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Tulsa Tough USA
 3 days racing in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Women's & Men's Races
(second weekend in June)

Sunday  Riverparks features the famous Crybaby Hill

9-11 Jun 2017

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Jun 11th 2017- Peta Mullens wins Crybaby Hill
& overall women's GC
AydenToovey wins men's Crybaby hill
& Scott Law wins overall mens GC
Jun 10th 2017- Peta Mullens 2nd Brady District crit
Scott Law 2nd in mens
Jun 9th 2017- Scott Law wins Blue Dome district
Peta Mullens 2nd in women's

Jun 12th 2016- Scott Law
2nd overall omnium
4th in Riverview Crit
Jun 11th 2016- Scott Law wins Brady District crit
 Jackson Law 2nd
Peta Mullens 4th
Josie Talbot 10th
Jun 10th 2016- Scott Law 2nd
 Josie Talbot 8th
Peta Mullens 10th

Jun 13th 2015-
Fabio Calabria 38th day 2

Jun 8th 2014- Lizzle Williams 2nd River Parks Crit
Jun 7th 2014- Hilton Clarke 3rd Brady Arts District Crit
 Lizzle Williams  5th
Karl Menzies 6th
Jun 6th 2014- Hilton Clarke 4th Blue Dome Crit
    Karl Menzies 5th
Lizzle Williams 6th

Jun 8th 2013- Karl Menzies 3rd Brady Village Crit
Jun 7th 2013- Karl Menzies 3rd Blue Dome Crit

Jun 8-10th 2012-

Jun 12th 2011- Jonny Cantwell 3rd overall GC
Jun 11th 2011- Jonny Cantwell 4th Brady Village Crit
Jun 10th 2011- Jonathan Cantwell 1st Blue Dome Crit

Jun 4th-6th 2010-

May 31st 2009- Bernie Sulzberger 3rd Riverview Crit
Jonny Cantwell 6th
May 30th 2009- Jonny Cantwell 2nd Brady Village Crit
Bernie Sulzberger 3rd
Monique Hanley (Team Type 1) seriously injured in a massive pile-up during women's race
 fracturing three vertebrae and dislocating her shoulder
May 29th 2009- Jonny Cantwell 4th Blue Dome Crit stage

Jun 1st 2008- Caleb Manion 2nd
Riverview crit

& 2nd overall Jonny Clarke 3rd Overall GC
Jonny Clarke 6th in stage
Belinda Goss 5th in women's stage

May 31st 2008- Jonny Clarke 2nd Brady Village Crit
 Caleb Manion 3rd
Hilton Clarke 4th
 Henk Vogels 5th

Belinda Goss 4th in women's
Monique Hanley 7th

May 30th 2008- Hilton Clarke 1st Blue Dome Crit
2nd Caleb Manion
3rd Jonnie Clarke
Monique` Hanley 7th in women's
her team mate won

raucous crowd along the hill included two live bands.
Fans sprayed water from squirt guns on the leaders,
Between races spectators danced in middle of the street.

Jun 2nd 2007- Jeff Hopkins in 4th another evening race
Jun 1st 2007- Jeff Hopkins 3rd in evening race

First held Jun 2-4th 2006
 second richest prize purse in the nation

other OKC events

Oklahoma City Pro-Am Classic
over three days
Midtown Friday night
Film Row District
& Automobile Alley District

Jun 2
nd -4th 2017

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.Live results  here

june 4th 2017- Peta Mullens wins Auto Alley race
Josie Talbot 2nd

Jarod Moroni wins cat 2 men's

Jun 3rd 2017- Peta Mullens wins Film Row race
Josie Talbot 4th
Scott Law 4th
Jarod Moroni 1st Cat 2 men's
Jun 2nd 2017- Peta Mullens wins Midtown race
Josie Talbot 4th in women's
Jarrod Moroni wins cat 2 men's

Jun 5th 2016- Peta Mullens wins day 3 
Jarrod Moroni 3rd in Men's cat 2
Jun 3rd 2016- Peta Mullens 8th in women's
Jake Magee 9th in mens
Jun 4th 2016- Peta Mullens 4th in women's
Jake McGee 10th in men's

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May 31-Jun 2nd 2013-

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