The REV Classic
one-day road race
Cambridge NZ

February 25th 2017

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Past Aussie highlights

Feb 20th 2016- Mark O' Brien 2nd
(first Aussie to ever podium at Rev cycle race)
          winner Dion Smith (NZ)
2015- Patrick Bevan (NZ)
2014- Patrick Bevan (NZ)
2013- Shem Rodger (NZ)
2012- Jeremy Vennell (NZ)
2011- Scott Lyttle (NZ)
2010- Patrick Bevan (NZ)
2009- Gordon McCauley (NZ)
2008- Gordon McCauley (NZ)
2007- Geoff Burndred (NZ)
2006- Geoff Burndred (NZ)
First held 2006