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Prevous Events

Disc Melb Mar 26th 2017
Anna Davis New 50-54 age group

Jan 4th 2017
New 105 plus age group record 22.547 km in an hour by Frenchman Robert Marchand at the age of 105

1st Oct 2016-
Colin Lynch (IRE) sets new C2 world record 43.133 at Manchester Velodrome, England


Past Aussie hour highlights

all distances have been converted to kilometers

Current Australian Record.... 52.491km 
Rohan Dennis
Grenchan,SWI 18th Feb 2015

Aussie Women's Record ...... 46.882km
 Bridie O’Donnell
Adelaide Superdrome  Jan 22nd 2016

Anna Davis ........ 43.206km
50-54 aged group

Disc Melb Mar 26th 2017

Aussie para-cycling record ..... 42.930km
Lindy Hou & Toireasa Gallagher   
19th Sept 2005 Sydney, AUS

Current World Record
 Mens 54.526km
British cyclist Bradley Wiggins
London’s Olympic velodrome 2015

women's  47.98km
Evelyn Stevens (USA)
27 Feb  Colorado Springs
Olympic Training Center Velodrome.

60-64 age group----- 45.349km
Rob Gilmour
(Hounslow & District Wheelers, London)
30th Sep 2015 Newport Velodrome  

Mar 26th 2017- Anna Davis 43.206km
new 50-54 aged group

  Jan 22nd 2016- Bridie O’Donnell   46.882km
Adelaide Superdrome
Aussie Women's Record

New World Record
livestream here

Feb 15th 2015- Nick Bensley (Vic) 48.275km
Disc Velodrome Melbourne
30-34 age group Masters record

Feb 8th 2015-  Rohan Dennis (SA) 52.491km
New World Record

Jan 31st 2015-
Jack Bobridge (SA) 51.300km
DISC velodrome Melbourne
New on Aussie Soil Record

World Record Currently  51.852km
by Matthias Brändle in Aigle, Switzerland 30 Oct 2014
bettering Jens Voigt 51.110km set on Sep 18th 2014

Women's 46.065 km
by Leontien van Moorsel Oct 1st 2003

American record  44.173km by Molly Shaffer Van Houweling Dec 15th 2014

Feb 11th 2013
- Jayson Austin (NSW) 48.411 kms

 new World record master age group record
         was 3rd fastest all time Aussie hour

Dec 11th 2011 - David Stevens (NSW) 47.12 kms
      new 40-44 World Masters Hour Record.
           ,Dunc Grey
Velodrome NSW 

2010 World Record Currently 49.700 km
 by Ondřej Sosenka in Moscow, Russia 19th Jul 2005

Apr 26th 2009- Jayson Austin 48.317km
 new World master 35-39 Hour Record
  Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney.

7th Nov 2008
- Michael Burke 40.8km
     failed attempt at Masters 50+ record

Feb 2nd 2008- Jayson Austin 44.668km
                   Dunc grey velodrome

                  Failed masters attempt

26th Nov 2007Shirley Amy 39.31km.
set new World women 55-59 age group
Liz Randall (Vic) 37.5km
 new Aussie Best womens 60-64 age category,
at DISC Velodrome

19th Sep 2005- L. Hou & T. Gallagher 42.930km
new Women's Tandem World Record 
        Dunc Gray Sydney, AUS

2005 World Record currently 49.441km
Chris Boardman  Manchester, UK 27th Oct 2000
Women's World Record 46.065 km
Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel (NED) Mexico 1st Oct 2003

Masters Current record 44.549km
55 year old American Steve Lehman on Sep 22nd 2002

Women's  43.689km
by British Yvonne McGregor
in April 2002

Oct 18th 2000- Anna Wilson 43.501km
    new world hour record in Melbourne
                on a standard track bike

2000- World Record Currently 56.375km
Chris Boardman  Manchester, UK 6th Sept 1996
Women's record
Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli  in 1996

Dec 7th 1997 - Anna Wilson 45.339km
           new Aussie Women's hour record
 at Adelaide Superdrome
(aerodynamic position with disc wheels and aero bars)

Mar 15th 1997- Brad McGee 50.052km
at Adelaide's Superdrome
(bike within new UCI rules and not Superman position)

between 1993 & 1996 the World record was broken 6 times and distance increased by 5km

1995 World Record Currently 55.168km
Switzerland's Tony Rominger in Bordeauxon Nov 5th 1994
Women's 47.411km
Yvonne McGregor of Britain Jun 17th 1995 
Current World Record 51.596km
Scotsman Graeme Obree Jul 17th 1993
smashed Moser's nine year old mark

