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04-05 Nov 2017-World Cup I Pruszków POL
10-12 Nov 2017-World Cup II Manchester GBR
02-03 Dec 2017-World Cup III Milton CAN
09-10 Dec 2017- World Cup IV Santiago CHI
12-14 Jan 2018-World Cup V - TBC tbc     
19-21 Jan 2018-World Cup VI - TBC tbc

Los Angeles USA 26 Feb 2017
Alex Manly & Amy Cure Gold in Madison
Ashlee Ankudinoff silver in IP

World Cup Cali 2017
Feb 19th 2017- Amy Cure won points race
Ashlee Ankudinoff, Amy Cure, Alex Manly & Rebecca Wiasak
win TP
Feb 18th 2017-
Sam Welsford wins Omnium

Glasgow World Cup 2016
Nov 5th 2016- Cam Meyer wins Points Race
 Courtney Field 
bronze in keirin
Cam Meyer & Callum Scotson 2nd Madison

Hong Kong Velodrome
16-17 Jan 2016
17th Jan 2016- Patrick Constable Gold in sprint
16th Jan 2016-
AUS Gold in team Pursuit
(Sam Welsford,Alexander Porter, Miles Scotson, Rohan Wight)

Steph Morton Silver in Keirin

Cambridge, NZ Dec 4-6th 2015

6th Dec 2015- Matthew Glaetzer Gold in sprint
Annette Edmondson Silver in Omnium
Anna Meares Silver in Kierin
Glenn O'Shea Bronze in omnium

5th Dec 2015
Aus Gold in Team Pursuit
(Ashlee Ankudinof, Georgia Baker, Amy Clure, Bella King,)
           Men win Gold Team Pursuit
(Michael Hepburn, Alexander Edmondson, Luke Davison, Jack Bobridge) in New Aus record                 
Steph Morton Silver in Sprint   
Kaarle McCulloch & Steph Morton Silver TSprint
Aus Bronze in Men's Team Sprint
(NathanHart, Peter Lewis, MatthewGlaetzer)

Cali COL     30 Oct-01 Nov 2015

Matthew Glaetzer silver in keirin,
Anna Meares &Stephanie Morton
Silver team sprint,
 Men's team pursuit claim Bronze (Daniel Fitter, Jackson Law, Alex Porter, Callum Scotson and Sam Welsford)

CALI COL 16th-18th Jan 2015
Jan 17th 2015-
Women won Team Pursuit,
(Lauren Perry,Macey Stewart, Elissa Wundersitz,Alexandra Manly)
Men won  Team Pursuit
(Scott Law, Joshua Harrison, Jackson Law, Tirian

Shane Perkins Silver in Keirin

LONDON GBR 5th-7th Dec 2014
Dec 6th 2014-
Amy Cure won points race
Scott Law Silver in Omnium
Women Silver in TP (Isabelle King,Ashlee Ankudinoff,Amy Cure,Melissa Hoskins)
Silver Team Sprint (Matthew Claetzer , Shane Perkins, Nathan Hart)

Guadalajara MEXICO Nov 7- 9th 2014
Nov 9th 2014- Matthew Glaetzer Gold in Sprint
Nov 8th 2014- Kaarle McCulloch & Steph Morton
 win team sprint,
Aussie Men win Team Pursuit

(Dan Fitter, Sam Welsford, Alex Porter & Miles Scotson)
Matthew Glaetzer Silver in Keirin
Glenn O'Shea  Silver in Omnium
Anna Meares  Bronze in Keirin

World cup Guadalajara Mex
Jan 19th 2014- Tirian McManus  Gold Omnium
Jan 18th 2014-
Scott Sunderland Gold in Kilo TT
in Australian record time
Jan 17th 2014- Aussie Men win Team Pursuit
(Scott Sunderland,Callum Scotson,Joshua Harrison,and Tirian McManus)

Worldcup Aguascalientes,MEX
Dec 6th 2013-  Anna Meares wins Gold 500 TT
 in new world record time of 32.836
(first women in history to go under 33 seconds)

