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Tour of Tasmania
is Australia's oldest cycling Tour

 part of NRS series
5-9th Oct 2016

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Tour director John Trevorrow

Past winners
2016 Oct  5-9th- Ben Dyball
    Stage winners-  Jesse Kerrison , Ben Dyball ,Chris Hamilton , Anthony Giacoppo x2,,
2015 Oct 6-11th  - Brad Evans (NZ)
        Stage winners-  Ben Hill, Sean Lake, Brad Evans, Daniel Fitter,Dylan Sunderland,Michael Schweizer (Ger)
2014  Sep 28-Oct 5th - Patrick Bevin (NZ)
   Stage winner-
2013 Sep 29-Oct 6th  - Jack Haig (VIC)
   Alex Edmondson, Darren Lapthorne, Rhys Gillett, Bernie Sulzberger, Ben Grenda x 2, Joseph Cooper (NZ)
              stage 4 cancelled severe weather

2012 Oct 2- 7th  - Lachlan Norris (VIC)
  Jay Mccarthy, Campbell Flakemore,Ben Grenda, Will Walker,Ben Grenda, Lachlan Norris, Josh Taylor, Darren Lapthorne,  
2011 Oct 4-9th - Nathan Haas (QLD)
Stage winners- Aaron Kemps x 3 , Cameron Peterson, Andrew Crawley, Phil Grenfell, Nathan Haas, Alexi Markov,
Valery Valynin,
2010 sep 16-21st - Gordon McCauley (NZL)
stage winners- Cam Peterson, Nathan Haas, Alex Carver, Adam Phelan, Richard Lang, Brendan Brooks, George Bennett (NZ),
2009 Sep 29 - Oct 4 - Bernard Sulzberger (TAS)
Stage winners- Jonathan Cantwell x 3, Luke Durbridge, Joel Pearson, Richard Lang, Benjamin Day, Rohan Dennis, Joseph Lewis, Bernard Sulzberger , 
2008 Sep 30-Oct 5 - Richie Porte (TAS)
Stage winners- Dale Carfe, Richie Porte x 2, Michael Hepburn, Joel Pearson, Benjamin King, Nathan Clarke x 2, Leigh Howard x 2,
2007 Oct 2-7 - Cameron Meyer (WA)
stage winners- Leigh Howard x 3, Cameron Meyer x 2 , Richard England x 2, Brett Aitken, Grant Irwin, Evan Oliphant (SCO) stage 6 Burnie Crit cancelled Heavy rains and winds
2006 Oct 24-29 - Kristian House (UK)
stage winners- Wesley Sulzberger x 2, Sean Finning, Peter Herzig, Robert McLachlan x 4 , Kristian House (UK), Kjell Carlstrom (FIN),
2005 Aug 17-21 - Shaun Higgerson (NSW)
Stage winners- Peter Dawson, Bernard Sulzberger, Chris Jongewaard, Robert McLachlan x 2, Sid Taberlay, Peter McDonald , Stuart Shaw, Shaun Higgerson,
2004 Not held
2003 Not held
race director John Trevorrow
2002 Feb 27 - Mar 3Luke Roberts (SA)
stage winners- Simon Gerrans, Brett Aitken x 2 , Russell Van Hout x 2 , Mike Tillman (USA),
2001 Not held
2000 Aug 30 - Sep 3rd Glen Chadwick (NZ/Qld)
stage winners- Hilton Clarke , Glen Chadwick,  Danny Clark, Olaf Pollack (Ger), Edouard Gritsoun (Rus),
1999 Jan 27-31st- Cadel Evans (Vic)
stage winners- Cadel Evans, Scott Davis, Nathan Clarke, Harm Jansen (Ned) x 2,
stage 2 described as the worst storm ever encountered on this Tour with hail and driving rain.
1998 Jan 27-Feb 1- Cadel Evans (Vic)
stage winners- Brett Aitken, Cadel Evans, Matt White, Neil Stephens x 2, Tom Leaper, Steve Williams,
one criterium stage was cancelled due to torrential rain
1997 Allan Lacuone (Vic)
Stage winners- Nick Gates, Allan Lacuone, Jacques Jolidon (SUI)
1996- Jan Stephen Hodge (ACT)
Stage Winners- David McKenzie x 3, Jamie Drew, Brendan Hart, Stephen Hodge,   ,Glen Mitchell (NZ) x 2,
1995  no event