Apr 3rd 1987-
Neil Stephens (ACT) 47.227kms

at Launceston Velodrome
            World  indoor hour record for 6 months.
1985 World Record Currently 51.151km  
Francesco Moser in Mexico City 23rd Jan 24th 1985
1984 – Peter Bartels (Vic) 
 New Australian  hour track record

1980 Women's World Record 43.082 km, 
Cornelia Van Oosten-Hage on Sept 16th 1978

1975 World Record Currently 49.431km
Eddy Merckx Mexico City 25 Oct 1972

1970 World Record Currently 48.653km
  Danish Ole Ritter in Mexico City 10th Oct 1968

Nov 10th 1969-
Cheryl Cochrane (NSW) 34.391km    
        (failed attempt by 16 year old)

Jan 25th 1969-  Leonie Roache (NSW) 36.044km
New women's record

Feb 24th 1968- Rob Whetters failed attempt

Feb 1968-
Margaret McLaughlan
New National Record 32.84

1965 World record still 47.347km
Frenchman Roger Riviere  at Milan 23rd Sep 1958

Dec 12th 1964- Barry Waddell (WA) 42.589 km
    new hour record

Jan 1st 1962- John Adams (WA) failed attempt
covered 40.164km

Apr  4th 1961- John O'Sullivan (Vic) 41.189km ,fails by 519metres of breaking the Australian unpaced hour record at the Easter Fair Sports meeting in Bendigo

Feb 19th 1961
- Peter Panton (WA) 41.680 km

Olympic velodrome
New Pro Aussie Record
Dec 27th 1960- John Young (Vic) failed attempt
40.645km at Bendigo show grounds

1960- World Record Currently 47.347km
Roger Rivière Vigorelli,Milan 23rd Sept 1958

Apr 27th 1958- Warren Scarfe 42.441km
   New Aussie Amateur Record
                        at Hurstville oval

             also bettered Professional mark

1955-World Record Currently 46.139 km
Frenchman Jacques Anquetil 29th Jun 1955

1945 World Record Currently 45.798km
     Fausto Coppi Vigorelli, Milan 7th Nov 1942

Aug 23rd 1941- Jessie Pengilly (WA) 32.73 km
new National Record at Collie Track

1940-World Record Currently 45.767km
Maurice Archambaud, Vigorelli, Milan Nov 4th 1937

Mar 26th 1939- Mrs Valda Unthank (Vic) 32.698km
          women's record at sports arena Sydney 
          first women to cover more than 20miles

May 1st 1938- Vera Margette (NSW) 31.603km
    new women's record on Sydney's Board saucer

July 18th 1938-  Frank Fickel  unsuccessful attempt 40.894km

Mar 1938- Colin Platt (NSW) 41.436km
New Australian record at sports arena Sydney

attempt on Amateur record by C. O'Leary (SA)

Feb 19th1938- E.V. Mills (Eng) 41.403km 
       new  Amateur record
on Aussie soil

Dec 17th 1935- A.E. Plant (Vic) sets record at Ararat track 33.796km   

1935 World Record Currently 44.777km
Maurice Richard Sint-Truiden, Bel 28 Sept 1933
Dutchman Van Hont 44.216km in Holland Nov 1933

1931- Len Rodgers (NSW) 40.805km

Dec 18th 1930- Hurtle Williams (SA) 40.668km
              Payneham oval

Nov 11th 1929- R. Hudson  (WA) 40.668km 
      on Kalgoolie track

1928- Frank Thomas (Vic) 39.986km
on Motordrome in Victoria new Amature record

Dec 1st 1927- failed attempt by C.Foster  746 yard short at Melbourne motordrome

Nov 1926- H.Withall (Vic) failed attempt by only 52 yards, covering 38.876km

Apr 17th 1926- Jimmy Davies (Vic)  39.916 km  Amatuer record at Melb motordrome 

Mar 27th 1926- C.A McLeod (Vic)  40.562km
        (Norman Mcleod's brother)

 J. Ballantine hour unpaced 40.533km

Dec 8th 1925- Fred.T. Keefe (Tas) 37.784km
    on motordrome Melbourne

1925 World Record Currently 44.248km
         Oscar Egg Sep 1914 (stood till 1933)
Amateur British Empire record - 41.623km
F.W. Southall Hern Hill,ENG. July 1925