Rebecca Wiasak won Individual Pursuit
Luke Davison won omnium
Matthew Glaetzer Won men's sprint
(setting a new Aussie & world record in qualifying)
Dec 5th 2013- Men win Gold Team Pursuit
(Mitchell Mulhern, Alex Morgan,
Alex Edmondson, Glenn O'Shea)
Worldcup Manchester, UK
Nov 2nd 2013-
Rebecca Wiasak silver in Ind pursuit

World cup, MEX
Jan 17th 2013- Kaarle McCulloch & Steph Morton won Women's Team Sprint,

World Cup, Glasgow UK
Nov 17th 2012- Glenn O'Shea Silver in Omnium
 Peter Lewis silver in Keirin

Nov 16th 2012- women Silver in Team Pursuit
 (Ashlee Ankudinoff,Melissa Hoskins,Amy Cure)

World Cup COL
Oct 13th 2012- Isabella King won Omnium  
Oct 11th 2012- Isabella King wins Scratch Race,

World Cup, london
Feb 18th 2012- Australia win Teams Pursuit in National record 3.54 ( Bobridge, Hepburn, Edmondson, Dennis)
Feb 17th 2012- Melissa Hoskins won scratch race

world cup CHI
Jan 14th 2012- Glenn O'Shea won omnium

world cup,Kazakhstan,
Nov 6th 2011- Alexander Edmonson & Glenn O'Shea won madison
Nov 5th 2011- Glenn O'Shea Gold in pursuit
Nov 4th 2011- Anna Meares & Kaarle McCulloch gold in team sprint

World Cup, Manchester GBR
Feb 19th 2011- Anna Meares Gold in Sprint
Feb 18th 2011-Rohan Dennis Gold in  pursuit
Feb 18th 2011- Anna Meares & Kaarle McCulloch win Team sprint

World Cup, Melbourne
Dec 4th 2010 - Anna Meares wins 500m TT& Keirin
Dec 4th 2010- Shane Perkins Gold in sprint

Dec 4th 2010- Australia breaks 4min mark & wins  gold in team pursuit, (Jack Bobridge, Michael Hepburn, Leigh Howard, Cameron Meyer)
Dec 2nd 2010- Australian Women win Team pursuit
(Kate Bates, Sarah Kent,Josie Tomic)

Dec 3rd 2010- Anna Meares gold in sprint
Dec 2nd 2010- Cam Meyer & Leigh Howard win Madison,

World cup Beijing
Jan 22nd 2010- Australia win Team Pursuit
(Ashlee Ankudinoff, Sarah Kent, Josie Tomic)

Jan 23rd 2010- Megan Dunn Gold in points race

World Cup, Melbourne AUS

Nov 21st 2009- Shane Perkins wins Sprint,
Nov 21st 2009- Anna Meares Gold in Keirin
Nov 21st 2009- Anna Meares Gold in 500TT
Nov 20th 2009- Australia beat arch-rival Great Britain in team pursuit
3:59.599 (Rohan Dennis, Luke Durbridge, Michael Hepburn,Cameron Meyer) 
Nov 20th 2009- Scott Sunderland wins Kilo,
Nov 19th 2009- Anna Meares Gold in Sprint
Nov 19th 2009- Cam Meyer Gold points race

World cup Manchester
Oct 31st 2009- Anna Meares Gold in 500TT
Oct 31st 2009- Kaarle McCulloch & Anna Meares Gold in Team sprint

Oct 30th 2009- Belinda Goss Gold in Scratch Race

World Cup, ,DEN
Feb 15th 2009- Anna Meares & Kaarle McCulloch Gold in women's team sprint

World Cup Beijing

Jan 18th 2009- Leigh Howard & Glenn O'Shea win Madison
Belinda Goss Bronze in scratch race
Shane Perkins Bronze in sprint

