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Tour of Gippsland
through the greater Gippsland region

31 Aug - 5 Sep 2016

 part of NRS series
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2016- Aug 31- 5th Sep
Sep 4th- Scott Law wins Kay st Traralgon crit
Cooper (NZ) won overall
Sep 3rd - Joe Cooper (NZ) wins stage
Sep 2nd- Pat Lane wins Sale to Port Albert stage
Sep 1st -   Pat Shaw wins stage to Metung
Aug 31st
- Scott Law wins opening Traralgon crit

not held

Sep 3rd-7th
Sep 7- Alex Edmondson won Traralgon crit
Timothy Roe won overall GC
Sep 6- Raphael Freinstein won Paynesville- Metung
Sep 5- Jesse Kerrison won Sale crit
Joseph Cooper (NZ) won Sale to Port Albert
Sep 4- Jesse Kerrison won Leongatha to Yinnar
Sep 3- Scott Law won Warragul road race

2013Jul 31 - Aug 4
Aug 4th- Alex Edmondson won Traralgon Crit
Jack Anderson won overall GC
Aug 3rd- Anthony Giacoppo won Lakes Entrance Crit
Joseph Cooper (NZ) 1st to Metung Road Race
Aug 2nd Anthony Giacoppo won Sale Crit
    Jack Anderson won Sale to Licola RR
Aug 1st-  Alex Edmondson won Leongatha to Yinnar RR
Jul 31st- Anthony Giacoppo won Rhyll Crit
      Russell Gill won Phillip Island Kermesse

2012 Aug 1-5th
  part of Subaru National Road Series
Aug 5- Luke Davison won Paynesville crit
Will Walker secures overall victory
Aug 4- Jordan Kerby wins Bairnsdale crit
 Will Walker wins Lakes Entrance - Metung
Aug 3- Malcolm Rudolph wins Sale crit
 Jack Beckinsale wins Maffra - Dargo
Aug 2- Anthony Giacoppo wins Moe Crit
Luke Davison wins Morwell - Yinnar
Aug 1st-  Luke Davison wins San Remo waterfront
Luke Davison wins stage on grand prix circuit

part of Scody Cup Aussie premier Road series 
Jul 31st- Steele Von Hoff wins Paynesville Crit
 Nathan Haas wins overall GC
Jul 30- Alexander Ray (NZ) wins Bairnsdale crit
Edward Bissaker wins Lakes Entrance - Metung
Jul 29- Steele Von Hoff wins Moe Crit
 Steele Von Hoff wins Morwell - Maffra
Jul 28- Steele Von Hoff wins San Remo crit
Bradley Linfield wins San Remo - Warragul
Jul 27 - Steele Von Hoff wins Wonthaggi Crit
         Philip Grenfell won Wonthaggi RR

Aug 1- Harrif Saleh  (Mal) won Paynesville Crit
Patrick Shaw wins overall GC
Jul 31- Alexander Ray wins Bairnsdale Crit
   Steele Von Hoff wins Bairnsdale - Lakes
Jul 30- Rico Rogers (NZ) wins Newborough Crit
      Dale Scarfe won Morwell - Maffra
Jul 29- Rico Rogers wins  Warragul - Warragul RR
 Jul 28-  Alex Carver won Wonthaggi Crit
 Rico Rogers wins Wonthaggi

2009 5th edition of stage race
Aug 2- Leigh Howard
claims Overall GC
after winning final stage Paynesville Crit
Aug 1- Jack Bobridge wins Bairnsdale crit
Scott Davis wins Bairnsdale - Lakes Entrance
Jul 31 - Joel Pearson wins Sale Crit
Leigh Howard wins  Sale - Licola
Jul 30- Leigh Howard wins Trafalgar Crit
Richard Lang wins Trafalgar - Walhalla
Jul 29- Leigh Howard wins Traralgon Sth - Yarram
Kane Walker wins Traralgon - Boolarra

2008  Jul 30 - Aug 3rd
Aug 3rd- Leigh Howard wins Paynesville Crit
Bernard Sulzberger wins Overall GC
Aug 2nd- Nathan Clarke won Metung to Omeo
Aug 1st- Dylan Newell won Dargo - Bairnsdale
Leigh Howard wins Bairnsdale Crit
Jul 31st- David Kemp wins Orbost Crit
Timothy Roe won Orbost to Lakes Entramce
Jul 30th- Bernard Sulzberger Mallacoota crit
Chris Pryor won Mallacoota RR

