Aussie Highlights at

The “Warrnambool”
Melbourne to Warrnambool

(one day Classic)
Australia's oldest one day race (est 1895)

 toughest one-day race in Australia

Oct 15th 2016

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PAST Aussie WINNERS or Aussie best

Oct 15th 2016- Nathan Elliott wins men's
Tessa Fabry first women

Oct 17th 2015- Scott Sunderland wins men's
           & Lauretta Hanson first women

                    100th staging of the Classic

Oct 11th 2014- Oliver Kent Spark pips Alex Edmondson
on the line

Oct 12th 2013-  Jack Anderson 2nd
 256 kilometres

Oct 13th 2012-  Aaron Donnelly 2nd
 Dutchman Floris Goesinnen became the first international to win the prestigious road race in seven years
Nadine O'Connor 1st women

Oct 29th 2011-  Joel Pearson cruised to solo victory
Nicole Whitburn fastest woman ever to have complete  classic

Oct 16th 2010-  Rhys Pollock
212 rider faced brutally-tough conditions which saw riders racing nearly eight hours over the 262km slog..
The three place-getters broke away from the main peloton at Lake Bullen Merri, Camperdown,

Oct 24th 2009- Joel Pearson
6hr 28mins 25s, 3 man break at 10klm mark and stayed away for rest of the race's 261 kilometres. Kirsty Broun 1st woman in 6:55:25. Rebecca Locke 2nd women finished in same group.
  Race started at Werribee.

Oct 25th 2008-  Zak Dempster
from a six-man group at Panmure 25km from the finish
Nicole Whitburn 1st women

Oct 27th 2007- Tim Decker

Oct 21st 2006-  Robert McLachlan
35year old fought off fierce conditions and a 192 man field,
blasting clear of a 6 man break to hit the final short climb with a 200 metre lead and won by a kilometre in a time of 7h 54min 15s finished at Kooringal Golf Club, Altona.
Kate Nichols 1st women

Oct 22nd 2005 Joshua Collingwood 2nd

Olivia Gollan 1st women

Oct 9th 2004-  William Walker
2004 course bypassed Colac and went more inlandand for safety reasons, increasing to 299 kms becoming the world’s longest one-day bike race
Kate Nichols 1st women

Oct 11th 2003-  Simon Gerrans  6h 47mins.38s
Jamie Drew 2nd

Oct 12th 2002- Jamie Drew
became the first home-town rider to win 'Warrny' twice,
favourable wind conditions resulted in fast time of 6h 9mins 57s for the
265km distance
140 riders,
Vanessa Crawford 1st women

Oct 13th 2001- David McKenzie
attacked on McDonalds Hill with approx two kilometres to goand soloed in for the win. Peter Milostic 2nd
Helen Kelly 1st women

Sep 9th 2000-  Hilton Clarke 
survived a protest (race's first in 50 years) lodged by 
Tim Decker claiming he'd been nudged into the barriers 200 metres out'. The winner's time of 7.34.46 was the slowest in several years, due to the heavy conditions.

Oct 9th 1999-  Jamie Drew
broke away from a small group on the final climb 2 km out to seal the event. Warrnambool crowd was ecstatic at having a local rider win the event.
Katie Mactier 1st women

 1999 the course was extended by 10kms,Melbourne (Williamstown) to Warnambool and a king of the mountains classification was included won by Matt Annand

Oct 24th 1998- Alan Iacuone 2nd

Oct 25th 1997- Alan Iacuone 3rd
 photo finish was required Switzerland's Daniel Schnider defeated Dennis Rasmussen, of Denmark by a centimetre
closest finish in the events history

Oct 26th 1996-
Chris White in 6 hours, 44mins, 16secs

Race Record
 The race record is
  5 hours 12 mins
by Dean Woods in 1990.

since 1996 The “Warrnambool” has been
 held as a massed start event

28th October 1995 a monument commemorating 100 years of the Warrnambool Classic was unveiled near the finish line by two times Blue Riband Winner Sir Hubert Opperman

until 1996 conducted as an Handicap event
graded bunches set off at different times 

who have won the much coveted honor
Blue ribbon winners
 for fastest time

1995- Brendan McAuliffe was last winner of a H'cap event
 German rider M. Wust had fastest time 5.39.27

