Aussie Highlights at

Giro del Trentino Fem,
in North of Italy
women's one day race
17 Jun 2017

Jun 20th 2015- Amanda Spratt  solo's to victory

Jun 21st 2014- Katrin Garfoot 8th overall
Carlee Taylor 10th      
Peta Mullens 11th

became a One day race for 2014

June 16th 2013- Shara Gillow solo's to victory
 on day 2 in the 20th edition
 finished 7th on GC

Jun 17th 2011- Rochelle Gilmore 4th in stage

Jun 20th 2010-  Shara Gillow  12th on GC

Jun 19th 2009- Carla Ryan 2nd in stage
and 2nd on GC

Jun 19th 2004- Oenone Wood 3rd in stage 3
Jun 17th 2004- Oenone Wood 3rd in stage 1

Jun 22nd 2003- Hayley Rutherford won stage 2
Jun 21st 2003- Olivia Gollan 10th in stage 1

Jun 22nd 2002- Sara Carrigan 9th in stage 2
& finished 10th on GC

Jun 23rd 2001- Hayley Rutherford 10th in stage 1
Hayley Rutherford won young rider
finished 9th on GC

May 21st 2000- Tracey Gaudry 7th in TT stage
May 19th 2000-
Alison Wright 2nd in stage 1
Tracey Gaudry 8th in stage

1997- Lyn Nixon 2nd in stage 5
first held 1994