World Cup Melbourne, Aus

Nov 21st 2008- Shane Perkins won sprint
Nov 21st 2008- Australian quartet dominate Team Pursuit final (Jack Bobridge, Mark Jamieson, Rohan Dennis and Luke Durbridge)
Nov 20th 2008- Jack Bobridge won Pursuit 
Nov 20th 2008- Glenn O'Shea won Points race
Josephine Tomic Silver in Pursuit
Scott Sunderland Silver in KiloTT
Leigh Howard Silver in scratch race
Kerrie Meares & Emily Rosemond  Silver TS
Cam Meyer & Chris Sutton Silver in Madison
Ashlee Ankudinoff, Sarah Kent, Josephine Tomic Silver in TP
Kerrie Meares Bronze in Sprint
Kaarle McCulloch Bronze in 500TT
Jason Niblett Bronze in Sprint

World Cup Copenhagen, Den
Feb 15-17th  2008
Luke Roberts Bronze in Pursuit

Men's team pursuit Bronze (Matthew Goss,Cameron Meyer,Travis Meyer, Luke Roberts)

World cup Los Angeles

Jan 19th 2008- Scott Sunderland won Kilo T T
Jan 19th 2008- Australia Gold in Team Pursuit
(Jack Bobridge, Peter Dawson, Mark Jamieson, Bradley McGee)

Jan 18th 2008- Cam Meyer won Points Race

World Cup Beijing CHI

Dec 8th 2007- Anna Meares Gold 500TT
Dec 7th 2007- Katie Mactier won individual pursuit
Belinda Goss Silver Scratch race
Katherine Bates Bronze in Points Racer
Cameron Meyer  Bronze in Points Race

World Cup Sydney

Nov 30th 2007- Katie Mactier won individual pursuit
Nov 30th 2007- Australia won Team Sprint ( Ryan Bayley, Daniel Ellis , Shane John Kelly)
Anna Meares  Silver in Sprint
Phillip Thuaux Silver in Pursuit
Kaarle Mcculloch & Kerrie Meares Silver in TS
Belinda Goss, Katie Mactier & Josephine Tomic Silver in first ever Team Pursuit
Cameron Meyer Bronze in points race

World cup Manchester

Feb 25th 2007- Shane Perkins  Gold in keirin
Belinda Goss Silver in Points Race
Belinda Goss Silver in Scratch Race
Anna Meares &  Kristine Bayley Silver in Team Sprint
Anna Meares Bronze in Sprint
Bradley McGee Bronze in Pursuit
Shane Perkins,Scott Sunderland, Ryan Bayley Bronze in Team sprint

World cup LA
Jan 20th 2007- Cameron Meyer  Gold in Points race
Jan 19th 2007- Anna Meares Gold in sprint

World Cup Moscow, Rus,
Dec15-17, 2006

Mitchell Docker Silver Scratch Race

World Cup Sydney

Nov 19th 2006- Anna Meares & Kerrie Meares win Team Sprint 
Nov 18th 2006- Anna Meares won 500TT

Nov 17th 2006- Katherine Bates Gold in Points race
Nov 17th 2006- Katie Mactier won Pursuit
Phil Thuaux Bronze in Pursuit

World cup Sydney
Mar 4th 2006- Anna Meares won Sprint

World cup USA Carson
Jan 22nd 2006- Shane Kelly won Keirin
Jan 20th 2006-  Ben Kersten won Kilo

World cup Manchester 
Dec 10th 2005- Katherine Bates won Pursuit

Katherine Bates  Silver in Scratch Race

World cup Moscow
Nov 6th 2005- Australia won Team Pursuit
(Peter Dawson, Matthew Harley Goss, Ashley Hutchinson, Mark Jamieson)

Mark Jamieson Silver in Pursuit
Belinda Goss Bronze in Scratch race

World cup Sydney
Feb 18th 2005- Ben Kersten won Kilo
Rochelle Gilmore won Pionts race
Katherine Bates Silver in Scratch
Bronze in Team Pursuit (Richard England
 Sean Finning, Mathew Goss, Miles Olman)
Sean Finning Bronze in Points Race
Jobie Dajka .Ben Kersten & Joel Leonard  Bronze in Team Sprint