1994- Gavin Parsonage 7h 20mins 04s
 taken line honours
Finish Line honours as First and Fastest
Tracey Gaudry 1st women

1993- Dean Woods 7h 36mins 08s
fastest & took line honours as first over line
the Jayco team Australia's first fully professional cycling
 ensemble, riders now riding for teammates and our sponsor

Oct 3rd 1992- Peter Besanko 7h 01min 28s
fastest & took line honours

1991- Andrew Stirling 7h 15mins 45s
fastest & line honours

1990- Dean Woods, set a new race record fastest time of 5h 12 mins for the 267 km

Oct 14th 1989 -  Peter Besanko 6h 49mins 19s
& won line honours in sprint taking $10,000 prize money
Besanko was inspired to success carrying a photo of his cousin David Allan who was killed in car accident earlier in year.

Oct 8th 1988- veteran 41 year old Barry Burns 7h 18mins 29s and took line honours outsprinting Paul Miller

Oct 10th 1987- Paul Rugari 6h 32mins 50s

Oct 11th 1986- Michael Lynch 
6h 36mins 56s
& first Warrnambool rider to take line honours

Oct 12th 1985- Terry Hammond 6h 01mins 02s

Oct 13th 1984- Peter Besanko 6h 36mins 43s
& took line honours

Oct 8th 1983- Terry Hammond 6h 00mins 25s

Oct 9th 1982- David Allan 6h 32mins 31s
& line honours

Oct 11th 1981- David Allan 6h 16mins 54s
powered his way to his third fastest time win, equalling the record set by Kiwi Phil O'Shea, 1911.22 & 23, Huburt Opperman 1924-26 & 29, and Barry Waddell 1964-65 & 68

Oct 11th 1980- Wayne Hildred clipped almost 16 minutes off race record with 5h 37mins 10s
 Beryl Burton 1st women
field of 202 included 26 amatures

Oct 13th 1979- David Allan 7h 06minws 48s
became first rider to win twice from scratch.
155 riders in 64th 'Warrny' From Port Melb Football ground
and included travelling over West Gate bridge.
The first women Pauline Walters was allowed to compete over 270km course.

Oct 14th 1978- Terry Stacey 6h 46mins 24s
269 riders, 63rd edition from New Market sale yards,
Police threatened to call off the race as traffic banked up behind a crash.

Oct 8th 1977- Terry Stacey 5h 53mins 03s
Stacey recovered from sun-stroke to set new record fastest time.

Oct 9th 1976- David Allan 6h 38mins 31s
& took line honours

1975- Hilton Clarke 7h 24mins 24s
nearly 200 riders started the 260km race

Oct 12th 1974- John Bylsma 7h 27mins 54s
and took line honours
by over 200 meters from Neville Allison
only 30 of the 175 starters finished

Oct 13th 1973- G. Wilson 6h 27mins 27s
first time since 1966 a scratchman hasn't taken fastest time,
Bruce Clarke won hcp line honours and is only 3rd rider to win for a 2nd time.

Oct 14th 1972- Frank Atkins 7h 11mins 18s

Oct 9th 1971-  Hilton Clarke 8h 36mins 20s
lost line honours by a wheel to Bruce Clark
only 30 riders finished

1970- Keith Oliver New race record 6h 03mins 25s

1969-  Kerry Hoole 6h 25mins 16s

Sep 28th 1968- Barry Waddell 6h 12mins 33s

Oct 7th 1967- Graeme Gilmore 7h 14mins 07s
first rider since 1955 to take line honours from scratch

Oct 8th 1966-  Lance Wearne    7h 20mins 15s
also won line honours

Oct 9th 1965-    Barry Waddell 7h 11mins 06s
Jubilee 50th edition

Sep 18th 1964 - Barry Waddell 6h 07mins 34s

Sep 28th 1963  - 
Amatures fastest from Melb
to Colac was Tom Delaney 4h 13mins 23
Kiwi Rick Dalton
  6h 09mins 33s

