Aussie highlights at

Commonwealth Games

quadrennial event for Commonwealth countries
( former colonies of British Empire)
overseen by CG Federation
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XX Commonwealth Games
Glasgow  Scotland
 23 July -3rd Aug 2014

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Australia have won 209 Comm Games Cycling Medals

 (96 Golds, 66 Silver and 47bronze)

2014- Glasgow Sco
     Anna Meares  flag bearer for Team Aus

(5th cyclist to carry Aussie flag at CG opening ceremony)

Jul 31st 2014-
Rohan Dennis Silver in men's TT
Katrin Garfoot  Bronze in women's TT
Jul 29th 2014-
Rebecca Henderson Bronze in women's MTB
Dan McConnell Bronze in MTB cross-country
(Australia's first Men's CG MTB medal)
Jul 27th 2014-
Stephanie Morton
Gold in sprint
over Anna Meares silver
(her eight Games medals equalling New Zealand cyclist Gary Anderson for most CG medals)
Matthew Glaetzer Gold Mens Keirin  
Glen O'Shea Silver Men Scratch
Aus Bronze para tandem TT
(Brandie O’Connor and Breanna Hargrave)
Jul 26th 2014-
Annette Edmonson Gold in Scratch race
                      Amy Clure Silver
Scott Sunderland
Gold in kilo
Australia Silver & Bronze in Men's Tandem sprint
(Keiran Modra and Pilot Jason Niblett, Paul Kennedy and pilot Thomas Clarke)
Jul 25th 2014-
Jack Bobridge Gold in Pursuit
Alex Edmondson Silver
Annette Edmonson Silver Pursuit     
Amy Cure Bronze Pursuit
Kieran Modra & Jason Niblett Silver in Tandem
Jul 24th 2014-

 Anna Meares Gold 500TT
(her fifth Games Gold equalling Bradley McGee for most Commonwealth Games Golds won)
      & Steph Morton silver,
Australia Gold in Team Pursuit 
     (Bobridge, Davison, Edmonson, O'Shea)
Australia Bronze in Team Sprint
(Nathan Hart, Shane Perkins and Matthew Glaetzer )
Australia bronze in women's Para-Sport Tandem (Brandie O’Connor and Breanna Hargrave)
Matthew Glaetzer set new Games record in Sprint qualifying of 9.779 secs.

2010- Delhi India

Oct 13th 2010-
Luke Durbridge Bronze Road Time Trial
Oct 10th 2010- 
Rochelle Gilmore Gold Road Race
        Chloe Hosking Bronze
Allan Davis Gold Road Race
Oct 8th 2010- 
Australia Gold Team Sprint
(Daniel Ellis,Jason Niblett,Scott Sunderland)
 Cameron Meyer Gold Scratch  Race
                  Michael Freiberg Silver
Oct 7th 2010-
Anna Meares Gold in sprint
             Emily Rosemond Bronze
Shane Perkins Gold Sprint
             Scott Sunderland Silver
Megan Dunn Gold in Scratch Race
 Australia Gold team Pursuit
(Jack Bobridge,Michael Freiberg,Michael Hepburn, Dale Parker)
Oct 6th 2010- 
Australia Gold Team Sprint 
(Anna Meares,Kaarle McCulloch)

Cameron Meyer Gold Points Race
Oct 5th 2010-
Anna Meares Gold Time Trial  
Kaarle McCulloch Silver

Megan Dunn  Gold Points Race
Scott Sunderland Gold Kilo Time Trial
Jack Bobridge Gold  individual pursuit
 Michael Hepburn Bronze

2006- Melbourne Australia

Mar 26th 2006-

Natalie Bates Gold Road Race

       & Silver Oenone Wood
Mathew Hayman Gold Road Race
          & Bronze Allan Davis
Mar 21st 2006-
Oenone Wood Gold Road Time Trial
       & Silver Kathy Watt
      & Bronze Sara Carrigan
Nathan O'Neill Gold Road Time Trial
          & Silver Ben Day
Mar 19th 2006-
Australia Broze Team Sprint (Ryan Bayley, Shane Kelly, Shane Perkins)
Katie Mactier Gold Individual Pursuit 
             & Silver Katherin Bates
Ashley Hutchinson Silver  Scratch Race
Mar 18th 2006-
Anna Meares Silver Sprint
            &  Kerrie Meares Bronze

Ryan Bayley Gold Sprint
Australia Silver Team Pursuit (Ashley Hutchinson, Matthew Goss, Stephen Wooldridge,Peter Dawson)
Mar 17th 2006-
Katherine Bates Gold Points Race
           & Rochelle Gilmore Silver
Ryan Bayley Gold Keirin
Sean Finning Gold Points Race
Mar 16th 2006-
Anna Meares Gold 500 Time Trial
              &  Kerrie Meares Bronze
Ben Kersten Gold Kilo Time Trial


