Aussie Highlights at

Tour of the Gila
New Mexico, USA
Apr 19-23rd 2017

Mens and Womens stage race

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Apr 22nd 2017- Lizzie Willaims 3rd in stage

May 8th 2016- Lachlan Morton wins overall GC

May 7th 2016-
 Nicole Moerig 6th in stage
May 5th 2016- Lachlan Morton 4th in stage
 and keeps leaders jersey
May 4th 2016- Lachlan Morton wins stage

May 3rd 2015- Miranda Griffiths 9th on GC
May 1st 2015- Jordan Kerby 3rd in TT stage
Lachlan Morton 4th in stage
Apr 30th 2015- Joe Lewis won an intermediate sprint
& finished 7th in stage
Apr 29th 2015- Miranda Griffiths 5th in stage 

May 4th 2014- Ben Day 2nd in sprint comp
 & 10th on GC
May 3rd 2014- Ben Day 3rd in stage

May 3rd 2013-  Ben Day 2nd in TT stage
May 2nd 2013- Jonny Clarke 2nd in stage
(relegated from 1st after protest)
May 1st 2013- Chris Williams claims green
 sprint leaders jersey  after stage 1 
won both intermediate sprints

May 6th 2012- Rory Sutherland 1st on GC
May 5th 2012- Loren Rowney 1st in stage
May 4th 2012- Rory Sutherland 2nd in stage
May 2nd 2012- Rory Sutherland 1st in stage

May 1st 2011- Lachlan Morton 2nd in stage
Dale Parker 2nd on GC & Best Young Rider
Apr 30th 2011-  Joesph Lewis 1st in stage
& Aaron Kemps 3rd in stage
Apr 29th 2011- 18-yo Dale Parker wins TT stage

May  1st 2010- Nick Walker 4th in crit stage
Apr 29th 2010- Rory Sutherland 4th in stage
David Tanner 5th in stage

May 1st 2009-  Alexis Rhodes 3rd in stage 
Apr 30th 2009- Rory Sutherland 3rd in stage
Apr 29th 2009- Tiffany Cromwell 6th in stage

May 4th 2008- Henk Vogels 1st in stage
May 2nd 2008- Ben Day 4th in stage

May 6th 2007- Nathan O'Neill 1st on GC
May 5th 2007- Richard England 2nd in stage
Helen Kelly 2nd in satge
May 3rd 2007- Nathan O'Neill 2nd in stage
May 2nd 2007- Nathan O'Neill wins TT stage

Apr 30th 2004- Andrew Edwards 5th in stage

May 5th 2002- Anna Millward 3rd in road stage
May 4th 2002- Henk Vogels 4th in crit stage   
Anna Millward  4th in women's stage
May 1st 2002- Anna Millward  3rd in opening TT

May 6th 2001- Anna Millward 2nd in crit stage

May 3rd 2000- Tracy Gaudry 4th in TT stage

"Gila" began in 1987