan 5th in stage
Jul 21st 2005- Oenone Wood 7th in stage
Jul 20th 2005- Kathryn Watt
Stage was neutralized as memorial
service for Amy Gillett
60 strong field was led home
by Watt & the Aussies 

July 18th 2005 Aussie squad hit by car while training for Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen

Jul 25th 2004- Oenone Wood 9th on GC
Olivia Gollan 10th
Jul 22nd 2004- Oenone Wood 4th in stage

Jul 27th 2003- Sara Carrigan 3rd on GC
Jul 26th 2003- Sara Carrigan won TT stage

Jul 29th 2001- Anna Millward 18th on GC
Jul 24th 2001- Anna Millward won prologue

Jul 30th 2000- Juanita Feldhahn 2nd on GC
Anna Wilson 2nd in sprint comp
Jul 29th 2000- Anna Wilson 2nd in stage
Jul 28th 2000- Juanita Feldhahn 4th in stage
Jul 26th 2000- Anna Wilson won stage
& Tracey Gaudry 4th
Jul 25th 2000- Anna Wilson won prologue

Aug 1st 1999- Kym Shirley won stage
& finishes 13th on GC
Sara Carrigan best young rider
Jul 28th 1999- Sara Carrigan 4th in stage

Aug 2nd 1998- Tracey Gaudry  3rd in stage
Anna Wilson 5th on GC
Geraldine Denham 2nd Best young rider
Aug 1st 1998- Elisabeth Tadich won stage
Jul 30th 1998- Anna Wilson 4th in stage
Jul 29th
1998- Anna Wilson 5th in stage

Aug 27th 1995- Lynn Nixon won stage

Aug 13th 1993- Catherine Reardon won stage

First held 1986