Aussie Highlights at

5th Winston Salem Classic
North Carolina
Memorial Day weekend  since 2016

May 27029th 2017

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May 29th 2017- Lauretta Hanson 3rd in road race
Liz Williams 4th
Peta Mullens 5th
May 27th 2017- Joe Lewis 3rd in mens crit
Liz Williams 3rd in women's crit
Lauretta Hanson 5th
Peta Mullens 10

May 29th 2016- Kimberley Wells 3rd in crit

May 31st 2015- Joe Lewis 3rd in Road race
Tiff Cromwell 10th in road race
May 30th 2015- Loren Rowney 2nd in Criterium 
                        & Joanne Hogan 3rd

Apr 18th 2014- Joe Lewis 2nd  in Road Race

Inaugural event held 15-16th Jun 2013
saturday night Crit & Sunday Road Race
(only 11 of the 156 starters finished men's road race)