Oct 13th 1962- J. X. McDonough 7h 11mins 31s

Oct 7th 1961- John O’Sullivan 6h 43mins 02s
rode away from three remaining scratchman six miles from finish

to date only one Tasmanian has taken
 h'cap line honours
 in it's 66 year history

Oct 8th 1960- Klaus Stiefler 8h 32mins 47s
 half a length ahead of Bill Knevitt
only 25 of 150 starters finished
Race had no outright sponsor

Sep 26th 1959- Peter Anthony   7h 30mins 15s
Bon Whitford 2nd over line after giving the eventual h'cap winner his own drink.

Sep 20th 1958- George Goodwin 5h 49mins 35s
a wheel ahead of  Billy Niel
no rider wore Number 1 in deference to deceased Russell Mockridge who would have worn the number.
The winners cup renamed the Russell Mockridge Memorial Trophy

Sep 29th 1957- Russell Mockridge 6h 06mins 12s
165 starters

sep 29th 1956- Russell Mockridge in new record 5h 47 mins 5 s . First rider to better the 6hr mark.

Oct 1st 1955- Ed Smith 6h 04mins 55s
in 40th event

oct 9th 1954- Don Williams 8h 11mins 58s
273 riders in worlds richest pro cycling race

Oct 3rd 1953- Alby Saunders broke records 6h 8min 48s
The Argus a media company backed the 38th event and set a record 1400 pound minimum prize to be richest race in the world

Oct 4th 1952- Graham Stabell 7hr 01 min 12sec

Oct 6th 1951- Graham Stabell 6h 27m 3 sec
Arthur Julius won h'cap was first time in 32 years a New South Walse crossed line first

Oct 5th 1950- Max Rowley 7h 53min 28 sec
324 entries

Oct 8th 1949-  Albie Saunders in new record 6h 12mins 10s

oct 9th 1948- Herb Guyatt 7h 09mins 10s

oct 18th 1947- Keith Rowley 6.57.43
 Sprint comp consisted of one sprint in Camperdown worth one pond in prizemoney

1940- abandoned

Oct 7th 1939- Deane Toseland 8h 18mins 06s
also took line honours
340 riders, Route reversed Melbourne to Warrny,
sep 17th 1938- Deane Toseland 6h 44mins 53s
An amature event was also held

Oct 16th 1937- Allan Angus 7h 19mins 9s

Oct 17th 1936- Allan  Angus 6h 44mins 50s
186 starters

oct 12th 1935- 19 year old C.J. ‘Pop’ Beasley 6h 24mins 36s, outsprited two established sprinters in Lamb and Toseland

1934- Race allowed to lapse in favour of Centenary thousand around Victoria

oct 14th 1933- W. F. ’Hefty’ Stuart 6h 27mins 56s
254 riders

Oct 8 1932- R. W. 'Fatty' Lamb     6h 21mins 18s

Oct 3 1931- M. Lynch 6h 31mins 28s in new record
236 riders started
World record was set in Amature 100mile Colac to Melbourne by Ernie Milliken 3h 45mins 54sec

oct 4th 1930- R. W. 'Fatty' Lamb 8h 20mins 10s
214 starters, broadcast on 3LO Melbourne
Lamb became only 3rd scratchman to also take line honours

Oct 5th 1929- Horrie Narshall
8h 13 mins 10s
 192 riders,
H. Opperman 8h 07mins 10s (Oppy did not survive a protest for alleged interference near the finish and was disqualified)
then Horrie Marshall was disqualified for accepting a wet towel refreshment outside official feeding areas,
making Oserick 'Ossie' Nicholson 8h 13 mins 11s fastest but later Marshall was re-awarded the race on appeal ) ,
Race finished near St Albans Railway station on outskirts of Melbourne.

