Aussie Highlights at

Tour of South Coast
Tour around stunning terrain across Victoria and South Australia and  is part of NRS series

August 10-14th 2016

Results         @Subaru_NRS


Aug 14th 2016- Sam Crome wins overall GC
Robert Stannard (NZ) wins Portland Crit
Aug 13th 2016- Nick Kergozou (NZ) Cape Bridgewater RR
Aug 12th- Jake Klajnblat 1st in Casterton RR
                Harry Carpenter wins Penola Crit

Aug 11th - Alex Porter 1st Port MacDonnell RR
Aug 10th
- Jesse Kerrison won Mt Gambier crit
Sam Crome won stage 2  Blue Lake RR

 kiwi Brad Evans won tour
Aug 15th-  Scott Sunderland won Koroit Crit
Aug 14th- Scott Sunderland 1st in Casterton RR
Aug 13- Scott Sunderland  1st in Port MacDonnell
Aug 12th 2015- Patrick Shaw won crit stage
Scott Sunderland 1st Blue Lake Road Race

Aug 17th- Ryan MacAnally 1st in  Port Fairy
          Brenton Jones  wins Overall
Aug 16th- Jesse Kerrison 1st in Peterboroug
            Joshua Taylor 1st in Koroit crit
Aug 15th- Brenton Jones  1st Casteron 
Aug 14th- Brenton Jones 1st Port Macdonnell
Aug 13th- Jesse Kerrison 1st Blue Lake
       Shannon Johnson 1st Mount Gambier crit

Aug 18th- Alex Edmondson 1st in
in appalling conditions
  kiwi Samuel Horgan wins overall
Aug 17th-  Luke Fetch wins another stage
Aug 16th-
Luke Fetch wins in Woolsthorpe
Anthony Giacoppo third-straight stage
Aug 15th- Anthony Giacoppo wins Portland crit
 Anthony Giacoppo wins tough stage to Casterton
Aug 14th- Robert McCarthy wins Mt Gambier crit

Aug 19th- Campbell Flakemore wins stage
 Anthony Giacoppo  wins overall
Aug 18th- Luke Davison wins in Peterborough
    Anthony Giacoppo  wins Koroit crit
Aug 16th- Brenton Jones  win in Heywood
  Darren Lapthorne solos to win in Casterton
Aug 15th- Luke Davison survives late race carnage to win in Nelson
Brenton Jones wins Portland crit