Aug 3rd 2002-
Stuart O’Grady Gold Road Race
      Cadel Evans Silver & Baden Cooke Bronze
Aug 2nd 2002-
Australia Gold in Team Sprint
(Ryan Bayley,Jobie Dajka.Sean Eadie)
Mark Renshaw Silver in Points race
Katherine Bates Silver Individual Pursuit
        & Alison Wright Bronze
Aug 1st 2002-
Kerrie Meares Gold in Sprint
         & Anna Meares Bronze
Graeme Brown Gold in Scratch Race
Australia Gold Teams Pursuit
        in Games Record 3:59.583

(Graeme Brown, Peter Dawson, Mark Renshaw,Stephen Woolridge, Luke Roberts)
Jul 31st 2002-
Bradley McGee Gold Individual Pursuit
          in Games record 4:16.358
Ryan Bayley Gold in Sprint
   & Sean Eadie Silver
   & Jobie Dajka Bronze
Jul 30th 2002-
Katherine Bates Gold Points Race
      in Games Record 37 points
   & Rochelle Gilmore Silver
Jul 29th 2002-
Mary Grigson Bronze in MTB
Jul 28th 2002-
Kerrie Meares Gold in 500m Time Trial
         in Games Record 35.084
Jul 27th 2002-
Cadel Evans Gold Road Time Trial
  & Mike Rogers Silver & Stu O'Grady Bronze
Anna Millward Silver Women's Time Trial


Sep 19th 1998-
Alyana Burns Gold Points Race
setting Games Record at 34 points
Australia Gold Teams Pursuit
(Brett Lancaster,Tim Lyons,Brad McGee,Luke Roberts,Mick Rogers)   
Sep 18th 1998-
Darren Hill Gold in Sprint
    Games Record 10.533
    & Sean Eadie Bronze
Alayna Burns Silver Individual Pursuit
Sep 17th 1998-
Bradley McGee Gold Individual Pursuit
      & Luke Roberts Silver
Shane Kelly Gold Kilo Time Trial
     & Josh Kersten Bronze
Sep 16th
Michael Rogers Gold Scratch Race
Michelle Ferris Silver women's Sprint
 (Qfd in 11.597  a new Commonwealth Record) )
sep 15th 1998-
Anna Wilson Gold Road Time Trial
   & Kathy Watt Bronze
Stuart O'Grady Silver Men's Road Time Trial
Sep 13th 1998-
Anna Wilson Bronze in women's Road Race
sep 12th 1998-
Jay Sweet Gold Road Race


Aug 27th 1994-
Gary Neiwand Gold in sprint
   & Darryn Hill Bronze
Brett Aitken Gold in Points Race
 with Games Record 38 points
    Stuart O'Grady Silver
    &  Dean Woods Bronze
Aug 26th 1994-
Australia Gold Teams Pursuit
in Games record 4:10.485
(Brett Aitken, Bradley McGee,Stuart O’Grady,Tim O'Shannessey)
Michelle Ferris Silver women's sprint
Aug 25th 1994-
Bradley McGee Gold Individual Pursuit
 Stuart O’Grady Gold Scratch Race,
Aug 24th 1994-
Kathy Watt Gold individual pursuit
Brad McGee Gold individual pursuit
    & Stuart O'Grady Bronze
Shane Kelly Gold Kilo Tiame Trial
    & Darryn Hill Silver
    & Tim O'Shannessey Bronze
Aug 21st 1994-
Kathy Watt Gold in Road Race   
Aug 19th 1994-
Australia Gold in both Men's & Women's Road Team Time Trials
(Women- Louise Nolan, Catherine Reardon,Rachel Victor,Kathy Watt)
(Men in Games Record 100km in 1:53:19.13
Phil Anderson, Brett Dennis, Damian McDonald,Henk Vogels)

1990- Women compete in cycling events
  at Commonwealth Games for first time

Feb 2nd 1990-
Kathy Watt Gold in Road Race
Feb 1st 1990-
Kathy Watt Silver in women's pursuit
Shaun O'Brien Silver in scratch race
  & Steve McGlede Bronze
Australia Silver in Teams pursuit
(Brett Aitken, Steve McGlede, Shaun O'Brien, Darren Winter)
Jan 31st 1990-
Gary Neiwand Gold in sprint
Jan 29th 1990-
Robert Burns Gold in Points Race
 with Games record 81 points
Julie Speight Silver in women's sprint
Mark Kingsland Silver in pursuit
 & Darren Winter Bronze
Jan 27th 1990-
Martin Vinnicombe Gold in Time Trial

Michael Turtur flag bearer

Aug 1st 1986-
Jeff Leslie Silver in Road Race
Jul 31st 1986-
Gary Neiwand Gold in sprint
Wayne McCarney Gold Sratch Race
       & Dean Woods Silver
Australia Gold Teams Pursuit
(Glenn Clarke,Brett Dutton,Wayne McCarney,Michael Turtur,Dean Woods)
Jul 29 1986-
Martin Vinnicombe Gold in Time Trial
       & Max Rainsford Bronze
Jul 28th 1986-
Dean Woods Gold Individual Pursuit

1982- was reported that one cycling team from somewhere obscure in the Pacific had never sat astride a 10 speed bicycles before arriving in Brisbane,

