Aussie Highlights at

Sea Otter Classic
Monterey, California, USA
held each spring since 1991
events in various bike disciplines

Apr 20-23 2017

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Apr 23rd 2017- Jared Graves wins men's DH
& Josh Carlson 3rd
& Caroline Buchanan 3rd women's DH
Apr 22nd 2017- Caroline Buchanan 2nd Dual Slalom
Apr 21st 2017- Jared Graves wins MTB Enduro

Apr 17th 2016- Jared Graves 2nd in Downhill
Josh Carlson 4th
Apr 16th 2016- Caroline Buchanan 3rd in Slalom
Jared Graves 4th in mens
Apr 15th 2016-Caroline Buchanan wins Pump Track
Apr 14th 2016-  Jared Graves wins enduro
& Josh Carlson 2nd

Apri 19th 2015- Josh Carlson 3rd in Downhill
Apr 18th 2015- Rebecca Henderson 2nd in XC
Dan McConnell 3rd in XC
Leonie Picton won Cat 2 women's Downhill
Apr 17th 2015- Rebecca Henderson 2nd &
Daniel McConnell 3rd in MTB Short Track
Apr 16th 2015-  Jason Lowndes wins day 1 crit
Josh Carlson won MTB enduro
Leonie Picton won open women's Enduro

Apr 13th 2014-
Josh Carlson 3rd in Downhill

  Luke Ockerby 3rd in Circuit Race
 & Miranda Griffiths 6th in women's race
Apr 12th 2014-  Josh Carlson won MTB Enduro
Apr 11th 2014- Miranda Griffiths 8th in Road Race

Apr 21 2013- Michael Hannah 2nd in Downhill
Jared Graves 4th
& Caroline Buchanan 4th in DH

Apr 20 2013-  Jared Graves 1st dual Slalom
Apr 19 2013 - Bec Henderson 6th in short track

Apr 22 2012-  Jared Graves 1st in Downhill
Michael Hannah claims 2nd in Downhill
Loren Rowney 2nd in circuit Race
Apr 21 2012- Sid Taberlay 2nd in MTB XC
Troy Brosnan 2nd in dual slalom,
Apr 20 2012- Loren Rowney 3rd in Road Race
Apr 19 2012- Loren Rowney 2nd in criterium 

Apr 17 2011- Jared Graves 1st men' DH
Apr 16 2011- Jared Graves  1st  dual slalom
Apr 15 2011- Sid Taberlay 2nd in MTB short track

2010 was the 20th Annual Sea Otter Classic  

Apr 18 2010- Jared Graves 1st downhill
Apr 17 2010- Michael Hannah 1st dual slalom
Jared Rando 3rd in DS
Angus Morton 1st in U23 circuit race
Apr 16 2010- Angus Morton 1st U23 Road Race

Apr 19 2009- Michael Hannah 1st  downhill
& Sid Taberlay 2nd in XC MTB
Apr 18 2009- Sam Hill 1st  dual slalom    
Apr 17 2009- Tiffany Cromwell 1st Road race

Apr 20 2008- Sid Taberlay 3rd in MTB XC
Christopher Kovarik 2nd in DH
Apr 19 2008- Tiffany Cromwell 1st Road Race

Apr 15 2007- Nathan Rennie 1st MTB DH
& Jared Graves 2nd
Apr 14 2007- Michael Hannah 1st  dual slalom
 Jared Graves 2nd in DS
2007 Women's Road Race stopped due to rain

Apr 9 2006- Jared Graves 1st in Downhill
Apr 8 2006- Matty Rice 1st Road Race
all Aussie podium
Karl Menzies 2nd & Caleb Manion 3rd
       & Jared Rando 4th in Dual Slalom
Apr 6 2006- Chris Jangewoard 3rd in XC MTB stage
Apr 17 2005- Jared Graves 1st in DH
Katrina Miller 2nd in 4X
Sid Taberley 3rd MTB XC stage
Wade Bootes 2nd in 4X & Jared Graves 3rd
Apr 16 2005- Trent Lowe 1st in short track
  Nathan Rennie 1st Dual Slalom
 Bryn Atkinson 2nd in DS
Apr 15 2005- Helen Kelly 5th in Road Race
Cameron Hughes 9th in Men's Road Race
Apr 14 2005- Sid Taberley 3rd MTB XC

Apr 18 2004- Mick Hannah 1st in Downhill
Nathan Renni 3rd in DH  
Mick Hannah 2nd in Mens 4x
&  Katrina Miller 3rd in womens 4x
Apr 17 2004- Mick Hannah 1st in Dual Slalom
over Wade Boots 2nd DS
 Nathan Rennie 3rd in all Aussie podium
  Katrina Miller 2nd in Women's DS

Apr 13, 2003-  Chris Kovarik 1st men's 4x
Katrina Miller 3rd in women's 4x          
Tai-Lee Muxlow 2nd in women's DH
 Mick Hannah 3rd in Men's DH
Apr 12 2003- Tai-Lee Muxlow 1st Dual Slalom
 Nathan O'Neill overall Road GC
 Katrina Miller 3rd DS
Apr 9th 2003- Nathan O'Niel 1st in TT

Mar 24 2002 - Nathan Rennie 1st DH 
Tai-Lee Muxlow podiums in DH
Mar 23 2002- Katrina Miller 2nd in Dual Slalom
Henk Vogels 2nd on GC Road race
Mar 22 2002- Henk Vogels 2nd Road Race stage
Mar 21 2002- Paul Rowney 2nd in dirt crit
Mar 25, 2001- Wade Bootes 3rd in 4x
Mar 24 2001- Baden Cooke wins Stage road race
Jamie Drew 2nd
Mar 24 2001- Anna Millward wins Women's race
 & claims overall series
Cadel Evans 3rd MTB short track
Wade Bootes 2nd in men's DS
Katrina Miller 3rd in womens Dual slalom
Mar 22 2001- Anna Millward 2nd in women's crit
 Baden Cooke 3rd in Men's crit

Mar 19 2000-
Nathan Rennie 1st men's DH
Mary Grigson 3rd overall on final MTB GC
Mar 18 2000- Jamie Drew 1st Overall GC
America's highest UCI ranked stage race
Mar 17  2000- Jamie Drew wins road race stage
Cadel Evans 3rd in MTB TT
Wade Bootes wins Dual Slalom
Mar 20 1999- Anna Wilson solo win in Road race
& wins overall GC
Cadel Evans 1st MTB xc
& claims overall
Mar 19 1999- Cadel Evans 2nd in dirt crit
Mar 18 1999- Anna Wilson wins Time trial stage

Mar 24th 1998- Cadel Evans 1st overall GC
             Cadel 4th in  dirt crit & 4th in Cross country
Mar 22nd 1998- Cadel Evans wins time trial

1997- Cadel Evans 2nd in MTB XC

name changed to
 Sea Otter Classic in 1993

first contested 1991   
as Laguna Seca Challenge