World Cup, Manchester

Jan 9th 2005- Kate Bates Gold in Scratch race
Jan 8th 2005- Kate Bates
Gold in Pursuit 
Jan 7th 2005- Kate Bates
Gold in Points Race
Shane John Kelly Bronze in Keirin
Ben Kersten Silver in Kilo
Alexis Rhodes Bronze in Points Race

World cup Los Angeles
Dec 11th 2004- Katie Mactier wins pursuit

World cup Sydney
May 16th 2004- Jobie Dajka
won Keirin
May 15th 2004- Anna Meares
won Sprint
May 15th 2004- Alexis Rhodes
won Points race
Rebecca Ellis & Rosealee Hubbard Silver Team Sprint
Alexis Rhodes Bronze in Pursuit

World cup Manchester 
Apr 11th 2004- Shane Kelly
won Keirin
Apr 10th 2004- Mark Renshaw
won Scratch race
Apr 10th 2004- Katherine Bates
won Points race
Apr 9th 2004- Bradley McGee
won Pursuit
Apr 9th 2004- Katherine Bates
won Pursuit

World cup Mexico, Aguascalientes
Mar 13th  2004- Rosee Hubbard & Anna Meares
won Team sprint

World Cup Moscow, Rus
Feb 13-15th 2004
Jobie Dajka Silver in Keirin

World cup Australia Sydney
May 17th 2003- Rosealee Hubbard  
won Keirin
May 17th 2003-
Australia win Team sprint
(Rochelle Gilmore,Rosealee Hubbard,Kerrie Meares)

May 16th 2003- Shane Kelly
won Kilo TT
May 16th 2003- Mark Jamieson
 won Pursuit
Rochelle Gilmore Silver Scratch race
Mark French Silver in Sprint
Silver madison ( Rodney Mcgee,Darren Young)
Silver team Sprint (Ryan Bayley, Mark French. Shane Kelly)
Amy Safe Bronze in Pursuit
Ryan Bayley Bronze in Keirin

Bronze Team Pursuit (Mark Jamieson, Bradley Norton, Chris Pascoe. Chris Sutton)

World cup RSA Cape Town
Apr 12th 2003- Mark Renshaw
won Points race
Apr 12th 2003- Ryan Bayley
wins Sprint
Apr 12th 2003- Luke Roberts  
won Pursuit
Shane Kelly Silver in Kilo TT
Alison Wright  Bronze in Scratch race
Bronze TP (Luke Roberts,Peter Dawson,Mark Jamieson, Ashley Hutchinson)
Bronze in Women's TS ( Kerrie Meares, Anna Meares, Rochelle Gilmore)
Bronze in Mens TS (Ryan Bayley, Shane Kelly, Mark French)

World Cup Mexico Aguascalientes
Mar 22nd  2003- Mark French
won sprint

World Cup Moscow
Feb 15th 2003- Katherine Bates
won Pursuit
Matthew Gilmore (BEL)  won Points Race

World cup Moscow
Jun 1st 2002-
May 31st- Graeme Brown
won points race
Rochelle Gilmore Silver Scratch race
Luke Roberts Silver in Pursuit
Ryan Bayley Silver in Keirin

Sean Eadie,Ryan Bayley & Ben Kersten Silver in Team Sprint
Katherine Bates Bronze in Pursuit

Katherine Bates Bronze in points race
Australia Bronze in Madison

World Cup Dunc Gray,Sydney, Australia
May 12th 2002- Sean Eadie Gold in sprint
May 11th 2002- Rosealee Hubbard  
won keirin
May 11th 2002- Silver to Australia in team pursuit, due to crash in final 

May 10th 2002- Mark Renshaw won  Points race
May 10th 2002- Peter Dawson  
won Pursuit

World Cup, Ipoh
Aug 26th 2001- Jobie Dajka
Gold Keirin
Aug 25th 2001- Jobie Dajka won sprint
Mark Ranshaw silver in kilo
Kerrie Meares silver in sprint
Katherine Bronze in pursuit

World Cup Mexico, MEX
10-12th Aug 2001
Mark Renshaw Silver in kilo

World Cup  Pordenone, ITA
29 Jun - 01 Jul 2001
Rochelle Gilmore Silver in points race
Silver in Madison
Team pursuit Bronze 
 Alison Wright Bronze in pursuit