1982- Brisbane AUSTRALIA

Oct 7th 1982-
Kevin Nichols Gold in scratch race
Australia Gold Teams Pursuit
in New Games record
(Michael Grenda,Kevin Nichols,Kenrick Tucker,Gary West)
Oct 6th 1982-
Kenrick Tucker successfully defended Sprint
Oct 5th 1982-
Mike Turter Gold Individual Pursuit
Oct 2nd 1998-
Chris Wilson Silver Kilo Time Trial
Oct 1st 1982-
Australia Silver Road Team Time Trial
(John Watters, Remo Sansonetti, Ricky Flood, Michael Lynch)

Remo and Salvatore Sansonetti
honoured as Flag Bearers

Aug 13th 1978-
Phil Anderson Gold Road Race
Aug 11th 1978-
Ron Boyle & Stephen Goodall Bronze mens Tandem
Shane Sutton Silver in Scratch Race
   &  Gary Sutton Bronze
Aug 9th 1978-
Australian Pursuit Team Gold
(Colin Fitzgerald,Kevin Nichols,Gary Sutton,Shane Sutton)
knocked 9 seconds off Games Record in Qualifying
Aug 8th 1978-
Kenrick Tucker Gold Sprint
Gary Campbell Silver in Pursuit
Aug 4th 1978-
Kenrick Tucker Silver Kilo Time Trial

1974 word British dropped from Title now known as Commonwealth Games


Feb 2nd 1974-
Clyde Sefton Gold in Road Race
       in 5:07:16.87
  & Remo Sansonetti Bronze
Feb 1st 1974-
Australia Silver Team Pursuit
(Murray Hall, Kevin Nichols, Garry Reardon & Gary Sutton)
Jan 30th 1974-
John Nicholson Gold Sprint
Gary Sutton Bronze in Pursuit
Jan 28th 1974-
Murray Hall Silver Scratch Race
Australia Silver Tandem Sprint
(John Rush & Danny O'Neill)
Jan 27th 1974-
Dick Paris Gold in Kilo Time Trial
John Nicholson Silver

1970 was First Games the Queen attended


Jul 25th 1970-
Ray Bilney loses by 1/100th of a second in Road Race and claims Silver
  & John Trevorrow Bronze
Jul 24th 1970-
John Nicholson Gold Sprint
    & Gordon Johnson Silver
Daniel Clark Silver in Pursuit
Jul 20th 1970-
Australia Gold 2000m Tandem
(Gordon Johnson & Ronald Jonker)

Aug 7th 1966 Games Federation elected to change the name to British Commonwealth Games


Aug 11th 1966-
Philip Bristow-Stagg Silver Time Trial
     &Richard Hine Bronze
Hilton Clarke Silver Scratch Race
Aug 10th 1966-
John Bylsma Silver Pursuit
      & Richard Hine Bronze
Daryl Perkins beats Hilton Clarke for Bronze in Sprint

1962 Kings Park Road race course named "Russell Mockridge Memorial circuit"

Dec 1st 1962-
Frank Brazier 4th in Road Race
Nov 30th 1962-
Max Langshaw Gold Individual Pursuit
     & Richard Hine Silver
Nov 29th 1962-
Peter Bartels Gold 1000m Time Trial
     & Ian Chapman Silver 
Nov 28th 1962-
Douglas Adams Gold 10 mile Scratch Race
Nov 27th 1962-
Thomas Harrison Gold 1000m Sprint
      & Ian Browne Bronze

1958 Dunc Gray flag bearer for Australian Team

Jul 25th 1958-
Ian Browne Gold Scratch Race
Richard Ploog Gold 1000m Sprint
Jul 26th 1958-
Frank Brazier Silver in Road Race

Aug 6th 1954-
Lindsay Cocks Gold Scratch Race
Aug 5th 1954-
Richard Ploog Gold 1000m Time Trial
in new Games Record 1:12.5
(Lindsay Cocks disqualified in Sprint semi-final)

Feb 10th 1950-
Russell Mockridge Gold in Sprint
  & Sid Patterson Silver
William Heseltine Gold Scratch Race
  & Ken Caves Bronze
Feb 6th 1950-
Hector Sutherland Gold Road Race
      & Jack Fowler Bronze
Russell Mockridge Gold 1000m Time Trial
         in New Games record 1:13.4
            & Sid Patterson Silver

1942- was to be held in Montreal CANADA but No games held due to WW11

Edgar 'Dunc'  Gray honoured as Flag Bearer
& took the Oath For Empire Games Athletes

Feb 12th 1938-
Dunc Gray Gold in Men's sprint
     & Robert Porter Silver
(Dunc made final through repicharge heat for beaten competitors)
Feb 9th 1938-
Robert Porter Gold in Men's 1000m Time Trial
 in new Empire Record 1:15.2

cycling conducted in Manchester
Aug 11th 1934-
Edgar 'Dunc' Gray Gold in 1000m Time Trial

Cycling events were first held
 at the Commonwealth Games of 1934

1930- Hamilton, Canada

                         no cycling held 

(cycling is one of the optional sports  that can be included in Commonwealth Games as apposed to core sports like athletics that shall be contested at all Games)