Aussie Highlights at

Tour de l'Avenir FRA
under 23 years old riders
considered theTour de France for young riders
Aug 20-27th  2016

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Aug 27th 2016- Lucas Hamilton 2nd in stage
& claims overall KOM comp
Aug 26th 2016-  Nick Schultz wins stage
Jai Hindley  3rd in stage
Aug 24th 2016- Michael Storer 2nd in stage

Aug 29th 2015-
Jack Haig 2nd in stage
& finishes 2nd on GC
Aug 28th 2015- Jack Haig 4th in stage

Aug 30th 2014- Robert Power finished 2nd on GC
Aug 29th 2014- Robert Power 2nd in stage
Aug 28th 2014- Robert Power 4th in stage
Aug 25th 2014- Caleb Ewan wins stage
Aug 24th 2014- Samuel Spokes picked up KOM point
Aug 23rd 2014- Campbell Flakemore wins prologue

Aug 27-2013- Caleb Ewan 3rd in stage
Aug 26-2013- Caleb Ewan wins another stage
and leads maillot vert points comp
Aug 25-2013- Caleb Ewan wins stage
in bunch sprint
Aug 24-2013- Samuel Spokes  7th in prologue
Damien Howson  +30 sec after crashing

Aug 26-2012-  Jay McCarthy wins prologue

Sep 10-2011- Thomas Palmer 3rd in stage
Sep 7-2011- Michael Hepburn wins stage
Sep 5-2011- Rohan Dennis  in yellow
Sep 4-2011- Michael Hepburn wins prologue
& Rohan Dennis 2nd 

Sep 12-2010- Michael Matthews 2nd in Points comp
& 8th on GC
Sep 10 2010- Benjamin King 4th in stage
Sep 6-2010-
Michael Matthews 2nd in stage
Sep 5-2010- Michael Matthews 3rd in prologue

Sep 10-2008- Mitchell Docker 2nd in stage
led home group of seven chasers
rode in a UCI Mixed team

teams re-introduced &
age limit lowered to U23 in 2007


open to pro & amateur riders U25 since 1992

Sept 2006- Ben Johnson only Aussie to start
supported overall GC winner Moises Duenas (Spa)

Sep 10-2005- William Walker 7th on GC
Sep 9-2005- Mark Renshaw 4th in stage
Sep 3-2005- William Walker 3rd in stage

Sep 6-2004- Mark Renshaw 2nd in stage
Sep 3-2004- Mark Renshaw 2nd in stage

Sep 13-2003-  Ben Day 13th on GC
Sep 6-2003- Hilton Clarke 3rd in stage

Sep 7-2002- Matthew Wilson won stage
 winning a three man sprint

Sep 15-2001- Baden Cooke won stage
obliterating the points competition
Sep 14-2001- Baden Cooke 2nd in stage
Sep 11-2001- Baden Cooke won stage
showed strength on cat 2 climb finish
Sep 9-2001- Matthew Wilson won stage
successful member of a 10 man breakaway

Sep 5-2000- Marcel Gono 4th in stage
Sep 4-2000- Jay Sweet 3rd in stage
Aug 31-2000- Baden Cooke 3rd in stage

Sep 11-1999- Bradley McGee won final stage
finished 14th on GC
Sep 10-1999- Bradley McGee 3rd in tough stage
 in the Pyrenees
Sep 8-1999- Bradley McGee 2nd in stage
Sep 6-1999- Jay Sweet 4th in stage
2nd in peloton sprint
Sep 4-1999- Bradley McGee won  ITT stage

Sep 12-1998-  Marcel Gono 13th on GC
Sep 5-1998- Jay Sweet won stage

Sep 13-1997- Giant AIS team finished 12th in teams.
Sep 9-1997-  Henk Vogels 3rd in stage

Sep 6-1997- Jay Sweet 3rd in stage
in a big bunch sprint.

sep 11-1996- Henk Vogels 7th on GC
Sep 9-1996- Henk Vogels won stage
and sits 3rd on GC
Sep 7-1996- Robbie McEwen won stage
Sep 5-1996- Jay Sweet won stage
Robbie McEwen 2nd
Sep 3-1996- Stuart O'Grady 2nd in prologue

Sep 8-1995- Robbie McEwen 3rd in stage
Australia Team amateurs
 MacDonald, MacEwen, Morphett, Priem, Sweet,White

Sep 10-1994- Robbie McEwen 3rd in stage
Sep 7-1994-
Robbie McEwen won opening stage

restricted to U25 riders since 1992
the race was created in 1961
by Jacques Marchand, the editor of L'Equipe
restricted to amateurs from 1961 to 1980,
opened to professionals since 1981