13th Feb 1925- Norman Mcleod (Vic) 39.130km 
      Amatuer World record at Exhibition track

1924- Eric Toohey (NSW)  37.071 km
         on Casino dirt track

Dec 19th 1923- Eric Rodgers (QLD) made an attempt  at Pratten Park

1923- Clive Russell  (NSW) 34.464km
new Aussie Pro record on North Coast

18 April 1922- M.J. Little (NSW) 39.120 km
            amateur hour record

Mar 1922- South African H. Kaltenbrun 36.009km
at Exhibition Board track
, New Aussie record

1915- World record currently 44.248 km
                  Oscar Egg Jun 18th 1914
Frenchman Marcel Berthet 27m361yds
in paris Oct 1913,

Jan 22nd 1913- Fred Keefe (Tas) failed  attempt 
                in Sydney

1910- World Record currently 41.520km 
  by  Marcel Berthet  in  Paris Jun 20th 1907

1905- World Record Currently 41.110km
South American Lucien Petit-Breton, Paris 24th Aug 1905

1900- World Record Currently 40.781km 
  Willie Hamilton Colorado Springs, USA 3rd July 1898

Aug 4th 1899- Walter 'Wallie' Kerr (WA) 34.637km
at Fremantal Oval for New record for the Colony

Aug 18th 1898- Aussie P.E.Marsden 37.104 km
        new amateur record at Crystal Palace ENG

1895 World Record 38.220km
Frenchman Jules Dubois at Paris Oct 31st 1894

Feb 25th 1893-
A.  Turner 34.108 km

New Aussie record at Exhibition grounds

first official ICA world record 35.325km
Henri Desgrange Buffalo, Paris  11th May 1893
is the editor of cycling “L’Auto”

Jul 1892- A.C. Duff  32.827 km
 Aussie Record at Exhigition grounds Melbourne

1890 World Record 34.217km
Frenchman Jules Dubois at London ENG 1887

1886- Con Dwyer 30.760km

1885 World Record 32.454km
Herbert Lydell Cortis Eng Aug 2nd 1882

Mar 25th 1876- 26.508km
England's Frank Dodds
1870- 20.922km
Englishman J.S.Johnson on a solid tyre ordinary

para-cycling hour records
Women's para-cycling......45.592 km
British Paralympian Sarah Storey
also new Masters Age 35-39 records
 Feb 28th 2015 in London

Men's para-cycling records
Ireland’s Colin Lynch
failed attempt due to mechanical
10 October 2015
Manchester Velodrome

C5.....44.661km Laurent Thirionet (FRA)  
11th Nov 1994 in Bordeaux, France
C3.....41.817km  Darren Kenny (GBR)
8th Jan 2005 Manchester GBR
C2.....41.031km  Laurent Thirionet (FRA)
6th Nov 1999 in Bordeaux, France
C1.....39.326km  Michael Teusber (GER)
8th may 2005 in Augsburg GER
Men's Tandem hour ...49.625km
Frenchman Herve Dechamp & Guy Rouchouze 
29th Nov 1997 in Bordeaux, France

world track records

Hour Paced Record  
slipstream effect
behind pacing motorcycles
paced by a UCI approved derny

the public were often more interested
 in the extra speed of motor paced events


Jun 2015- John Lynch set a new Irish Derny paced hour record 51.426kms
2015 World paced hour record  66.639km
by57yo Dutchman Maas van Beek on Oct 25th 2010
on a 333m track in Moscow

2010- World paced mark of 66.343 km
by Dutchman Maas van Beek in 2008,
not deemed to conform to UCI regulations

returned May 2010 to post approved mark 66.288km

2005 World Paced Hour record  66.114km
       set by Mathe Pronk in Amsterdam in 2004

highest speed officially recorded ridden in a conventional upright position 82.52 km/h over 200m Jim Glover at Vancouver in 1986

Current Maximum speed record for a bicycle without a windbreak 75.6km/h
American Allan Abbott 1976
UCI record currently 67.5km/h

Jan 17th 1970- Leone Roach (NSW) 52.129km
16 year old set new World paced hour record
beating previous mark held by  English women Val Rushworth

1970 derny-paced hour record 63.783 km
Dutchman Peter Post in Antwerp in 1965
beating Stan Ockers nine year record

1960 paced world record  61.875km
Stan Ockers at  Antwerp Sportpaleis, Jan 1956
Ockers died after crashing during a race Oct 1st 1956.