Examiner Tour of the North  amatuers
1991 Grant Rice (Tas )
1990 Brian Fowler (NZl)
1989 Not Held
1988 Kvetoslav Palov (NSW)
1987 Barney St George (NSW)
1986 Stephen Fairless (Vic)
1985 Michael Lynch (Vic)
1984 Jack Swart (NZ)
1983 Wayne Hildred (NZ/Vic)
1982 Wayne Deller (Vic)
1981 Murray Hall (Vic)
1980 Geoff Skaines (NSW)
1979 John Trevorrow (Vic)
1978 Michael Wilson (Tas)
1977 Gary Sutton (NSW)
1976 Remo Sansonetti (Vic)
1975 Jul 23- 26th-  Remo Sansonetti (Vic)
1974 Remo Sansonetti (Vic)
1973 Barry Ulyatt (NZ)
1972 Don Allan (Vic)
1971 Russell Tankard (Vic)
1970 Don Allan (Vic)
1969 Kerry Wood (Tas)
1968 Kevin Morgan (Tas)
1967 Aug  Alf Baker (NZ)
rain and hail
1966 Don Wilson (Vic)
1965 Ray Bilney (Vic)
1964 Mal Powell (Vic)
1963 Aug 23-25th-  Vic Brown (Vic)
1962 Vic Brown (Vic)
1961 Alan Grindal (Vic)
1960 Col Hymus (Vic)
1957-1959 No Tour
1956 Aug 6thJim Nevin (Tas)
1955 Neil Geraghty (NZ)
1954 Aug 9-11th - Colin McKay (Vic)
Stage winners- Terry Higgins, Colin McKay,
3 day 400mile amatuer Tour
Mercury Tour of Tasmania 

1963- Aug 31- Sep - 8th-  Peter Panton (Vic)
first rider to win 3 Tassie Tours
Stage winners Ron Murray, Peter Panton x2,

1962 Sep 2nd-9th- Ron Murray (Tas)
Neville Veale KOM
Stage winners- Klaus Stiefler x 4,
8 day 1100 mile tour
1961 Sep 2nd- 9th Ron Murray (Tas)
Neville Veale KOM
Stage winners- Jack McDonough won final stage and Sprint comp, Peter Panton x 2 (included 49 mile solo to victory in final stage), Klaus Stiefler,
1100mile tour
1960 Sep 4th- John O'Sullivan (Vic)
Stage winners- John O'Sullivan,
1959 Sep 8th-13th  Peter Panton (Vic)
John Young (Vic) KOM
stage Winners- Bill Niel, Sid Paterson, Peter Panton,
1958 Sep 1- 6thPeter Panton (WA/Vic)
Stage winners- Peter Panton, John Young, Russ Mockridge,
1957 Aug 5th-10th  Russell Mockridge (Vic)
Stage winners- Jack McDonough, Peter Panton, Russ Mockridge,
733mile tour
1956 Aug 13th- 19th- Eddie Smith (Vic)
Russell Mockridge  KOM
John O'Sullivan Sprints
Stage winners- Jim Taylor, Peter Anthony, Hec Sutherland, Ed Smith,
1955 Aug 9- 13th Ian Greenfield (Sco) 24 yr old
Stage winners- Peter Panton, Scottish road champ won 5, Ed Smith,
Tour over 700mile

1954 Aug 11 - 16th- Reg Arnold (NSW)
Hec Sutherland KOM
Stage winners- Reginald Arnold, keith Stamford,
Organiser  S. Jack  Kinnane

         returned after 20 years

Tour of Tasmania 
Race organiser J. E Edwards

1935- not held
1934 Sep 26-Oct 6th- Richard Lamb (Vic)
stage winners- H, Opperman, Richard Lamb x 4, Ern Milliken x 3,
stage 2 delayed due to bad weather
Longest stage race in Australia 1071 miles
(Centuary 1000 in Victoria)

riders encounted a foot of snow
1933 Oct 28- Nov 5-  Richard Lamb (Vic)
won by 1 sec
Stage winners- Frank Thomas x 2, Fatty Lamb x 4,
1932- Not held
1931 Not held
1930 Nov 21-23- Hubert Opperman (Vic)
stage winners- Hubert Opperman, J. Bidot (FRA), Josef Mauclair (FRA),