Aussie Highlights at

Goulburn - Sydney Classic

(Goulburn to Camden - 170km)

(est 1902)

Sunday 15th September, 2013.

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Past fastest amateur & pro riders in H'cap event over the mountainous course between Goulburn and Sydney.
                       (H'cap event until 1990)

1896- Arthur Graeme in record 7hrs 57mins
1902- Aug 9th- Charlie Littlechild (NSW) first and fastest in  inaugural Dunlop Rubber Co. Goulburn to Sydney in 7hrs 52 minutes, Avg 25km/hr on dirt roads
1903- Aug 8th- Oliver H. Brooks a Goulburn lad only 17
years of age. Fastest was D.T. Cupples
1904- Aug 6th- T.C.Robinson
1905-Sept 16th-
New Zealand rider J, Arnst  wins fastest time
1906-Sept 22nd - R.H. Jefferey in slowest time ever by a first and fastest winner, and A.E. Fowler (two races were held)
1907- Sept 7th- A.C Walcott F.S. Haggney fastest time
1908-Sept 19th- M. Robinson
1909-Sept 18th- P.W.Hardie (NSW)
1910-Sept 17th- Duncan ( 'Don' ) Kirkham 1st and fastest in  the 131 mile classic ,6hr. 47 min. 43 sec
1911- Sept 23rd- The premier road event of New. South Wales, 131 miles resulted in a clean sweep of the most important prizes by Victorian. Don Kirkham fastest in record time 6hr 19misns
1912- Sept 14th- C.W. Upham wins hcp, &; A. C. Walcott, who finished third secures fastest time 6hr 37min
Dunlop Rubber Co. cancel the 1913 Goulburn classic by reason of their inability to run the Warnambool Classic on account of  a suitable finishing point not being procurable. NSW cycling run an amatuer race  as a  selection race for 1916 Berlin Olympics
1913-Sept 7th- E.W. Pederson (NSW), off scratch wins first
amatures event Goulburn - Sydney in 6hr 24mins
No race during War years and after a lapse of eight years the race was again revived in 1920
1920-Sept 18th- A. Cross (NSW) wins
fastest in 6Hr 31mins and 40 yr old veteran W.H. Williams (NSW) hcp winner
No Pro race from 1921-1923
1921-Sept 10th- H. Paulaton off 26 mins first across line & Mick Little (NSW) fastest
1922-Sept 23rd- Alf Flood first over line,
Fred Kerz fastest, New roadwork improvements made the hill at Razorback rideable by strong cyclists,
1923- C.Burness (NSW) & A. Flood (NSW) fastest
1924- Sept 20- Fred Kerz (NSW) was again fastest in  amatuers (7 hrs. 33 min) H. Opperman (Vic) wins Pro's & fastest (7 hrs. 3 min)
1925- Sept 9th- Richard Lamb (Vic) & D. Brookes
1926- Sept 16th- Richard Lamb (Vic)
1927- sept 18th- Percy Osborne won fastest in record time 5hrs 54mins, first time the Goulburn course  has been covered in less than 6 hours. Richard Lamb (Vic) fastest time for third successive year in amateurs and as a lone  scratchman.
1928-Sept 29- Fred Kerz fastest
1929-Sept 14th-
Bruce McWhirter (NSW)  wins amatuers, & Hubert (Oppy) Opperman (Vic) best pro in 5 hours 59 mins,
1930- Sept 13th- Edgar Johns (NSW), &  Hubert Opperman again lowers record to 5hrs 22mins 30sec
1931- Sept 19- A record total entry of 389 was received for the two races from Goulburn to Sydney. Amateur road champ Joe Buckley (NSW) beats the professional winning time of Norman Gilroy (NSW) by 24mins
1932- Ernest Milliken (Vic)
1933-Sept 16th-  Ernest Milliken (Vic)  5hrs 53min 42sec & F. Thomas (Vic,Act) 5:41.55
1934- Sept 22nd- Kerry Cruise (Vic) & Charles Winterbottom (NSW) won pro's in new record. 5hrs 21min 24 sec, was the only scratchman in field.
1935- Sept 21st- Charlie Winterbottom wins fastest again
Joe Buckley (NSW) & Pat Vietch (Vic) dead-heated over line to win pro's in new record 5hrs 2mins.
1936- Charles Winterbottom (NSW)
1937-Sept 25th- Alfred Strom (NSW)
1938- Alfred Strom (NSW)
1939- Raced banned on safety grounds traffic authorities claiming that heavy traflic was a danger: to competitors
1941-Sept 20-  Alfred Strom fastest in new record 5:04:59 (prize list also included  one pair of ‘Elasta-top’ plus fours for the “competitor whom the officials consider the most unfortunate rider.”
