Aussie highlights at
Chris Thater Memorial
in memory of  23 year-old cycling enthusiast killed in Broome County on Oct 16th 1983
event organized to heighten awareness about drunk driving and promote healthy lifestyles

Aug 27-28th 2016

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Aug 28th 2015- Stephen Hall won Men's Pro race
  Jessica Mundy 6th in women's
Aug 27th 2016- Josie Talbot 4th
Karl Menzies 30th

Aug 23rd 2015-
Karl Menzies 12th
Aug 22nd 2015- Lauretta Hanson 9th

Aug 25th 2014- James Williamson 8th
Aug 24th 2014- Karl Menzies 8th
  2014 Livestream

Aug 25th 2013- Hilton Clark 4th in men's
 Aug 24th 2013 - Kimberley Wells 2nd
30th Thater memorial livestream

Aug 25-26th 2012- 29th edition $34,000 to be won

Aug 28th 2011-  Irene forces cancellation
of 28th Annual memorial men’s race

 Aug 29th 2010- Jonathion  Cantwell 1st
Bernard Sulzberger 2nd
Hilton Clarke overcome a crash to take 3rd
Aug 28th 2010- Kiwi Catherine Cheatley 2nd

Aug 29th-30th 2009- 26th Annual edition

Aug 24th 2008- Hilton Clark wins
25th Anniversary event 

Aug 25-26, 2007-
Karl Menzies 3rd

Aug 26-27, 2006 - Hilton Clarke wins

Aug 27-28th 2005-
Leeanne Manderson 6th in women's

Aug 26th 2001- Kristy Scyrmgeour wins women's

First contested 1984