Aussie Highlights at

Princesses Cup
Tour of Thailand
Multi stage Tour

Apr 1-6th 2017

 8th - 10th April,

Past Aussie highlights

Apr 6th 2017-
Theodore Yates won final stage
Nathan Earle won KOM jersey

Apr 6th 2016- Benjamin Hill 4th in final stage
& claims Overall GC
& 3rd in points comp
Apr 1st 2016- Benjamin Hill 5th in stage

Apr 10th 2015- Lauren Kitchen 6th in stage
& finished 2nd on GC
Apr 9th 2015- Lauren Kitchen wins stage
Apr 5th 2015- Dylan Pierre Humbert 5th in stage
Apr 3rd 2015
Stephen Hall won stage


Apr 6th 2014- Eric Sheppard 5th on GC
Apr 4th 2014- Cameron Bayly 2nd in stage
Apr 3rd 2014- Eric Sheppard 2nd in stage
& takes over Yellow jersey

Ap 6th 2013- Peter English 3rd in stage
 & William Walker 2nd on GC
Apr 2nd 2013- Paul Van Der Ploeg 2nd in stage

Apr 6th 2012-  Bradeley Hall 2nd in stage
Mitchell Lovelock-Fay won on GC
David Edwards 3rd on GC
Apr 5th 2012- Eddy Hollands 2nd in stage
Apr 3rd 2012- Mitchell Lovelock-Fay wins stage
Apr 1st 2012- Jordan Kerby won prologue
Jack Beckinsale 2nd
& Nicholas Dougall 3rd

Apr 6th 2011- Brad Hall 3rd on GC
Apr 3rd 2011- Douglas Repacholi 3rd on stage
Apr 2nd 2011- Brad Hall 2nd in stage

Apr 6th 2010- Deon Locke 3rd on GC
Apr 5th 2010- Bradeley Hall 2nd in stage

Apr 9th 2009-Adam Semple KOM class
 Jonathan Lovelock 3rd on GC
Apr 7th 2009- Adam Semple won stage,

Sep 5th 2008- Jai Crawford 2nd in stage

Sep 26th 2006- Michael Simms 2nd in Stage
                    Southern Tour of Thailand

Jan 29th 2006-  Eddy Hollands 3rd in stage
Jan 28th 2006- Eddy Hollands won stage
Jan 25th 2006- Eddy Hollands 2nd in stage
Jan 24th 2006- Eddy Hollands 3rd in stage

first held in 2006