Aussie Highlights at

Tour of Flanders
Ronde van Vlaanderen
a Mens'and a women's one day race          
April 2nd, 2017.

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Past Aussie highest placed finish

Apr 2nd 2017- Gracie Elvin 2nd
Luke Durbridge 12th
Apr 3rd 2016- Gracie Elvin 11th
Zac Dempster 50
5th Apr 2015- Heinrich Haussler 26th
 Tiff Cromwell 19th
6th Apr 2014- Mathew Hayman 51st
Tiffany Cromwell 9th
31st Mar 2013- Heinrich Haussler 6th
Tiffany Cromwell 14th
1st Apr  2012- Heinrich Haussler 30th
 Tiffany Cromwell 15th
3rd Apr 2011- Matthew Hamen  21st
 Ruth Corset 20th
4th Apr 2010- Matthew Haymen 15th
 Vicki Whitelaw 31st
5th Apr 2009- Heinrich Haussler 2nd
Vicki Whitelaw 16th
6th Apr 2008- Allan Davis 34th 
Oenone Wood 4th
8th Apr 2007- Stuart O'Grady 10th
Lorian Graham 10th
2nd Apr 2006- Baden Cooke 21st
Oenone Wood 42nd
3rd Apr 2005- Stuart O'Grady 16th
Sara Carrigan 21st
4th Apr 2004- Scott Sunderland 76th
Alison Wright  6th
Oenone Wood   8th    
6th Apr  2003- Stuart O'Grady 3rd
7th Apr 2002- Matthew Wilson 20th
8th Apr  2001- Matt White 51st
2nd Apr 2000- Stuart O'Grady 40th
4th Apr 1999 - Stuart O'Grady 43rd
5th Apr 1998 - Scott Sunderland 11th
6th Apr 1997-  Henk Vogels    15th            
2nd Apr 1995 - Stephen Hodge 74th
3rd Apr 1994 - Stephen Hodge 70th
5th Apr 1992 - Stephen Hodge 31st
7th Apr 1991 - Alan Peiper 16th
1st Apr 1990- Phil Anderson  26th
2nd Apr
1989- Alan Peiper  7th

3rd Apr 1988- Phil Anderson 2nd
5th Apr  1987- Alan Peiper 10th
7th Apr  1985- Phil Anderson 2nd
weather so bad that only 24 made it to the finish
1st Apr 1984- Phil Anderson  23rd was one of only two riders to get up the Koppenberg without walking
3rd Apr  1983- Phil Anderson 9th
4th Apr 1982 -  Phil Anderson 42nd
              1982- Wayne Hildred 51st