 Road laws made it compulsory for all bikes to be properly equipped with ‘bell, brake and reflector’)
No race during war years
1944- Sept 30th- Arthur Cater (NSW)
1945- Ian Leary (NSW)
1946- James "Ed" Nestor (SA) fastest time
1947-Sept 20th- Jack More (NSW)  & Len Hammond wins Pro's
State police forced abandonment of the race  due to Transport authorities road safety concerns
1948- Sept 18th-  planned to  race  in reverse finishing at Goulburn Sports ground. Also planned a Mosevale to Goulburn women's race,
1951- Race revived with the finish off road on Lidcombe Oval.
Neil Furniss (NSW)
1952-Sept 13th- 50th year of the big race.Bob France fastest Amature 5hrs 42min 26sec & in pro's Fred Arnold 5hrs 47min 3sec  (NSW).
1953- Alfred Strom ,  Edger Arnold won pr
1954- Sept 12th- K. Manny (NSW) won amatures in fastest time. Australian pro  road champion Eddie Smith (Vic) wins in new record 6hr 9mins, lmin 51 sec. Both bettering the fastest times of last years Sydney to Goulburn events.
1955- Colin Goodsell (NSW)
1956- Terry Flanagan (NSW)
1957- David McDougall (NSW)
1958- Cliff Burvill (NSW)
1959- Feruccio Giovanetti (N) & Bob Leach
1960- Brian Drew (NSW)
1961- Brian Drew (NSW)
1962- Frank Brazier (NSW)
1963- Thomas Delaney (Vic)
1964- Malcolm McCredie (NSW)
1965- Timo Savimaki (QLD)
1966- Gary Teague (NSW)
1967- Donald Wilson (SA)
1968- Kevin Morgan (Tas)
1969- Oct 10th- David Watson (NSW) smashed the record
 fastest time 4:57:20 first time coure covered in less than 5hr
1970- Ray Piper (NSW)
1971- Alan Spokes (NSW)
1972- Barry Ulyatt (NZL)
1973- Richard Paris (NSW)
1974 - Terry Parkes (NSW) claims fastest time in history of Goulburn to Sydney race 4:18:04
1975- Wayne Nicholls (NSW)
1976- Alan Spokes (NSW)
1977-  Wayne Lewis (NSW) representing the Nowra Cycle Club claimed a hard fought win in a sprint at the Liverpool speedway beating a Crow from Cuttamundra and a young guy called Larry Hickmont also from the south coast of NSW
1978-Sep 10th- Michael Wilson (TAS) fastest time, Wilson the 18yo National junior champion outsprinted NSW state champ Graham Seers. 4hrs 18mins 2sec a record for distance.
1979- Remo Sansonetti (Vic)
1980- Robert Hines (NSW)
1981- Gary Brooks (Vic)
1982- Graham Seers (NSW) claims fastest time in new  record  4:03:10
1983-  Roger Sumich (NZL)
1984- Cameron Forge (Vic)
1985-  Rik Patterson (Vic)
1986- Anthony May (NSW)
1987- Stephen Griffiths (NXW)
1988-  Edward Salas (NSW)
1989- John Cosgrove (GBR)
1990- Stuart May (NSW)
1991- Michael Leahy (QLD) wins
1992- Brett Dutton (NSW)
1993- Kelvin Martin (NSW)
Goulburn to Sydney becomes a mass start road race.
1994- Edward Salas (NSW)
1995- Peter Clayton (NSW)
1996- Tim Christopher (ACT)
1997- Scott Farley (NSW)
1998- Thomas Leaper (Vic)
1999- Bart Hickson (NSW)
2000- Baden Burke (NSW)
         Natalie Bates  won women's
Race ceased due to rising insurance costs,
Goulburn race resumed again after 5 years hiatus
2005- Sept 25- ,won by David McKenzie (Vic) , Peter Hatton first U23,
2006- Sept 24th- Chris Jongewaard
2007- Sept 23- Robert Williams wins Goulburn Classic in 4 hrs 13 min, a fantastic recovery after being dropped,
2008-Sept 13th-  William Clarke (TAS) & Oenone Wood first women
2009- Sept 20th- Richard Lang (NSW) wins the 170km classic in a record winning time of 3hr 45min31sec smashing the previous best time since the events revival in 2005.
2010-Sept 12th- Jonathan Cantwell (QLD)
2011- Sept 18- Steele Von Hoff wins thrilling sprint finish in Goulburn Sydney Classic
2012- Sep16th- Luke Davison (NSW)  wins bunch sprint  in events 110th yr anniversary

2013- Cancelled due to safety concerns due to the inabilty of race organizers & police  to satisfy new Cycling Australia rule for rolling road closures.