1954- Graeme French Derny paced 59.98km,
            New World Hour record at Antwerp

1950  world paced record 58.586km

(A Derny is a light motorbike typically driven by a 98cc Zurcher two-stroke & can travel more than 50 km/h with rider pedalling )


On 12th Oct 1950 Karl-Heinz Kramer set the world hour record for absolute speed behind a motorcycle with 154.506 km on the Grenzlandring

Mar 7th 1933- Fred Armfield 101.158km
 paced by Bob Finlay, at the Motor drome
creating a new Australian amateur record and
  also bettered the Australian professional mark
(only 500m shy of World record & Pacer Bob Finlay stopped
for 1.5minutes to fix his seat while Armfield continued alone)

Feb 9th 1933- R.W. ‘Fatty’ Lamb 97.086km,
paced by Bob Finlay at Melbourne Motordome

world one-hour paced record 90.971km
Harry Grant British at Parc des Princes in 1932
Grant held the world paced hour record on 3 occasions.

Apr 12th 1930- Hubert Opperman  95.525km
     set during his 100mile record ride

Feb 27th 1930- Ossie Nicholson  89.346km
by R. Findlay at motordrome Melbourne 

1929- Cyril Foster  70.185 km.
             new amateur 'hour record

World Motor-paced record 122.861km
Belgian Leon Vanderstuyft at Paris Sep 29th 1928
behind a motor bike with a windshield, causing UCI Record conditions to become more stringent and decided not to recognise motor-paced records made with roller more than 2 feet from back wheel
Amateur motor paced hour record 62.764km
F.H. Wyld May 10th 1927

Mar 14th 1925- Hubert Opperman 84.557km
paced by Finlay on Melbourne motordrome
time better' s English record of Tommy Hall (72.621km)  & America's record of Caldwell (80.469km)

Dec 1913- C.Wilson (NSW) paced  54.958km
                   Aussie record at Newcastle
beating the 12 year old record held by W. Martin

1910 World paced hour record 101.621km
by Frenchman Paul Guignard behind pacemaker Franze Hofman in at Munich, In Sept1909

World Record with tandem paced 50.394km
by Frenchman Oschave Lapize

World record Unpaced 44.216km
Swissman Oscar Egg in Paris June 1913

1908- New paced hour  99.091km
Englishman Albert Edward Wills at Munich, Germany
first to ride more than 60miles in the hour

95.029km Paul Guignard behind a single pacemaker Bertin

Exploits by the likes of  American Will Stinson, Tommy Hall of England and Thadeus Robl had pushed the mark over 80km (50miles) with the aid of huge motor tandems.

1905 record behind motorcycle 67.592km
by Tom Linton of Britain in Paris in 1902

1902- American Plugger Bill Martin 51.192km
  new Australian paced record

On Oct 25th 1901 American Will Stinton set new record 64.672km at Brockton board track. Became first man to break 40miles in the hour

1900- World Record currently 64.350km
       Frenchman M. Bauge July 1900

Oct 1901- Miss M. Harwood  38.88km
paced by 2 tandems at Putney, NSW
     Australian ladies Record

1901 World Record currently 64.350km
  set by Emilo Bauge
 American Will Stinton 64.700km (flying start)

Australasian Record
 is a long way off nearly 17km less

1900 World Record motor pace  58.982km
by Edward Taylor of France Nov 1899
paced by powerful Dunlop tricycle
Human paced WR 54.046km
also by Frenchman Edward Taylor

1899- Ben Goodson (QLD) 48.682km
world record for time paced behind human power

Jun 23rd 1898-
J. Parsons 45.079km
on Wooloongabba Track
                      new QLD hour record

beating American W.Martin's 42.190km in 1896

May 25th 1898
- Frank Beauchamp (Tas) 45.702km
pacing by W.Lewis on a massey 8hp
Sydney cricket ground

record fastest hour by an Australian

Mar 5th 1898- T. Relph (Eng) paced 47.082km
                 at Sydney Cricket Ground
           (no track in melbourne to equal SCG)

Feb 17th 1897-  Frenchman Lesua 44.515km
 at Brisbane
    New Australasian paced Hour record 
the Frenchman was current WR holder 48.280km

1897- Australian Record 42.190km

1895 World paced record 43.380km
set in 1894 Fred Titus added 200yds to South African Meintjes record set in the US in1893

Oct 24th 1886- William Rowe (NSW) 42.190km
Hampden Park track

May 10th 1879- World paced record 30.367km
Englishman C.H. Christie at Iffley Grounds,Oxford