Lakes Oil is the new major sponsor
The five day eight stage tour
one of four events of Scody Cup
(which has replaced the national series
previously known as Tattersall’s Cup)


2007 Aug 1-5th
first round Timbercorp cup National series
 (previously known as Tattersall’s Cup)

Aug 5th- Grant Irwin wins Bairnsdale crit
Zak Dempster wins overall GC
Aug 4th- Sean Finning wins Paynesville crit
 Nicholas Sanderson won Paynseville to Dargo
Aug 3rd- Zak Dempster won Metung - Omeo
Aug 2nd- Cameron Meyer wins Orbost Crit
William Ford won Orbost - Lakes Entrance
Aug 1st- Darcy Rosenlund wins Mallacoota Crit
Matt King won Mallacoota kemees

2006 Aug 2-6th
part of Tattersall’s Cup national series

Aug 6th- Daniel McConnell wins Warragul crit
Wesley Sulzberger wins overall GC
Aug 5th- Wesley Sulzberger  wins Traralgon Crit
 Casey Munro won Traralgon - Hazelwood
Aug 4th- Cody Stevenson won Lakes Entrance - Metung
Cody Stevenson wins Bairnsdale Crit
Aug 3rd- Mitchell Docker wins Orbost crit
Darren Lapthorne won Orbost - Lakes Entrance
Aug 2nd- Sean Finning wins Mallacoota Crit
Miles Olman won Mallacoota RR

2005 Aug 3-7th
Aug 7- Robert McLachlan wins Traralgon crit
Gordon McCauley (NZ) wins overall GC
Aug 6- Robert McLachlan wins Koonwarra Crit
Robert McLachlan won Leongatha - prom
Aug 5- David McKenzie wins Morwell Crit
Peter Herzig won Morwell - Yinnar
Aug 4- Robert McLachlan won Traralgon - Port Albert
Robert Tighello won Seaspray - Loch Sport
Aug 3- James Meadley wins Moe Crit
 Stuart Shaw  wins Trafalgar - Walhalla

2004 Aug 25th- David McKenzie

2001- Aug 29th- David McKenzie

Early Years
Gippsland Tour was a one day classic

Sep 24th 1960- Klaus Stiefler (GER) 6h 15m 20s
James Lindsay Clough collided with a truck and died
Sep 13th 1958- 30th anniversary 25th edition
Bus took out the scratch bunch
        Russell Mockridge dies after colliding with the bus
Sep  1957- Edward Russell Mockridge
Sep 8th 1956- Bruce Cochrane
Sep 10th 1955- Murray French
Sep 25th 1954- Murray French
Sep 19th 1953- Jack McDonagh
Sep 20th 1952- Jack Hoobin
 only 19 of 110 starters finished gruelling tour
Sep 22nd 1951- Graham Stabell
Sep 23rd 1950- Jack Beasley
Sep 24th 1949- Bill Arnold
Sep 11th 1948- Max Rowley
Sep 27th 1947- Alby Saunders
only 15 of the 117 riders completed the course
Sep 28th 1946- A. Barlow
Jul 27th 1940- Norm Lloyd
Sep 23rd 1939- Alan Angus new record 5h 55m 23s
Oct 1st 1938-  Charlie Fraser
Oct 2nd 1937- Norm Lloyd new record 6hr 18m 41s
Oct 3rd 1936- Frank Thomas  new record 6h 25m 29s
sep 28th 1935- C Beasley first and fastest
Oct 13th 1934- Walter F. Stuart new record 7h 4m 45s
Sep 23rd 1933-
  Alan Angus
Oct 1st 1932- Frank  Thomas
Sep 26th 1931- S. Whiteoak
Aug 30th 1930- Ossie Nicholson
Sep 21st 1929- G.A. McLeod  140 mile 7hr 9m 17s
Annual Race organised for 1929
Aug 15th 1925- 100 mile/180 km 'Tour of Gippsland' held
one of the toughest races in the country. 
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