Aussie Highlights at

Tour of Turkey
International Procycling Tour,TUR
   10-15 Oct 2017
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May 1st 2016- Adam Hansen 5th on  GC

May 3rd 2015- Jay McCarthy 3rd on GC
Adam Hansen 9th on GC
Apr 30th 2015- Jay Mccarthy 3rd in stage
Apr 29th 2015- Adam Phelan 12th in stage

Apr 28th 2015- Jay McCarthy 4th in stage
& Adam Hansen 10th in stage
Apr 27th 2015- CalebEwan 2nd in opening stage
Brenton Jones 9th in stage
May 4th 2014- Adam Hansen finished 9th on GC,
Adam Phelan 11th in KOM ;
Wesley Sulzberger 7th in sprints
Apr 30th 2014- Mark Renshaw 3rd in stage
Apr 29th 2014
- Adam Hansen 7th in stage

Apr 28th 2014- Leigh Howard 2nd in intermediate sprint

Apr 26th 2013- Cameron Meyer 8th in stage

Apr 23rd 2013- Rory Sutherland 6th in stage      
         Cameron Meyer 7th
Apr 22nd 2013- Leigh Howard 6th in stage


Apr 29th 2012- Matt Goss won points comp

& 36th on GC

Apr 28th 2012- Mark Renshaw 5th in stage

Apr 27th 2012-
Matt Goss 2nd in stage
              Mark Renshaw 3rd in stage
Apr 25th 2012- Mark Renshaw wins stage
 in a photo finish over Matt Goss 2nd
Apr 24th 2012- Adam Hansen 13th in stage 
 the first ever mountain finish in the race's history,
Apr 23rd 2012-  Matt Goss 2nd in stage
and into turquoise overall lead jersey
             Mark Renshaw 4th in stage
Apr 22nd 2012-  Matt Goss 2nd in opening stage


May 1st 2011- Allan Davis 6th in final stag
 Cameron Wurf 5th on GC
Wesley Sulzberger 8th on GC
Apr 29th 2011- Allan Davis 10th in stage
Apr 28th 2011- Cameron Wurf 7th in stage
in a successful 10 man break & sits 2nd on GC
Apr 27th 2011- Wesley Sulzberger 9th
 in the hardest stage of  this years tour, ahead of Adam Hansen in 10th       
Apr 26th 2011- Wesley Sulzberger 3rd in stage

2010- Apr 18th-
Johnny Walker 55th on GC

Apr 19th -Zakkari Dempster 55th on GC
Apr 14th 2009- Zakkari Dempster 7th in stage

2008- Apr 20th- Nick Gates 33rd on GC