World Cup Szczecin, POL
 8-10th Jun 2001
Katherine Bates Silver in Pursuit
Katherine Silver in points race

World Cup Cali COL
25-27th May 2001
Katherine Bates Bronze in Points Race

World Cup Ipoh, MAS
11-13th Aug 2000
Rochelle Gilmore Silver in Points race

World cup Mexico
Jun 16th 2000-  Lyndelle Higginson
won sprint
Ben Kersten silver in Kilo
Lyndelle Higgerson Silver in 500 TT
Kathy Watt silver in Pursuit
Jobie Dajka bronze in Keirin

World cup Cali
May 28th 2000- Ashley Hutchinson & Graeme Brown
won madison
May 27th 2000- Lyndelle Higginson
won 500TT
May 27th 2000- Alayna Burns
won points race
May 26th 2000- Lyndelle Higginson
won sprint
Shane Kelly silver in Kilo
Darren Hill silver in Keirin
Silver in Team Pursuit  (Graeme Brown, Brent Dawson, Ashley Hutchinson, Stephen Woldridge)

World cup Cali
Sep 5th 1999- - Australia win Team Pursuit
(Brett Lancaster, Nigel Grigg, Luke Roberts,Greame Brown)
Luke Roberts silver in Pursuit
Ferris silver in sprint
Nigel Grigg bronze in Points race

World cup Italy Fiorenzuola d'Arda
Aug 29th 1999- Brett Aitken & Scott McGrory
won madison

World Cup Valencia, ESP
Jun 19th 1999- Lucy Tyler Sharman bronze in pursuit

World cup USA Frisco
Australia won team Title
May 29th 1999-
Australia win Team Pursuit
broke it's own track record
(Brett Lancaster, Nigel Grigg, Luke Roberts,Greame Brown)
Alayna Burns recovered from a fall to claim silver in Points race
Luke Roberts bronze in Pursuit

World Cup Hyčres, FRA
19-21 June 1998
Alayna Burns silver in Points race
Sean Eadie Silver in Sprint

World cup Germany Berlin
Jun 13th 1998- Lucy Tyler Sharman
won pursuit
Darren Hill Silver in Keirin
Michelle Ferris  Silver in sprint
Lucy Tyler-Sharman bronze in Points race

World cup Canada Victoria
Australia won six events with Michelle Ferris and Lucy Tyler-Sharman the most successful, with two events each
May 31st 1998- Luke Roberts & Michael Rogers
win madison
May 31st 1998- Michelle Ferris
showed she is fastest in the world over 500 metres
Lucy Tyler Sharmon won Points race
May 30th 1998- Australia win team pursuit Australia
(Brett Lancaster,Timothy Lyons,Luke Roberts,Michael Rogers)
May 29th 1998- Lucy Tyler Sharman
won pursuit
Michelle Ferris won sprint

World cup Cali
May 23rd 1998- Luke Roberts
won pursuit
Michelle Ferris claimed two silvers
            Match sprint and Silver 500 Meters

World Cup Cali 1997
Michelle Ferris Bronze in Sprint

World cup Australia Adelaide
Aug 16th 1997- Stuart O'Grady
won points race
Aug 16th  1997- Australia won team sprint (Sean Eadie

Aug 15th 1997-
Graham Sharman
won kilo

World cup Italy Quatro Sant’Elana 
Jun 27th 1997- Bradley McGee
won pursuit

World cup Italy Fiorenzuola 
Jun 22nd 1997 - Darryn Hill
won keirin
Jun 22nd 1997- Michelle Ferris
won sprint

World cup USA Trexlertown 
May 31st 1997- Darryn Hill
won keirin
May 30th 1997- Darryn Hill
won sprint

World cup Cuba
Apr 15th 1996- Graham Sharman
won Kilo

World Cup Tokyo
July 1995- Darryn Hill
won sprint & Keirin

World cup  Adelaide 
July 1995- Darryn Hill
won sprint
July 1995- Gary Neiwand
won keirin

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