1928- Warrny not held and replaced by Dunlop Grand Prix

1927- not held

Oct 9th 1926- Hubert Opperman 7h 36 mins 10s
 250 riders
Oppy still aboard a Malvern Star bicycle on a single gear fixed wheeled bike with no brakes, through mud and dirt

Oct 10th 1925- Harold Smith 7.25.01
223 riders
Amature race record set by Allan Quinton 4h 11min 47s

Oct 24th 1924- Hubert Opperman 7 hrs. 15 mins. 35 secs.
only 3 minutes shy of record

Because the crowds were so large for the Warrnambool to Melbourne the finishing line had to be concealed until the last moment to prevent disruption to the riders.

Oct 27th 1923- John Beasley a close 2nd set a new World record through 100 miles 4h 37m 57s
 promotors were refused permission to finish race at Haymarket due to serious overcrowding problem at finish line in previous year. Rumours course altered to Sale to Melbourne did not eventuate and race finished at another spot a few miles from the city. In fine conditions

Oct 14th 1922-  Duncan ( Don ) Kirkham fastest Aussie 9h 1mins 1s
 Race revived after lapse of 11 years & promotor also added a Amature race Colac to Melbourne.
Race marred by a mass pile up at the narrow gates to
finish on the Ascot racecourse, 
Hence the League Of Victorian Wheelmen allowed the use of brakes and freewheels for the 1923 season

1914 - abandoned during war years

1913- not held to dangerous

1912- Abandoned due to differences among cycling road racing governing bodies in Victoria
Sep 21st 1912- Dunlop Gold Cup was held from Camperdown to Melbourne finishing in West Footscray

Oct 14th 1911- 285 riders, enormous crowds at Hay Market,
G.E. Lessing fastest Aussie  8h 45 min. 11s (7 mins slower than Kiwi O'Shea)
(H'cap winner A.Collins was disqualified  for interference and race awarded to J. Tebbs )

Oct 1st 1910- Joe Pianto 9h 30min 16sec
 350 riders, 20,000 spectators

Oct 3rd 1909-  21-year-old Ivor ‘Snowy’ Munro clocked a new fastest time of 7 hours 12 minutes and 51 seconds,
finished at Haymarket Flemington,
(beating the steam train from Warrnambool to Melbourne by 5 minutes), 312 riders, 282 of them won time medals for covering distance in 10.5hrs

Oct 3rd 1908- M. Chappell 7.46.27
420 entries, 300 starters

Sep 28th 1907- Tom Larcombe set World Record for distance 7hrs 10mins
347 entries

Sep 22nd 1906- D,Riley fastest Aussie 8h 58mins 50s
206 riders
 was a prize for first rider with Miraculum in tyres, won by D, Riley 8h 58mins 50s,
Miraculum Puncture stop for Pneumatic Tyres and seals up the hole, so that the tyre cauuot deflate

Sep 30th 1905- Bill Hawley 

Aig 20th 1904- Tom  Larcombe 7.48.07
 only 7 sec outside World Record

Aug 22nd 1903-
J.P. Skehan fastest Aussie 8h 14mins 45s
105 riders

Sep 6th 1902- H. G. O’Callaghan 8.46.23
101 faced the starter

Oct 12th 1901- D.D. Alexander fastest Aussie 9h 31mins
48 riders out of 70 acceptances
started due to bad weather.,  5000 spectators lined the finish at Hay Market Melbourne

Express train from Melb to Warrny takes 6h 33m

1900- not held due to lack of interest by clubs

1899- lapsed due to danger of to many riders on indifferent roads.

Oct 23rd 1898- W. Adams    9.08.45

Sep 26th 1897- W,C 'Newhaven' Jackson in 9h 51mins 09s
& line honours after  H. Vaughan  was disqualified for taking shortcut near Werribee
one second faster than George Carpenter

Oct 10th 1896- Jim Carpenter 8h 46m 15s
 G. Broadbent, the veteran Victorian road rider, set a new Australian 100 mile record 5 hours 3min.

5 October 1895- Jim Carpenter 10 hrs 52 mins
First Warrnambool to  Melbourne

 inaugural sponsors Raleigh Bicycle Agency